Comments:More than 400 turn out at the Geffen Contemporary to support troubled MOCA

Sekula's gallows humor about suicide-as-funding-vehicle for MOCA's woes is not only unfunny, it's completely off-base. It is largely myth that artists' deaths boost art market values. The greatest likelihood is that even notable artists fall into rather swift obscurity, with corresponding plummeting values of their works at market --that is, if they were fortunate enough to have achieved a secondary market for their art in the first place. As proof, look at any Sotheby's or Christie's contemporary auction catalog from the 80s or even 90s and try - just try - to figure out who half those artists were.

Why don't all the concerned artist put their work up for a hugely publisized fundraser to raise money and donate all the profit to MOCA

MOCA Trustees have been criticized repeatedly over the years for
short sightedness.
Marcia Weisman must be hurling thunderbolts from above now!

It's hopefully a good sign that Paul Schimmel and Blake Byrne were in attendance. As many local art dealers know privately, Mr. Byrne is one of several high profile collectors who make millions of dollars per year flipping recently acquired contemporary works at auction. They use their status on the MOCA team to get preferential treatment on the most in-demand works, and then 1-3 years later those works grace the catalogs at Sotheby's, Phillips and Christie's.

I'll acknowledge that they are also generous with their money and patronage to MOCA, but they have many more millions on hand to help out. I expect each MOCA trustee/board member to contribute at least $1 Million each before the public is asked to contribute two cents.

if all the artists want to help. organize a huge art auction and match the 30 million broad is giving.

Those contemporary artistes are now not well known because they were not any good, as very little of Contemporary art has done anything worth remembering, all entertanment for the spoiled and rich. If you disappear when dead, its becaue you had nothing to contribute. Artistes always think the world owes them something, no, you owe the world. You get to sit and play and pretend your life has meaning, without actually knowing anything abuot it, or doing something to make it better. Toys do not last, and should not.

you can count the number of contemporary artists that have done anything on one, maybe two hands. And they were realy modern artist like later Hockney, who became more Matisse like, and acoupla germans, but mostly vain nonsesne all about marketing ones career, from Warhol to Hirst.

contemporary art is dead, if it ever was alive, no great arist ever graduated from an art school. Those who can do, those who cant teach in the arts, mediocrity and self absorbed preciousness have overrun the art world, and you wouldnt know great art if it hit you in the head. Been on blogs where NO ONE knows the difference between a modigliani adn a Morandi, let alone a chardin and a Cezanne.

Sad. MoCA is filled with crapo, seel the littel good modern stuff it has from the Panza collection to LACMA, and jsut go away, we got better things to deal with. You know, life.

I received several circulated emails about the Sunday afternoon meeting last week. Even until after I read this article, I'm still confused about the purposes of this meeting, which didn't offer any solutions, nor did it raise any public awareness. It was like going to a family, whose house was about to collapse, and telling the family to save the house and offering them a dollar.

Did the meeting accomplish anything on Sunday? What was the point of it? It looks more like offering condolences to me than offering support.

Culture Monster - Can you please delete Donald Frazell's aged, ancient, long-winded, indecipherable rants? They don't contribute anything to the discussion at hand. If Mr. Frazell doesn't like contemporary art he doesn't have to see it. There are plenty of museums in town for him. I should note that the artists he does like were equally scorned in their day, probably in similar rants as his.

Confused - All grassroots efforts must begin with first steps. This seems to have been an early meeting of the minds. People are now joining forces, sharing contacts, and will soon create a more coherent long-term strategy. It doesn't happen out of the blue or by osmosis. I would like to see a dedicated well-funded website, with key leadership, strategies and a mission statement that can quickly respond to the MOCA situation. We are all awaiting the MOCA board's response to Eli Broad's $30 Million challenge and then can move forward. One can't expect a meeting like this to have garnered any concrete results. People must first meet, join up, network, and now new alliances and strategies will continue to blossom. Give it a little time.

Not Confused has it right- Initially all that artists and community members can do is express support for the autonomy of the museum. The board of trustees is just that- a group entrusted to do what is right. this meeting was a way for community members to express that what they think is right is not in line with what some members of the board have floated as a solution- specifically the merger of MOCA with another instutution. Christopher Knight already said as much in his opinion and Eli Broad seems to concur, so hopefully the added community pressure will push this off of the table. There were in fact quite a number of people in attendence who CAN do something to directly influence the board members.

Confused- You can also read about this meeting in the New York Times. How do you figure that no public awareness was raised?

MOCA already has an auction and artists contribute (proportionally to income) waaayy more than their share.
Don't forget that an auction requires buyers.
Furthermore, the huge money you read about at the art auctions isn't money that's going to artists, it's money that's going to art collectors that bought the work of artists for much much less. The problem isn't someone like Blake Byrne who turns auction profits into support, it's someone who doesn't.

Maybe a part of the long term solution is in the tax codes.
I personally have no idea how the tax codes benefit someone who's making multi-million dollar contribuitions to an instituition.
I do know that for artists you are allowed to write off the cost of your materials. not labor not overhead, and yet we continue to contribute our work because we recognize the importance of Instituitions to a city like Los Angeles.

NO more tax breaks for bad art, that which has no bearing on the lives of 99.9% of Angelenos. Art used to matter, people fought over it, now, it is ignored, or just absurdly childish attempts to get a rise out of the adults. Which we look at disgustedly, and move on like nothing had ever happened, because nothing has in the last forty years. Forget this Playground for the rich and spoiled, sell what little quality work it has, pay off debts, and lease the main MoCA to the Peterson Auto Museums and put in a lowrider exhibit, far better paintiners using air brushes than art school "installation". LOL!!!

Its amazing how artistes think money comes out of thin air, just throw it in the pit! Fill it up!. How incredibly precious, juvenile, and lazy. You want it, pay for it. If it means that much to you it will survive, with NO public funds. Enough has been wasted already.

Wasting money digging that damn pit, like any of you artiistes actualy got sweaty witha shovel digging it, wasting money to hir a contragor to di, all teh while the workers snikkering at the easy money they are getting, for nothing. Working, thats what artistes like to pretend they do, just paint, something inexpensive and useful, something someone can pu on their wall and grow with. Good art never gets stale, which iswhy you all do this dumbass money pit thing,. Its incredibly stupid, wasteful, and naive, but as it will soon be gone, no one will have to think about how dumb it really is. Just put a few pics in a book and its all good. Except the decadence of wasting energy, and money. And then you drive off in Prius' after all this useless waste. Hypocrites.

Read my Imperial Clothing article, google me, and face the truth. Real people love it, even the yoga set knows it is the truth. But you cant handle the truth, its not in your interest, now is it?

LOL!! Dont know whether to laugh or cry, so much to be done, so much wasted on so few.

I couldn't agree more with Donald.

I had nauseous experience of seeing the Paul McCarthy exhibition at MOMA. Take it all and bury it, and hope in several years something fresh and living grows out of it.

Michael Newberry

Hey Frazell, Why don't you get to work instead of wasting everyone's time here. You wonder why you are marganilized, It's not because you are the only person who actually knows what quality is. It's not because you are a misanthrope who hates his community. Well, maybe it's that. But it's because your comments don't really have anything to do with the situation at hand and they don't make sense.

I'd be happy to use your own words against you. You say contemporary artists don't create anything as the workers snigger. How did those workers get there? That's called job creation A-hole. And artists buy materials and eat in restaurants and pay for parking and have families. That's just a few of the ways that contemporary art has a benefit to this city even for people who don't like it, such as yourself. You obviously don't understand thing one, so get bent. and learn to spell.

Frazell, the guy who'd like to see MOCA go auto gallery, can take his crap detectorship to the annual L.A. auto show where I'm sure he'll find plenty of greed inspired metal to wrap his caustic tongue around.

Mr. Frazell's comments may have been very "heady". Unfortunately, I had difficulty focusing on his thought process because his misspellings and run-on sentences were such a distraction. Wait! Perhaps he was attempting to "artistically" express (by example) why competence matters. Did I get his message?

Its called waste, making holes that go nowhere, that lead to nothing, that have no meaning except to entertain children, and amuse their parents. Real work leads to productivity, to energy, to usefullness. Contemporary art leads to self absorbed waste. You are out of your lague son, dont even try. Just read, and learn. When you grow up you can speak, children are meant to be seen and not heard, which is what Contemporary Art has become, look at me mom!! Saying absolutely nothing.

Not one more public dime for the amusement of the rich.

Imperial Clothinbg, read it, its influence has started, Time and even Winklman has an article that finally realizes the cult of personality must go. Its all marketing, entertainment for the decadent. Art must return, it is now needed.

for the people, of the people, that they may prosper, and flourish upon the earth.

And I like auto shows. I am rather practical myself, but it doesnt hurt anyone, done with private money, makes money if someone wants to buy it, just not my thing, but a beautiful auto is a piece of work to behold. Contemporary art is apiece of trasht to be buried, and forgotten, which has happened to all early CA, and is continuing. Modern art will return, or something that takes up where it was, and actually deal with real issues of humanity, not vanity.

Art collegia delenda est
Art colleges must be destroyed.

Probably not, art school grads have issues understanding more than one thing at a time. While real art is all about relationships, the more the better, when they can beomce simplified and layerd andinteracting and as one. it approaches truth.
But then, thats modern art, not the simplemindedness of contemporary. If you mind cant follow what I wrote, then spell check it, and if still confused,well, you just are confused. sorry, but that is not my issue. Its yours.
Study will do that, put aside your art for awhile, no one graduating any school knows anything, jsut had some basics intalled, or lies in art. Real life will bring revelations, skill, adn experience,if you work at it.
Only art students actually think they know something when they graduate with their MFA, the most worthless piece of paper in the world, Toilet tissue at least has purpose.
Do MDs think they can save the world when they graduate? No, they intern, and slowly learn the relalworld, a job that never ends, and we peak at late in life, if we work. My son is in this position after garduating Annapolis, a much harder and better school than any art academy, but he has humility, and knows he is jus now approaching being a man at 24, serving his country, doing something real. And then serving man when he is done. He will find peace adn contentment.
What have the arts done lately? Served themselves. And so angry in their uselessness

Art collegia delenda est

Stop hitting yourself Donald Stop hitting yourself.


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