Coachella 2011: Arcade Fire releases the bubbles


If Woody Allen's orgasmatron (from "Sleeper") mated with a beach ball, you'd have something like the white bubbles that poured from the top of the stage into the sea of people at the end of Arcade Fire's headlining set. For a few minutes, the audience pummelled and tossed them back and forth. From the stage, frontman Win Butler grinned, looking as though he was watching his kids open presents on Christmas Day.

Then the LED orbs started glowing red, purple, orange, yellow, green ... sometimes a melange of all colors. And that's when the balls stopped bouncing: Some audience members wanted to keep their power (if only to stuff them under their car seats an hour or so later) all for themselves.

Photos: Panoramas of Coachella 2011

In the corner of the grounds, away from interlopers, five kids dressed in neon bathing suits, neon facepaint and feathered headdresses danced around an orb they'd spirited away. They were absolutely ecstatic to circle it in a tribal conga, perhaps waiting for it to explode, talk or read their minds.

  00coachellaarcade4 Another guy simply rendezvoused with his alone, sometimes cradling it, other times thrashing it skyward. Until he tripped on a water bottle on the ground

Arcade Fire Coachella Margaret Wappler
04/17/2011 08:50

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