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Next move in the Arizona illegal immigration law fight: An immediate Supreme Court petition?

authorities frisk illegal immigrants , file

Arizona's Gov. Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne expressed disappointment late Monday in a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that continued an injunction against four key elements of their state's controversial illegal immigration law, S.B. 1070.

In a joint statement the officials said they were considering their legal options and expressed strong criticism of the Ninth Circuit's decision giving special weight to the opposition of other governments such as Mexico.

“I note," said Horne, "that the 9th Circuit relied heavily on the opposition of foreign governments in upholding the injunction on two of the four elements. As the dissent by Judge Carlos T. Bea eloquently stated, foreign governments should not be given a ‘heckler’s veto’ to establish preemption by the federal government over the state.”

Brewer, who signed the measure nearly a year ago, called that aspect "outrageous, adding:....

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Late-night's best: Anne Taylor, Aretha and Kadafi's hats and one Mexican's legal U.S. visit

Kadafi Gadaffi goes with the gold ringed beret on this day

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Here's the regular Monday morning collection from the previous week:

Fallon: A new survey reports women spend eight years of their lives shopping. Which means men spend six years on a bench outside Anne Taylor.Mexican president Felipe Calderon in Washington 3-3-11

Leno: Mexico's president, Felipe Calderón, arrived in the United States this week. So he can speak to the Mexican people.

Fallon: Mexico's president wants more American tourists to go there.  He explains their new tourism slogan:  "Mexico. Come to us or we’ll come to you!"

Leno: Oops! Texas Gov. Rick Perry says Juarez, Mexico, is the "most dangerous city in America." He just assumed Juarez is American because so many Mexicans live there.

Letterman: Libya's Kadafi was fun when he started out, you know. He’d stop by for....

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Meg Whitman tidies up after her former maid

Turns out former EBay CEO Meg Whitman spent about $144.2 million of her own money to not get elected governor of California.

That's no doubt the most expensive personally-financed political campaign in U.S. history, larger even than the hair-care budget for Flo, the annoying Progressive insurance lady.

Now we need to up that Whitman out-of-pocket expense total by another $5,500.

The unsuccessful Republican candidate has agreed to pay off leftover financial claims from her former household maid, an illegal immigrant named Nikki Diaz Santillan.

Back in September, she just happened to come forward with a Democratic celebrity lawyer when Whitman's race was close with the old-former and now old-new governor, Jerry Brown, who also happens to be a Democrat.

At the time the maid said she had been fired when Whitman decided to run for governor.

Diaz Santillan thought she'd like to have more like an additional $8,000-$10,000 in undocumented expenses from Whitman. But after several hours of negotiation Wednesday with state labor officials in San Jose,  both sides agreed to the smaller settlement and proclaimed themselves victorious.

"We do our best for our employers," Diaz Santillan read from a statement, "and in return all we ask is to be treated with respect and to be paid for all the work we do."

Tucker Bounds, a Whitman spokesman, said the maid's claim of exploitation was political exploitation from the start. "This is the last dying gasp of a political act," he said.

After 20 years in the U.S and having two children, now American citizens, Diaz Santillan remains an illegal immigrant. She has hired an attorney to make her case for legal residency.

Whitman is packing up campaign paraphernalia to auction on EBay.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Three more women are elected governor - Mary Fallin, Nikki Haley and Susana Martinez make history


While Congress went backwards a step in diversity in regards to African American senators (there are now zero), the nation elected three more women as governors: Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, and Susana Martinez of New Mexico. Each woman is a Republican and each of their victories changed history in their state.

The three new female governors brings the total of current female U.S. governors to seven: Jan Brewer, Ariz; Bev Perdue, N.C.; M. Jodi Rell, Conn.; Chris Gregoire, Wash.)

U.S. Rep. Fallin, who has never been in a close election, became Oklahoma's first woman to  be elected governor, getting 60% of the votes in her race with Democrat Lt. Gov. Jari Askins.

For the last three years Fallin has been the representative of Oklahoma's 5th District. She had....

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Federal appeals court signals skepticism over some objections to Arizona's illegal immigration law

Mexico border Fence at Nogales

There are persistent rumors floating around of elections allegedly occurring all across the country Tuesday. So we interrupt Susan Sarandon's robo-calls on behalf of legalizing marijuana in California, to bring you this court update on the controversial Arizona illegal-immigration law's legal status.

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case today in San Francisco. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was on hand as the most staunch defender of the state law, SB 1070, and one whose chances of reelection tomorrow have soared as a result.

The court's actual ruling on Arizona's appeal of a partial lower court injunction might not come for weeks. And, whatever it is, the losers will no doubt appeal the decision, likely all the way up to the Supreme Court, which could take years. So there's no Sig Alert on illegal desert border crossings quite yet.

The case is being watched extremely closely across the country. That's because 37 governor's chairs are....

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Transcript of President Barack Obama with Univision

President Barack Obama was interviewed by Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo last week in Los Angeles for a Univision radio program that aired Monday.

Sotelo asked the president to focus on immigration. When the Spanish-language radio giant suggested that the Obama administration was more dedicated to fixing issues like healthcare than immigration, the president disagreed.

“My cabinet has been working very hard on trying to get it done, but ultimately, I think somebody said the other day, I am president, I am not king. I can't do these things just by myself. We have a system of government that requires the Congress to work with the executive branch to make it happen. I'm committed to making it happen, but I've gotta have some partners to do it,” Obama said.

For our colleague Michael Muskal's news article on the interview, click here. Scroll down for the full transcript of the interview, as provided by Univision, in English and Spanish.

Transcript of President Obama interview, as provided by Univision

Program:        “Piolin por la Mañana”
Network:        Univision Radio
Content:        Interview with the President of the United States Barack Obama
Date:              October 25, 2010
EPS:               Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo
POTUS:         President of the United States Barack Obama: 
EPS:               Thank you for coming, Mr. President.                 
                        [Audio of Pres. Obama’s various remarks rolls]
POTUS:         It is great to be here, Piolín. Piolín, that was an unbelievable introduction. Thank you so much.
EPS:               Thank you for making the time to be with us.
POTUS:         Well, you remember the last time I was in the studio, I promised that....

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to visit San Diego


Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security secretary, is scheduled to visit San Diego on Monday, Oct. 18.

Napolitano is making the trip to meet with law enforcement leaders of the Coast Guard, visit National Guard troops who are deployed along the border and to be part of a news conference to talk about the Obama administration's large investment of personnel, technology and resources at the Southwest border.

The news conference is scheduled for 12 p.m. at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Ysidro.

-- Lori Kozlowski

Photo: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano during a news conference with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton on Oct. 6, 2010, in Washington. Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Social media wrap: Chilean miners rescue -- Pinera, Calderon, Palin react online


(This post will be updated throughout the day.)

sebastianpinera (Chilean president):  Que emocion! Que felicidad! Que orgullo de ser Chileno! Y que gratitud con Dios!

FelipeCalderon (Mexican president):  Impresionante, emocionante, el rescate de los mineros. Viva Chile! Viva la esperanza de que el hombre puede superar cualquier dificultad!

PJCrowley (Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs): Congratulations to #Chile for the successful rescue of the first miner. What a remarkable display of hope and skill.

SarahPalinUSA (Alaska): Beautiful story, beautiful results - the Chilean miners' will to live is inspiration and encouragement for all mankind.

NASA  Statement By The NASA Administrator On The Chilean Miners Rescue: The following is a statement from NASA Ad...

Duffy4Congress (Wisconsin candidate for Congress):  I am so thankful to see the Chilean miners being ...

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Social media wrap: Bloomberg, Murdoch, mayors and business leaders call for immigration reform


Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch joined fellow media tycoon Michael Bloomberg in calling for immigration reform Thursday before a congressional subcommittee.

Perhaps an unlikely alliance given Murdoch’s ownership of the New York Post and the tab’s frequent criticism of New York Mayor Bloomberg’s administration, the two were a cozy coalition in front of the same House Judiciary panel that last week hosted comedian Steven Colbert (who also testified on immigration issues, but a bit less seriously).

The media barons also announced a new joint initiative called Partnership for a New American Economy and website that seeks to promote a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. alongside the securing of American borders and restrictions on business hiring of illegal workers. 

Bloomberg tweeted repeatedly on issues he raised before the committee, largely spelling out the ...

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Democrats dodge Obama, so he focuses on what he's good at: Talking for $,$$$

A Ten Thousand dollar bill

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a possible Republican presidential candidate someday, wouldn't miss welcoming the president of the United States to the Lone Star state Monday. He showed up at the airport to shake hands and chat briefly and hand-deliver a letter seeking more federal troops to secure the border with Mexico. (A wary Obama gestured for the letter to go to an aide instead.)

While former Houston mayor Bill White, the Democrat who's unsuccessfully seeking to end Perry's GOP tenure as Texas' longest-serving governor ever, just could not fit an appearance with Obama into his impossible summertime schedule.

Same thing happened last week when Obama wandered down to Georgia and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes was unable to make time to see his party's national leader. Obama had to settle Monday for the company of former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, actually an Obama cabinet member who's supposed to be promoting U.S. trade overseas.

Here's how Obama political adviser David Axelrod didn't explain the candidates' absences to CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

These candidates are going to make the decisions they think are best for them. We wish them well. Obviously, the president is raising money in Texas today to help Democratic candidates across the country. He's making a speech about education and its importance in America's economic future.  We're down there doing the business we went to do.

With handsome national majorities now disapproving of Obama's job, his landmark....

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