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Weinergate: Whose crotch was it and when did he know it?

New York Democrat Rep Anthony Weiner 6-11This posting of personal photos business that become extremely embarassing when made public has become a bipartisan affair, at least for a member of a member of the New York congressional caucus.

How can anyone forget the look-at-my-abs bathroom mirror shot of a shirtless New York Rep. Chris Lee a while back? The Republican resigned his upstate seat. And Democrats just won it in a special election.

Now, there's New York Rep. Anthony Weiner. He's a Democrat. Somehow a photo of someone's bulging briefs was posted on Weiner's Twitter page seemingly aimed for a West Coast college coed.

The seven-term member seems to have taken as his PR role model the serial stumbles of the Obama White House following the successful whacking last month of Osama bin Laden: Tell your story ASAP. Then change part of it. Get part of it wrong. Make more mistakes correcting it. Blame the media. Having confused most people, announce you won't talk about it anymore, causing them then to wonder about everything,

This is the negative corollary of the Sarah Palin "One Nation" bus tour media strategy, which is "don't-tell-anyone-anything-then-they'll-want-your-story-all-the-more." Now that Weiner isn't talking about the underwear shot anymore, everyone else is.

At first, he said his Twitter account was hacked, that he didn't send the photo. But the United States congressman with a hacked communications account did not report it to the FBI, which seems odd if you are genuinely concerned and hacked. As the venerable Roger Simon points out here this morning, sending a lewd photo to an adult is not a crime. However, lying to a federal agent about it is.

The outspoken Queens Democrat, who had eyes on the New York City mayor's office, went silent Tuesday, talked endlessly about the issue Wednesday and then went silent again Thursday.

Many people with intimate knowledge of their own crotch began to wonder and chuckle over Weiner's wiggling response; he said he was unable to say "with certitude" whether it was his private area in the photo, which carried no credit line.

Classic political strategy, of course, strongly suggests that if you experience this problem for more than four days, you should consult your PR professional immediately.

He or she will tell you that whatever the issue or body part, you put every bad news detail out there yourself all at once, take your mortification, the late-night jokes and reboot. As our colleague James Oliphant writes here, political strategists are noting that Weiner has done just about everything wrong, for a politician who hopes to continue in that line of work.

Although if this was a TV season finale, the Weiner story is a great cliffhanger. 

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images (Weiner in elevator).

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Ghost busters need to be called. A Weiner slime is covering N. Y. City.

He's a Democrat and, like Barney Frank's survival of multiple similar escapades, will continue to stay in office.

As much as I enjoy your light touch on the subject (after all, we do follow each other on Twitter you and I), clearly the media is not done hounding him about it. I just love how the people who want to kill medicare and gut entitlements want to spend the money for a FULL FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into Weiner's manparts.

I swear, it gives me nightmares!

…one of which is depicted here!

And be sure to watch Jon Stewart's show from last night if you didn't see it. Hilarious.

On Politico this morning concerning the porn star Ginger Lee who received a private message from Weiner:

"In March, Lee tweeted about wanting “sexual relations” with Weiner and, less than two weeks later, she wrote that she’d received a private direct message from the congressman. Weiner had also followed Lee on Twitter but said he stopped doing so when he found out who she was.

Read more:

Weiner meets with Boehner, discusses many hard circumstances.

Robinson: Weiner turned a problem into crisis (Washington Post) [ I’d say so. When wobama / democrat apologist Mr. Milbank weighs in with: ‘The Weiner roast Congressman finds himself in a fight he does not relish’, you got to know there’s a crisis afoot. Drudgereport: IT MIGHT BE MY WEINER!
'This Could Be The End For Him'... 'Have You Ever Taken A Picture Like This Of Yourself?'...
WEINER CALLS COPS ON CBS WASHINGTON (CBSNewYork) — ‘Congressman Anthony Weiner said Thursday he’s finished talking about the lewd photo sent from his Twitter account.But he still wouldn’t say whether he’s the one in the picture.So CBS 2 political reporter Marcia Kramer decided to go to his office on Capitol Hill to try to get you some answers.You’ll never believe what happened.Kramer tried to get an interview with the six-term New York Democrat and as a result had the cops called on her.Kramer walked in to Weiner’s office, announced herself as being from CBS 2 in New York City and said she’d like to see the congressman. Those few words created quite the stir. Doors slammed and people pretended she wasn’t there ...’ Weiner’s efforts don’t cool furor The congressman said that he didn’t send a lewd photo on Twitter but also that he couldn’t “say with certitude” whether the image was of his own crotch. (Washington Post) [ ‘Weiner’s weiner’! ‘Not cool furor’ … how ‘bout just plain ‘not cool’. Eh … what can you expect from national drain / sinkhole new york (new york / new jersey metro). I haven’t read but probably agree with the following article: Listen up, fellas: Naked man-parts? Not so sexy. (Washington Post) / … Even Mr. Milbank weighs in: ‘The Weiner roast Congressman finds himself in a fight he does not relish.’ Report: SEC lawyer exposed FBI informant (Washington Post) [ Clearly, the sec liar (sic – lawyer) is one of those typically with a ‘pre or post’ arrangement, whether implicit or explicit; you know, that ubiquitous ‘bribe thing’ in pervasively corrupt, defacto bankrupt, fallen america. Indeed, the scenario typifies that national drain / sinkhole new york (new york / new jersey metro) where, for example, FBI informants were routinely exposed by ‘italians’ in the new york d.a.’s over objection of the FBI, and were promptly ‘dispatched’/assassinated / hit by mafia / organized crime [ this was documented with authority in the book Goombata: The Improbable Rise and Fall of John Gotti and His Gang John Cummings (Author), Ernest Volkman (Author) Though having but 5% of the world’s population, u.s. has 76% of the world’s serial killers, bankrupt america also spends more on military than all the nations of the world combined... fed employees / contractors, cia, all 3 branches of u.s. gov’t, etc., are included in this evolved american trait of inherent criminality ]:
Focus Is on Obama as Tensions Soar Across Mideast (New York Times) [ Adapt? I don’t think so! I do believe that both nations are regressively but nostalgically trying bring the world back to failed geopolitical paradigms that made the 20th century the bloodiest century, not coincidentally the american century (obviously for israel the latter half century). Yet, such a conditioned psychopathic approach to global matters has led them self-destructively, self-defeatingly, and ineluctably to decline, fall, and as with dinosaurs, extinction, at least in a manner of speaking. Global information exchange at lightning speed has made such throwbacks to a lost era, propaganda, and maladaptive traits foolish at best, deadly at worst. Intelligent people worldwide aren’t buying the obsolete, Orwellian approach fostered by the purveyors of global unrest; viz., israel, america, Orwellian england, etc..; more specifically, diversion of the masses from the glaring failures of leadership, economic and otherwise.

CRIME STATISTICS >(america is No. 1)
Rank Countries Amount
# 1 United States: 11,877,218
# 2 United Kingdom: 6,523,706
# 3 Germany: 6,507,394
UPDATE: MORE CLAIMS OF RACE BIAS AT JUSTICE... ‘ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims ' Cases against Wall Street lag despite Holder’s vows to target financial fraud WP | Obama has promised to hold Wall Street accountable for the meltdown.

The following pages for above links / topics:

What so wrong with sending pics of your deke to girls you don't know?

Say, Mama, get a faceful o' this .

Weiner's a piece of crap either way, whether this story is true or not. This communist slickster is the slimiest of the slimy and deserves to be sent to hard labor in the gulag. Perhaps that would teach him some virtue - and dissuade him from his kneejerk inclination to treat others property as a means to his own political elevation.

Whee. He just nailed the Presidency in '16...and all the 'smartcons' fell for it.
Swings hard to the left indeed.

The boychildren who take the Koch paycheck to subvert the American language and thinking
at the various "conservative" lie-tanks must be kicking themselves. Hopefully.

Seriously? Are you kidding? Enough already! Focus on other things that actually matter!

The worm is on the hook and just can't stop wriggling. Or writhing, if you will.

I think it was the [married] shirtless congressman's other Craigslist ads looking for transsexual meetups that caused him to quit so fast -- the shirtless thing just tipped him off to the fact that GOP was about to hit the fan.

Weiners big bump is not in the same category as that. He never campaigned on holier-than-thou and nobody expects him to be.

This could not have happened to a more deserving weiner. Karma is alive and well. Unfortunately, democrats (Barney Frank, Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton) are typically elevated by despicable behavior.

As typical the Democrats chastise the Republicans if they pass gas; however, the Democrats circle the wagons a declare that there are no Indians but they are all Indians and therefore can not tell the difference. The Democrats are an Amoral group and that is proven by their support of Barney Frank and others in their rank.
I do not know what Weiner was trying to prove but the point is that he is in a position of trust and he should keep his family assets to himself.

I am Weiner, hear me roar, my package too big to ignore...

Weiner: Ostensibly circumcised but systemically smegmatic.

He's not the first to take a "wide stance" and face public embarrassment. Could he have handled things better (no pun intended) YES. , but, unless this was sent to a minor directly by him, it's not a crime. Do we need to spend millons in a "Starr Report" type investigation (because he's a Democrat)..... I don't think so. It's not like he fathered a child while his wife was battleing cancer, or got caught at a lesbian strip club scandal, or was caught with a hooker, or taking a hike in the himalayas while visiting his lover in Argentina...

Weiner doesn't want to call the Police to deal with someone allegedly hacking into his private accounts, yet he does call the cops when a female reporter asks for an interview@his office.
How about we enlist Bula Ballbreaker to examine that penis, "it has a mole on it!"

Weiner, being the liberal socialist he is, has become the poster child of the "new order" of Obama, Reid, Pelosi. Ranking right up there with the ethics and moral standards of the democratic party, he is the envy of the bed rock of America. Of course, everyone knows that according to the liberal intellectual eletist, it is Bush's fault.


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