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Russian ads urge 'virgin' voters to pick Putin for 'first time' [Video]

February 28, 2012 |  4:45 am

Russian backers of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for president are appealing to "virgin" voters with racy advertisements nudging them to make him their "first."

The video above shows a young woman talking to a doctor about “protection” for her “first time.” After the camera cuts to a calendar with a photograph of Putin, the doctor says, "With him, it will be safe."

Another video shows a young woman having a suggestive conversation with a fortune teller who turns over a tarot card with a picture of Putin. The risque ads are the brainchild of advertising agency Aldus ADV, but it isn't clear if the videos are serious or meant as a parody, the Moscow Times reported.

Putin is expected to win the presidency in the March elections, despite mass protests against him in Moscow by opponents who say elections last year were plagued with fraud. He is seeking to reclaim the presidency after a four-year term as prime minister.

Another series of videos backing Putin deployed some of Russia's most famous actors, writers, directors and musicians to declare "Why I am voting for Putin."

The ads were quickly parodied on the Internet: One showed a picture of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who was exiled and had his poetry censored by Emperor Nicholas I, with the phrase, "Why I am voting for our Lord Emperor."

Who else is in the running? Read our explainer about the candidates vying against Putin.


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