Comments:My L.A. Street Food Fest regret

Does anyone know if they are working on a follow up event?

While it was a success for Meals on Wheels and spreading the word about the plethora of food trucks in Los Angeles, the overall event was not very well executed. Everyone I talked to (about 25 or so people) the only people who enjoyed the event were people with VIP tickets. I am more than willing to wait in line for a taste of the very original food offered by the different venues, but this was ridiculous. I arrived at 4:45pm with my General Admission ticket and found the line was extremely long, but luckily it moved quickly.

I was looking forward to good beer gardens and great food. What I found on entering was a foodies nightmare. I spent half an hour in one line because the line was very long and the vendor was unprepaired. This wouldn't have been too bad if the even was longer that 3.5 hrs. After I decided to go for a beer in the 'beer garden' and again I (and everyone I was with) was sorely disappointed. The 2 beer gardens had equally long lines and when I got to the front I found that they only had Singha. Really? One beer? Not quite what was implied when I bought the tickets. Even with that I was still excited to try new foods.

Long story short I only got to try 5 new food trucks before the event ended. Not worth the $45 I paid for the tickets. Everyone I came with was very, very disappointed.

Also, the sponsors said ticket sales were capped at 5000. Maybe the ticket sales were capped at 5000, but it looked more like the Grilled Cheese Invitational, which had 7000+ people, but since this was a fairly large venue I would put the estimate around 8 or 9k people.

Before I left I tried to seek out the large amount of water that was advertised on the website. I found 2 sets of water fountains. That is all the water I was able to find. Also, the amount of drinks that were advertised was very misleading. By the time I was able to try a bit of food and get in line for a drink, all the tea was gone, the pomegranate juice was gone, the soda was gone and the lines for beer had doubled.

Needless to say I don't know anyone (even VIPs) that will be going next year. Waste of money in my opinion.

"Sorry" Kitchen is more like it. Nguyen can't stop hyping his own place the moment you step inside his restaurant. If he would just shut up, i think he would get more customers. If the food was actually good, that would even be a bigger bonus.

Yeah, that Nguyen, he's a showman alright. Did he tell you about the cracked black board and a hole in his wall as a result of his showmanship? ;-)

Some of us "southerners" missed out the LA scene but we were rewarded with a Long Beach Street Food Festival that same day. We stuffed ourselves silly as well. Disappointingly, the most anticipated Ludo Fried Chicken was MIA.

Are you going to come down to OC Foodie Fest Saturday August 28?

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