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Yahoo New Zealand calls Sarah Palin 'someone so evil'

Sarah Palin and Tina Fey

Sarah Palin often complains that "the lamestream media" is out to get her, what with their "gotcha" questions and obsession over her every move. Friday, a Web producer for Yahoo New Zealand was exposed for negatively editorializing in the middle of a photo gallery intended to show celebrities who look alike.

On one of the images comparing the looks of the former governor and Emmy-winning actress Tina Fey, the caption writer made two mistakes. The first was when the writer typed "Tina Fey, was being constantly compared to the Republican Vice President, Sarah Palin..." Palin was the vice presidential nominee.

But the biggest gaffe was when the Web producer wrote, "Poor Tina - there's something painful about resembling someone so evil."

I.M Fletcher, one of the first bloggers down under who discovered the diss, cried foul.

"Since when has Sarah Palin been 'evil'? Perhaps the liberal writer is referring to the stitch-up by the Leftist media in the US who tried to blame the shooting of politician Gabrielle Giffords on Palin, because, well.. they could," Fletcher wrote.

"I'd like someone to point out anything Palin has done that is genuinely 'evil,'" the blogger wrote.

Yahoo New Zealand eventually took out the offending last sentence of the caption, but the caption is still calling Palin "the Republican Vice President."

Joe Biden might want to be notified if that were the case.


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-- Tony Pierce


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I think an evil person would sit idly by and listen to the mob they riled up using character assassination chanting death to their opponent. An evil person would consistently use violent terminology in their rhetoric as a viable tactic in obtaining their goal. Don't retreat, Reload! Just as an extra measure they might post a map of their opponents using cross-hairs for location purposes.

What the New York Times and the Washington Post have done is to receive orders from the Obama machine to try and dig up dirt on Sarah Palin. Folks where I come from we don't read other people's mail and if you think it's funny, wait until they do it to YOU. God bless Sarah Palin!

@Jericola...."I think an evil person would sit idly by and listen to the mob they riled up using character assassination chanting death to their opponent"

What the heck are you talking about? Nobody has been chanting 'death to their opponent'

An evil person though might make things up in an attempt to denigrate Palin...or perhaps they're just a silly uninformed git.

amos33 would support the release of Obama's e-mails no doubt. "Obama machine"? There is not a single man who was elected prez without some kind of 'machine.'

'Machine' isn't as misused as the word 'agenda,' which is something else every single politician has.

There's no dirt to dig on Palin. The dirt is apparent. She's a whiner and a quitter. She's a sideshow who thinks she's in the tent. Maybe that's her act ...

There are lots of people besides 'librals' who want to see this woman out of the picture. The Sarah fanboys/girls don't seem to get that.

I don't think Palin is the devil though. Comparing almost ANYBODY to Satan or Hitler or whatever is pointless.


The FOIA requests to view Palin's GOVERNMENT e-mails were first put in 3 years ago. It took that long for a request to be approved and for the process to lead to the revelations of present day. It had nothing to do with the "Obama machine." Or socialism, or fascism, or Kenya, or the Illuminati, or Weiner's penis. Blame Alaskan law. The request probably would have not gotten through if Palin hadn't been mired in a corruption scandal. Thanks for readin'! You have a great day.

Living in New Zealand, I can understand why some people perceive Sarah! Palin as evil. However, most people here think of her and her followers more as sheep, like the ones here who live to be fleeced of whatever good they once had.

I think people like Jericurls should check out the " violent terminology" used by the lefties, and have been useing since the radical bomb throwers of the sixties...who was it that was blowing up govt. buildings and collage admin. offices? As far as "rileing up " a mob many right-wing mobs have gone nutso and burned down whole neighborhoods ? Read their "bible" the communist manifesto, and how they plan to execute anybody who doesent follow the party line... at least conservatives tell you strait up what they stand for instead of giving you platitudes and a false smile till they can stab you in the back.Useing "useful idiots " like this...

-From the Foreward to Going Rogue by Sarah Palin

Dr. Aldo Laghi (Amazon's Going Rogue Customer Forum)
"A year ago or so I worried myself sick about the future of this country after observing ACORN in action, seeing the fraud in Chicago, learning of the background of Obama and of his acolytes.
I have to admit that at the time I expressed concern to the fact that Obama's election machine was pervasive, well funded and, most of all, totally unconcerned with the legality and the ethics of its own actions.

In fact, at the time, I saw some parallels between Lenin's and Obama's approaches to intimidation and control of communications in general: media as well as personal.
As early as the end of February 2009 though, I realized how stupid ( yes stupid) and arrogant Obama and all his cohorts were.
Lenin was certainly not stupid or arrogant instead.
At that point then, I relaxed and predicted (in one of my rare blogs) that Obama, Reid and Pelosi were the best thing that could happen to the GOP.

Mind you, this was last February, when the GOP had been dismissed as an almost irrelevant force in American politics. Now of course it is a lot easier to make such an assertion.
Now you can observe that, just about every week, Obama, Reid and Pelosi shoot themselves in the foot, sometimes more than once in a week.

What else do we need? The "arrogance of corruption" of the Democrats has come to the attention of that part of the American public who provide added value to the economy, and that had till now ignored what happened in Washington, as if Washington had been none of their concern.
Now though, these very people realize that a larger and larger portion of the population sucks the life out of the economy, with laws and regulations that impede the conduct of effective business practices, with a tort system that is designed to enrich the very profession that our not -so-beloved politicians, for the most part, come from.
What you see now is that people are fed up and this anger will carry on, well beyond unseating the buffoons from the seats of power. It will mean that a line-item-veto bill will be passed into law, and, as a consequence of such line-item-veto, ACLU, ACORN, Affirmative Action etc...will be re-dimensioned or un-funded altogether, corruption will be practically eradicated and governments, at all levels, will shrink.

In fact the spending largess of our elected representatives in Washington right now will, doubtlessly, help the conservative cause. It will help it in at least two ways:
one, because it feeds the anger and the worry
the other, because it will mean that unnecessary spending will have to be dramatically cut in future years. This will lead to cuts in bull..t programs and meaningless agencies and, eventually, to smaller governments altogether.
Already people were angry in November 2008 and they voted for Change. well the change that Obama advertised last year is quite different from The Change he is implementing this year.
Therefore the anger that was there in 2008 is still here, and is stronger yet.

I think that Sarah Palin will carry the women vote and that alone will assure her victory."

The Palin e-mails show that Sarah is only interested in making herself look good. She says her greatest legacy as Governor was passing legislation increasing the oil tax and all her fellow Republicans were firmly opposed to it. Palin needed something to use as a stepping stone to show that she could work with members of the opposing party--any Alaskan will tell you that her plan backfired and this is turning out to disastrous effects. Sarah did not think about the future--she took immediate monetary rewards but didn't require any competitive bidding, no demands about keeping up the equipment to protect the environment, the people, the other resources and the wild life. She still is bragging about getting this legislation passed--but any Alaskan will tell you that Sarah had no insight into the problems her plan has caused and the Legislature is basically trying to undo all the terrible results that have come about because of her plan.

To Kanawa...
It must be nice to have a selective memory such as yours. In the 2008 Presidential campaign, after inferring that Obama was a terrorist because he hangs out with terrorists, some of her crowd began yelling "death to Obama". Sarah said nothing.


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