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Ticket pic of the week: How we appear to incoming aliens

NASA Earth and the Moon photographed by Voyager I 9-18-77

Here's what our corner of the universe looks like to any incoming aliens -- the Earth and. in the background, its only moon.

It's a unique photograph because no one has ever been in a position to take it. Actually, it's an old photograph newly released by NASA.

This photo was snapped by an outbound Voyager I back on Sept. 18, 1977.

NASA scientists ordered the craft to turn around and take it 34 years ago tomorrow, a last look at where the pioneering craft began its literally endless journey to the outer reaches of our solar system, which continues today. Both Voyager 1 and II are still in radio communication with NASA/JPL several times a week.

When today's pic of the week was taken, Voyager I was 7,250,000 miles from Earth.

Today, it is right around 11,000,000,000 miles from Earth, a distance that's grown by 1,000 miles while you read this. Track the Voyagers yourself right here.


No, that's a little far, back up a few feet

You know, that statue hasn't moved the entire time I've been watching

Now, where did all those cattle go? They were right here just a minute ago

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: NASA / Voyager I.

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