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Obama and his aides hail governments' response to Tropical Storm Irene

Queens New York resident cleans up after Tropical Storm Irene 8-28-11


President Obama's remarks on Tropical Storm Irene, as provided by the White House

THE PRESIDENT:  Good afternoon, everybody. I’m joined today by my secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and administrator of FEMA, Craig Fugate, to provide a brief update on our ongoing response efforts to Hurricane Irene.

First, let me say that this is a storm that has claimed lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who’ve lost loved ones and those whose lives have been affected by the storm. You need to know that America will be with you in your hour of need.

While the storm has weakened as it moves north, it remains a dangerous storm that continues to produce heavy rains.  One of our chief concerns before Irene made landfall was the possibility...

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Fox News viewers win cable-ratings argument, as Obama and Boehner talk debt ceiling


In a news conference on July 11 -- which in debt-ceiling-debate time seems to be a hundred years ago --  President Obama answered a reporter's question on public skepticism about the value of raising the national debt c eiling by saying, "The public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury option goes."

Whether or not Americans were paying attention then, they sure are now, especially if they watch Fox News Channel.

Among those tuning into cable news to see the president's latest speech on the debt ceiling at 6 p.m. PT on Monday, FNC viewers outnumbered those watching competitors CNN and MSNBC by a comfortable margin.

Over 3.5 million watched the president's address on FNC, with a slight uptick to 4 million for....

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Obama on deficit talks: 'I have bent over backwards to work with the Republicans'

Obama hands on deficit talk News Conference 7-11-11

 President Obama's news conference on deficit talks with Republicans, as provided by the White House

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. I want to give a quick update on what's happening with the debt negotiations, provide my perspective, and then I'm going to take a few questions.

As all of you know, I met with congressional leaders yesterday. We're going to be meeting again today, and we're going to meet every single day until we get this thing resolved.      

The good news is that all the leaders continue to believe, rightly, that it is not acceptable for us not to raise the debt ceiling and to allow the U.S. government to default. We cannot threaten the United States' full faith and credit for the first time in our history. We still have a lot of work to do, though, to get this problem solved. And so let me just make a couple of points. 

First of all, all of us agree that we should use this opportunity to do something meaningful on debt and deficits.  And the reports that have been out there have been largely accurate that Speaker Boehner and myself had been in a series of conversations about doing the biggest deal possible so that we could actually resolve our debt and our deficit challenge for a long stretch of time. And I want to say I appreciate Speaker Boehner's good-faith efforts on that front.

What I emphasized to the broader group of congressional leaders yesterday is now is the....

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Obama news conference: 'A lot of people say a lot of things to satisfy their base'

Obama News Conference 6-29-11

Below, as usual at The Ticket, is the full transcript of the president's news conference on June 29 and,  at the bottom, a short response by Republican House Speaker John Boehner:

President Obama's news conference, June 29, as provided by the White House

THE PRESIDENT:  Good morning, everybody.  Have a seat, please.  I just want to say a few words about the economy before I take your questions.

There are a lot of folks out there who are still struggling with the effects of the recession. Many people are still looking for work or looking for a job that pays more.  Families are wondering how they'd deal with a broken refrigerator or a busted transmission, or how they're going to finance their kids' college education, and they're also worrying about the possibility of layoffs.   

The struggles of middle-class families were a big problem long before the recession hit in 2007.  They weren’t created overnight, and the truth is our economic challenges are not going to be solved overnight.  But there are more steps that we can take right now that would help businesses create jobs here in America. 

Today, our administration is trying to take those steps, so we're reviewing government regulations so that we can fix any rules in place that are an unnecessary burden on businesses. We’re working....

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Obama news conference registers 3.7: Japan's disaster is sad, now on gas prices (and my poll numbers)

Barack Obama News Conference 3-11-11

President Obama called a news conference Friday. Yes, the weekend was nigh, and few people beyond the media were listening.

But that was his target audience because he looks to be in a tidal wave of political trouble and needs a quick reset in time for the Sunday morning talk shows. (Full transcript below.)

The Real Good Talker has lost control of the political narrative in the nation's capital, which is very hard for an incumbent president to do.

He hasn't heard from proactive European allies what the U.S. will do about the decaying Libya situation. He had his candid director of national intelligence answer a congressional question honestly (the Libyan ruler with planes and more weapons is likely to prevail over the rebel rabble of the chosen one's chosen side), which appeared to go against the White House cheering section.

Obama's delegated Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to talk next week with ...

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Jay Carney approves of Jay Carney's first briefing as Obama White House press secretary

Jay Carney starts first news briefing as White House press secy 2-16-11

Many politicians think press secretary is one of the easier jobs: Just go out there and say what you've heard me saying all these weeks and months. And if the press and public don't buy it, then it's all your fault.

President Obama's new press secretary, Jay Carney, began his often daily news briefings today, about one hour's worth of parrying and thrusting with reporters who joke all friendly-like on the surface but would love for him to make a gaffe that they could rush out and tell the world about, as if it mattered.

Carney and his staff spend much of the day following the news and anticipating what the questions will be, and checking with presidential aides and cabinet offices for the appropriate answers or, more often, non-answers. Then, he goes out all jolly-like too and tries to mold the news coverage to his boss' best advantage in truth.

It is in a way even harder for Carney because he's a former news person. So he knows where the news people are going with their queries and they know that he knows where they're going and that they know where he is going with his PR answers.

As today when the news mob laughed out loud detecting Carney trying to sell something that they know he knows is unadulterated disingenuous bunk.

As you'll read in the full text below, Carney opened by announcing some local TV interviews Obama was doing today with stations in Richmond, Milwaukee and Cincinnati. There was an....

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Obama on his embattled budget: Let's talk, but....

president Obama holds a news conference 2-15-11 to defend his budget

Sweeping hand gestures were the order of today as President Obama defended his budget at a news conference (full text below), reflecting widespread skepticism over the seriousness of his spending "cuts." At last, bipartisanship to believe in.

The Democrat invested 62 presidential minutes and about 8,000 chief executive words, many of them to defend his budget priorities. The first thing the nation needs to know is that President Obama is "confident." It's his new favorite phrase, supplanting "going forward."

But the Washington political community on both sides is also confident that the Democrat's immense budget is merely a placeholder for the real spending bargaining, which will come in the next two or three months over the budget and raising the debt ceiling. president Obama 2-15-11 News Conference

Washington wonders why so many angry Americans talk back to the news on their TVs. Here's why: Federal spending the last two years has exploded. Never mind why. It has. Obama proposes cutting some of that increased spending. The result: Cuts to brag about but still more borrowed spending than before.

And for his next trick.....

One inconvenient stat cited by the sage Ed Morrissey: Obama's own debt commission proposed deficit reductions of $4 trillion (get used to that scary word) over the next decade. Obama's budget thinks $1.1 trillion is really good.

Here's the isolated president's perception of how painfully the feds need to address their fiscal canyon: "If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, you might put off a vacation."

Delay a vacation? Where, to his planet? When millions of American families would settle for having a job in Obama's unstimulated economy? Or keeping their home while the Democrat lobs $53 billion more taxpayer money winning the future with unions to build high-speed trains for nobody to ride -- but to do so very rapidly?

As Obama did with extending the Bush tax cuts in December, it appears....

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Robert Gibbs' final briefing: And the White House spokesman gets spoken to by a surprise guest

Robert Gibbs last day as White House spokesman 2-11-11

After more than seven years speaking for and to Senate candidate Barack Obama, Sen. Barack Obama, presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and President Obama, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs held the 250th and his last White House news briefing Friday.

The departure cover story is that he wants to spend more time with his family. (See the briefing's full text below.)

Despite the Alabama accent, Gibbs has been one of the more effective recent presidential press secretaries because of his long, intimate knowledge of the boss, strong emotional ties forged....

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Obama on Canada: Yeah, yeah, we're great friends. Now, about Egypt....

a house in northern Canada

Remarks and answers by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper, as provided by the White House

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon, everyone. Please be seated. I am very pleased to be welcoming my great friend and partner, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, back to the White House to reaffirm our extraordinary friendship and cooperation between the United States and Canada. I’d like to talk a bit about what we accomplished today, and then address the situation unfolding in Egypt.

The United States and Canada are not simply allies, not simply neighbors; we are woven together like perhaps no other two countries in the world. We’re bound together by our societies, by our economies, by our families -- which reminds me my brother-in-law’s birthday is today and I have to call him. [Laughter.]

And in our many meetings together I’ve come to value Stephen’s candor and his focus on getting results, both when it comes to our two countries and to meeting global challenges. Although I, unfortunately, have not yet had the pleasure of seeing him and his band jam to the Rolling Stones —- but I’m told the videos have become a sensation on YouTube. So I'll be checking those out after this bilateral.  [Laughter.]     

We’ve had a very successful day. Our focus has been on how we increase jobs and economic growth on....

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The Obama-Hu summit: 'A spirit of cooperation that is also friendly competition'

president Hu Jintao of China listens to Barbra Streisand and Henry Kissinger at State Dept lunch 1-19-11

"We want to sell you all kinds of stuff"--President Obama to China's Hu Jintao

News conference text of Presidents Obama and Hu, as provided by the White House

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon.  It is my pleasure to welcome President Hu to the White House and to return the hospitality that he showed when I visited China last year.  This is our eighth meeting.  Together we’ve shown that the United States and China, when we cooperate, can receive substantial benefits.  

The positive, constructive, cooperative U.S.-China relationship is good for the United States. We just had a very good meeting with the business leaders from both our countries. They pointed out that China is one of the top markets for American exports. 

We’re now exporting more than $100 billion a year in goods and services to China, which supports more than half a million American jobs. In fact, our exports to China are growing nearly twice as fast as our exports to the rest of the world, making it a key part of my goal of doubling American exports and keeping America competitive in the 21st century.

Cooperation between our countries is also good for China. China’s extraordinary economic....

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