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Rush Limbaugh on Osama bin Laden's death: 'Thank God for President Obama'


Rush Limbaugh began his radio show Monday morning praising President Obama for his leadership in the demise of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

In his nationally syndicated radio show, Limbaugh who has been one of Obama's fiercest critics, gave the commander-in-chief all the glory in the successful mission that ended the life of Public Enemy No. 1.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we need to open the program today by congratulating President Obama," Limbaugh said. "President Obama has done something extremely effective and when he does, this needs to be pointed out. President Obama has continued the Bush policies of keeping a military presence in the Middle East. He did not scrub the mission to get Bin Laden. In fact, it may be that President Obama single-handedly came up with the technique in order to pull this off."

Limbaugh, who has recently criticized the first lady's figure, said in 2009 that he hopes Mr. Obama fails, and complained last year about Americans donating to the post-earthquake humanitarian relief in Haiti, continued about Bin Laden: "You see the military wanted to go in there and bomb. They always do. They wanted to go in there and drop missiles and launch bombs. A number of totally destructive techniques here. But President Obama, perhaps the only qualified member in the room to deal with this, insisted on the Special Forces. No one else thought of that. President Obama. Not a single intelligence adviser, not a single national security adviser, not a single military adviser came up with the idea of using SEAL Team 6 or any Special Forces," Limbaugh said, with what some are saying is a slight tinge of sarcasm in his delivery.

"Our military wanted to go in there and just scorch the earth," Limbaugh continued, "but President Obama single-handedly understood what was at stake here. He alone understood the need to get DNA to prove the death ... it was President Obama single-handedly and alone who came up with the strategy that brought about the effective assassination of Osama bin Laden," the radio host said, concluding, "Thank God for President Obama."



Rush Limbaugh criticizes First Lady Michelle Obama's weight

Rush Limbaugh tells conference he wants Obama, his mission to fail 

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh speaks during a news conference at The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu on  Jan. 1, 2010.  Credit: Chris Carlson / Associated Press

For first time, you online news consumers outnumber those newspaper readers: the impact on politics

Top of the Ticket read at the Emmys

Let's agree just between us not to tell our family members in the kitchen reading yesterday's news in today's newspaper.

But according to a major new study of how Americans use news media by the thoughtful folks over at the Pew Research Center, those newspaper readers have now been surpassed among news consumers.

For the first time in history, a larger percentage of Americans (46%) get their news online than get their news on that paper stuff that leaves their fingers ink-smudged (40%).

Only local television news (50%) still surpasses online as a source of news for Americans. And its lead is shrinking.

The little-noticed development has many major implications for American politics, how they operate and how they are consumed.

For decades, political and communications strategists have designed and scheduled their ....

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The voluble Glenn Beck appears ahead in the developing media threat race

Glenn Beck warning youJust taking time to set our sights on targeting a quick update on the flaming fusillades of violent political rhetoric recently launched over the use of flaming fusillades of violent political rhetoric assaulting American politics with verbal bayonets fixed:

After all of his compelling conspiracies and adamant blackboard chalkings, Glenn Beck, the charming, likable master media talker with the 1950s haircut, has revealed that he has only 15 threats operating against him at any one time.

In a regular on-air chat with fellow Fox News talker Bill O'Reilly (see video below), Beck claimed that he doesn't really track criticism about himself, especially not from left-wing clowns who are paid to drum up opposition to conservative media folks, if you can believe there's such a group of people milking a really rich guy for some of his millions.

Beck said he didn't know how his threats ranked against....

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Larry King as you've never seen him -- suspenderless

Larry King.

When he was a little boy growing up in Brooklyn, Lawrence Zeiger used to fantasize that he was Arthur Godfrey or some other famous broadcast personality in an age when people set their daily schedules by when their favorite programs were on the radio.

Or the little Jewish boy would go up in the bleachers at Ebbets Field and pretend he was chatting on-air with Red Barber or other household sports names.

This is way back, mind you, back in the 30's, even before Joe Biden was born.

Today, fewer remember those other guys. But pretty much everyone knows Zeiger, now better known as Larry King. (An early boss deemed Zeiger too ethnic for show biz.)

Tonight is the last show on CNN for the 77-year-old broadcaster who has....

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George W. Bush's idea to ease the tax cut debate in D.C.: Stop calling them mine

Former President George W. Bush has some advice for those so heatedly debating the Bush tax cuts in and around Congress these days:Cover of George W Bush memoir Decision Points

Stop calling them the Bush tax cuts.

Bush, who's promoting his best-selling memoirs, "Decision Points," is still refusing to criticize or second-guess his successor, who hasn't felt the same compulsion about his predecessor.

From Texas, Bush told the noted conservative radio talkshow host Scott Hennen (listen to audio recording below) that he thought there'd be less rancor in D.C. if the controversial tax cuts hadn't been labeled as belonging to him.

"Well, I wish they woulda called it something other than the Bush tax cuts," Bush said, "and therefore would have been less angst amongst some to pass it. But I do believe it’s very important to send the signal to our entrepreneurs and our families that the government trusts them to spend their own money.

"And I happen to believe lower taxes is what stimulates economic growth and what we need now in our country is economic growth."

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Cave-in or compromise, Obama's tax cut deal could cost him little, win him much

-- Andrew Malcolm

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H/T Rob Port

Larry King is no fan of social media networks, his 1.8 million Twitter fans aside


Despite his 1.8 million Twitter followers, Larry King is no fan of social-media networks.

The 50-year veteran of radio and TV broadcasting who is to air his last CNN show in December, said recently of his Twitter account:  “My producers do it.  My wife is a Twitter freak. She’s sick. But I understand it. I think the movie [“The Social Network”] about Facebook was great."

Speaking at a charity event in Nevada last week reported by the Las Vegas Sun, King....

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What George W. Bush says about Harry Reid and not about Sarah Palin

Republican former president George W Bush signs his book Decision Points for a little girl in Dallas 11-9-10

On his new late-night TBS program, Conan O'Brien noted Tuesday that former President George W. Bush was on Oprah's show that day, talking about his memoir, "Decision Points." And, O'Brien added, asked what it was like to be leader of the free world, Oprah had replied, "It's not bad."

True enough. After 22 months out of the spotlight, the 43d president is suddenly back in it, seemingly popping up everywhere, telling the types of personal stories once confined to only the closest friends and aides. He's signing books for long lines in Dallas and talking to many big-name media types. Last night, Sean Hannity from the ranch. Before that, the bald guy from the "Today Show."

Bush hasn't been able to squeeze in a chat yet with that perky news anchor or anyone from the other financially-troubled Times newspaper. And chances are really good, based on history, that he won't.

It's a different Bush we're seeing now, more relaxed and comfortable, publicly....

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Weekly remarks: Obama seeks GOP help on economy; GOP's John Boehner says, 'Stop the spending spree!'

Happy Democrat president Barack Obama relaxes in the Oval Office

Weekly remarks by President Obama, as provided by the White House  

Tuesday is election day, and here in Washington, the talk is all about who will win and who will lose –- about parties and politics.

But around kitchen tables, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about other things: about your family finances, or maybe the state of the economy in your hometown; about your kids, and what their futures will bring. And your hope is that once this election is over, the folks you choose to represent you will put the politics aside for a while, and work together to solve problems.

That’s my hope, too.

Whatever the outcome on Tuesday, we need to come together to help put people who are still looking for jobs back to work. And there are some practical steps we can....

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Report: Harry Reid aide Diana Tejada lied to FBI, ICE agents over sham marriage to Lebanese. No charges

Wow, here's one that flew in under the radar on Monday:

"An aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national who was the subject of an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation."FBI Logo

The story was broken by Fox News and involves Diana Tejada, the Latina press secretary for the embattled Nevada senator who is seeking a fifth term in a tight reelection battle with Republican Sharron Angle.

According to details, seven years ago Tejada fraudulently married a Lebanese national, Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini, to enable him to stay in the United States and avoid military service back home. She admitted to receiving money for doing so.

Court documents show that Tejada, who has worked for Reid for the past two years, knowingly filed false documents with Homeland Security, lied on multiple occasions to FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and submitted false marriage and immigration documents.

Earlier this year the Lebanese, who was being investigated by a joint terrorism task force, was deported. But for her part, Tejada was not charged with anything. A Justice Department official declined to explain how the aide to the top senator in Congress went uncharged for perjury, among other crimes.

A spokesman for the 70-year-old Reid told Fox News' Jana Winter on Monday evening that the senator's office was unaware of the investigation and referred to the aide as a junior staffer, although she was paid $52,451 by Reid last year.

The aide said Tejada, 28, no longer worked for the powerful senator but declined to specify when her employment was terminated. Fox found her appearing on a Spanish-language program on Reid's behalf as recently as Sept. 21, ironically discussing the do's and don't's of immigration rules.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Transcript of President Barack Obama with Univision

President Barack Obama was interviewed by Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo last week in Los Angeles for a Univision radio program that aired Monday.

Sotelo asked the president to focus on immigration. When the Spanish-language radio giant suggested that the Obama administration was more dedicated to fixing issues like healthcare than immigration, the president disagreed.

“My cabinet has been working very hard on trying to get it done, but ultimately, I think somebody said the other day, I am president, I am not king. I can't do these things just by myself. We have a system of government that requires the Congress to work with the executive branch to make it happen. I'm committed to making it happen, but I've gotta have some partners to do it,” Obama said.

For our colleague Michael Muskal's news article on the interview, click here. Scroll down for the full transcript of the interview, as provided by Univision, in English and Spanish.

Transcript of President Obama interview, as provided by Univision

Program:        “Piolin por la Mañana”
Network:        Univision Radio
Content:        Interview with the President of the United States Barack Obama
Date:              October 25, 2010
EPS:               Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo
POTUS:         President of the United States Barack Obama: 
EPS:               Thank you for coming, Mr. President.                 
                        [Audio of Pres. Obama’s various remarks rolls]
POTUS:         It is great to be here, Piolín. Piolín, that was an unbelievable introduction. Thank you so much.
EPS:               Thank you for making the time to be with us.
POTUS:         Well, you remember the last time I was in the studio, I promised that....

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