See the world: Sri Lankan protesters slammed with water cannons

Sri Lanka protesters face police water cannons in Colombo.
Every day on World Now, we highlight a photo. Today's comes from Sri Lanka, where fishermen and Maoist opposition groups are protesting increases in fuel prices.

Protests have raged in the South Asian island nation since the government raised the price for fuel Saturday night, the Associated Press reported. The government said the move was in response to rising oil prices.

The Associated Press reports that in a town north of the capital, Colombo, a witness and a doctor say police opened fire on protesting fishermen, killing one person and injuring three. The police refused to comment.

Rising gasoline prices can be politically explosive in many parts of the world: Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was forced to reinstate a fuel subsidy after a public outcry last month. Bolivia faced similar protests after it tried to drop subsidies.

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-- Emily Alpert in Los Angeles

Photo: Members of Sri Lanka's People's Liberation Front face police water cannons during a protest in Colombo on Wednesday. Credit: Eranga Jayawardena / Associated Press


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