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Sarah Palin's approval rating experiences shrinkage in latest Alaskan poll

Sarah Palin's approval rating experiences shrinkage in latest Alaskan poll

Sarah Palin is probably doing the right thing by spending her summer traveling around the lower 48 states instead of exploring the thawed out Alaskan wilderness.

A new poll [pdf] released Thursday says that nearly half of Alaskans have a "somewhat" or "very" negative feeling of their former governor.

Ivan Moore Research discovered that 49% of the 647 registered Alaskan voters it polled felt negatively about the state's most visible export, while only 39% held a positive opinion toward the hockey mom.

Granted the poll was taken in June, about a week after the state of Alaska released more than 13,000 of Palin's emails from her term as governor. However, none of the emails seemed embarrassing, particularly newsworthy, or damaging to Palin's reputation or future political aspirations (if she has any).

Indeed, Tim Crawford, treasurer of her political action committee, said in June that the emails show "a very engaged Gov. Sarah Palin being the CEO of her state."


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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Sarah Palin is ready to head up the river to see the fish counting in Dillingham Credit: Gilles Mingasson / Getty Images

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