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Ticket pic of the week: Hillary Clinton sniffs a new opportunity

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New Guinea exchanges a traditional Maori greeting with a fan

It is so very tempting to let this Ticket Photo of the Week stand as it is.

And allow loyal readers to write their own caption. (In fact, feel free to do that in the Comments section below.)

Our first thought when we saw this photo was, "Oh, yeah, where is she anyway?" So united are recent American elections and the face and voice of Hillary Clinton.

Those with long experience with the Clinton politicians have come to suspect there are no coincidences in their lives, so attuned to politics, appearances and opportunities are they both.

According to that interpretation, the secretary of State knew well in advance from her....

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New faces of the Class of 2010: Rubio, Coons, Noem, Hoeven, Johnson, Corbett, Haley, Martinez, Fallin

This week's midterm elections pushed numerous new faces onto the national political scene.

So we've constructed a photo gallery here of these new folks as a sort of introduction to political people you're likely to be hearing more about in coming months and years. (Click each picture to enlarge.)

One is Marco Rubio, Florida's new Republican senator whose victory speech we have in video format above here. As the son of Cuban exiles, watch for....

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Eight fascinating California polling places


If you couldn't tell from the flags, balloons, signs, news trucks, long lines, Tuesday is election day. Many Americans took time out of their day to do their civic duty. Here in California, most voters find themselves at a school, fire department or building lobby casting their ballots, but some have found themselves in some weird locales. To see eight weirdly fascinating California polling places, join us after the jump.

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Ticket photo of the week: A Secretariat spinoff

My Man Puff grandson of Secretariat

OK, smile for the camera.

No, c'mon now, get serious. Please.

Stop horsing around.

Give us a smile. Please. No, not that kind of smile!

Oh, he's such a goofball.

This is My Man Puff, who's feeling his oats these days, even at age 13.

His grandfather was Secretariat. Yes, that one in the new movie. The Triple Crown winner from 1973, possibly the greatest thoroughbred race horse of all time. That year, for the first time since 1948, one horse won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and, on June 9, 1973, the Belmont Stakes -- by 31 lengths, no less. The last Triple Crown winner was Affirmed in 1978.

According to the legendary horse's winning jockey, Ron Turcotte, now wheelchair-bound from a racing accident, Secretariat was always a quick learner, gentle and smart. "You could show him something one day," Turcotte recalls, "and the next day he'd do the same thing. And he loved candy."

My Man Puff and his grandfather were never close in many ways. The offspring of Shelly's Charmer, My Man had a brief racing career but never finished well enough to continue competition. He's passed through a series of owners, has a personality referred to as feisty and doesn't waste much time paying attention to one thing too long.

He's now ended up in comfortable retirement in Florida with plenty of tail-swishing room on 10 acres of land owned by octogenarian Rosa Durando. She pampers the fellow, who knows he's special. She told Sun-Sentinel reporter Wayne Roustan that My Man Puff still loves to gallop and fool around. (See photo above.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Mark Randall / Sun-Sentinel

Ticket photo of the week: Has anyone seen my hat?

Unusual get-up at Paris fashion show

I had it here a minute ago, but it seems to have just flown away somewhere.

Autumn is well underway; Canadians had Thanksgiving last weekend, for Pierre's sake. Winter is quickly approaching. So, naturally they are having spring fashion shows over there in Paris.

Which is a beautiful place. If a tad loony at times on the runway.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Pierre Verdy / Getty Images

Ticket photo of the week: Now that's a dunk!

Turkish cheerleaders perform a unique routine during recent world basketball championships in Turkey

Turkish cheerleaders perform an unusual routine during the recent FIBA World Championship held there.

Who cares that the U.S. won over Turkey in the finals?

We're still trying -- unsuccessfully -- to find the video of how she got in there.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Behrou Megri / Getty Images

Ticket photo of the week: A very big grave for Manyula

El Salvador elephant Manyula in 2000

A sad day in El Salvador this week.One of many costumed mourners who showed up for the funeral of Manyula the Asian elephant in El Salvador

Manyula died.

The Asian elephant arrived from India at that nation's National Zoo in 1955, which was even before Joe Biden was a senator.

In fact, the current vice president was only a seventh-grader at the time that the symbol of the Republican Party moved into that Central American zoo.

Nearly three generations of locals visited Manyula over the ensuing 55 years and she became a friendly fixture in the memory of countless families.

Hundreds of mourners, some wearing costumes, showed up for her funeral in a very large grave beneath a very large tarpaulin festooned with flowers.

The United States did not send an official delegation headed by a vice president.

The carefully excavated grave containing the body of Manyula the Asian elephant at the National Zoo in San Salvador

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Reuters


Ticket photo of the week: Rambo returns to Afghanistan for Saturday's elections

Afghan Election poster 9-18-10

Not many Americans remember that U.S. military involvement in the never-ending conflicts of Afghanistan actually began with Rambo, who almost singlehandedly ousted overwhelming Soviet forces despite their ginormous helicopter with the grinning evil guy, Rambo's own wounds and lack of a decent shirt with a pocket to hold ammo in.

But they don't forget their cinematic savior over there. Who knew he was left-handed?

This poster for Afghan parliamentary elections this weekend is for a candidate named Simin Barkazi. But the candidate obviously has a famous friend who's making an encouraging election endorsement it would be hard to refuse -- without, in the democratic spirit of that country, a larger caliber weapon.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Raheb Homavandi / Reuters

Next, Michelle Obama's health reform plan for the nation's restaurant menus and families dining out

Democrat first lady Michelle Obama addresses National Restaurant Assn on suggested menu changes 9-13-10

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been unable to convince the Smoker-in-Chief to give up that dreadful habit, now has some health suggestions for other American families and for restaurant menus across the country. The goal is to eat healthier, although that might hurt restaurant sales and cause disappointed children.

Obama, who has made combating childhood obesity and inactivity her favored causes, addressed the National Restaurant Assn. (See the text below, along with photos of her husband not eating arugula.) She, of course, has her own personal chef brought in from Chicago and took full parental responsibility for guiding her daughters' diets because parents are crucial habit-formers and role models, even in food choices.

But Obama would like to see more healthy choices for Americans dining out, even if it means a restaurant deleting a best-selling menu item.

The Democrat suggested that Americans are "programmed" by taste and advertising to eat many things that the government and health professionals know are not healthy for their bodies. So she wants to facilitate a nationwide re-programming of personal tastes by having restaurants start serving less of what customers ignorantly want and more of what they should have.

One idea Mrs. Obama had is to serve apple slices as the default side dish with, say, hamburgers, instead of French fries, which she confessed to liking.

Also she'd like less butter and cream in restaurant dinners, not enough to....

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Ticket photo of the week: Michelle Obama takes to the gridiron

First Lady Michelle Obama tries a fitness exercise as part of an NFL Lets Move clinic in New Orleans 9/8/10

OK, now what?

First Lady Michelle Obama tries out for the National Football League.

Of course, not. She's gamely trying out a drill in a fitness clinic run with the NFL as part of her national anti-obesity campaign to promote physical activities among American youths.

At the end of the session, Obama was put on the waiver wire and returned home to Washington while her agent contacted other teams before most season openers Sunday.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Cheryl Gerber / Reuters


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