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What it's like to be shot at, other glimpses of Syria [Video]

March 21, 2012 |  5:13 pm

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be shot at, this video may be the closest you'll want to get.

The video above, uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday by Syrian opposition activists, purports to show a cameraman zooming in on a tank gun that opens fire in his direction. The camera shakes and shuts off as the cameraman yells, "God is great!"

 Opposition activists and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad said lives  were lost Wednesday: The Local Coordination Committees, an opposition network, said 84 people had died Wednesday, including 14 children.

Syrian state media reported that a civilian was killed "by the gunfire of an armed terrorist group" in Dara. The same day, seven members of the army were laid to rest with laurel wreaths, "targeted while in the line of duty by armed terrorist groups in Dara, Homs and Damascus countryside," it reported.

Because media access is restricted, The Times cannot confirm all of the events shown in amateur videos like this one. The government often argues that some of the bloodiest videos showing dead or injured children are faked. But with limited access for foreign journalists, the amateur videos have become a window into what it's like inside Syria, now entering the second year of the uprising.

The video below, uploaded by opposition activists, purports to show an explosion in the Khalidiyeh neighborhood of the Homs on Wednesday. Dissidents say regime forces are shelling the area:

The clip below is said to show "revolutionaries" in the Kafarsouseh neighborhood of Damascus raising a giant Syrian pre-Baath flag from an empty building, a sign of defiance against the Assad government. It was uploaded to YouTube by opposition activists:

Below, the next video purports to showing the effects of the army shelling of a residential building in the Hama Road neighborhood in Homs. The clip begins with the camera zooming in on a blackened and damaged part of an alleged residential building.

"The signs of shelling on the residential buildings by the Assad army. The shelling is still continuing," the cameraman says. A couple of loud thuds are then heard and white thick smoke is seen rising from the roof of one of the damaged buildings. The clip was shared by opposition activists Wednesday.

This last video is said to come from a Kurdish Nowruz (Persian New Year) demonstration Wednesday in the mainly Kurdish town of Amouda. Men, women, and children are seen in the clip waving Kurdish and Syrian pre-Baath flags. Opposition activists uploaded it:


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-- Alexandra Sandels in Beirut and Emily Alpert in Los Angeles