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Social Security made improper payments in 2009 to the tune of $8 billion

Social Security payments Social Security made $8 billion in improper payments in 2009. The administration forked over $6.5 billion in over-payments while underpaying some recipients to the tune of $1.5 billion, a government investigator told Congress on Tuesday.

Of the over payments, $4 billion were under a supplemental income program for the very poor, Patrick P. O’Carroll Jr., the inspector general for the Social Security Administration, told a congressional panel.

"By any standard, the scope of these problems is considerable,"  Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight subcommittee said, according to the Associated Press.

"Regardless of whether a payment occurs because of simple error or outright fraud, improper payments harm Social Security programs in the long term, jeopardizing benefits for those who may need them in the future. They also cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year," Boustany said.

Last month, presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul asserted that Social Security was unconstitutional.

Fox News' Chris Wallace questioned the longtime conservative congressman about his stance. 

"You talk a lot about the Constitution. You say Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are all unconstitutional," Wallace asked.

"Technically, they are," Paul replied. "There’s no authority [in the Constitution]. Article I, Section 8 doesn’t say I can set up an insurance program for people. What part of the Constitution are you getting it from? The liberals are the ones who use this General Welfare Clause. … That is such an extreme liberal viewpoint that has been mistaught in our schools for so long and that’s what we have to reverse—that very notion that you’re presenting."

"Congressman, it’s not just a liberal view. It was the decision of the Supreme Court in 1937 when they said that Social Security was constitutional under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution," Wallace rebutted.

"And the Constitution and the courts said slavery was legal too, and we had to reverse that," the man affectionately called "Dr. No" said.



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Photo: In this file photo, Patrick P. O'Carroll, Jr. , inspector general of the Social Security Administration, answers questions Nov. 15, 2010, in Akron, Ohio. Credit: Associated Press



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What's going to be done for those underpaid ?

My husband was notified he had been over paid by about $200.oo because, according to SS, even tho he reported a change in our household income ( my unemployment started), it took them over 6 months to put that into their computers to update his info. Now they deduct $20 a month til the over payment is paid back in full. As if the $2o is gonna put him into a higher tax bracket since he only gets $527.20 a month to begin with.(insert heavy sarcasm drip here)

I am not getting charity because I recieve Social Security. I paid into that for over thirty years. If you want to stop paying me than just give the money I paid with 5% interest and I will live off of that. Ron Paul is worse the the tea party idiots

Ron Paul said 'technically' they are because once people have paid in you can't just yank them, there are other points involved as well. His preference is to pay benefits for those who paid in and want them by cutting expenses overseas, and let the younger people opt out if they want to.

Your article (and Wallace's questions which interrupted him trying to say what he would do) is misleading.

As a retiree from Tarrant County, TX I'm hoping that I may get to vote against the radical Ron Paul.

Sometimes the truth seems weird when you say it. "the earth revolves around the sun"..."Hitler will not stop with the Rhineland"..."the supreme court was wrong about social security".

So if you vote for Ron Paul and he wins, then you pay taxes.

All you get for the taxes you pay is a receipt for a massive interest payment on an even more massive national debt that never goes away, and a promise of protection made by a mercenary, plutocratic, predatory few that profit from the sale and manufacture of war.

Typos removed.......

Regarding those who think that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are all
unconstitutional, the implication that they should be done away with.......

The constitution was written apparently to be interpreted as the need to do so arose, which is why some of it is specific and some of it vague. This is one reason why we have the supreme court in the first place. The fact that the supreme court once voted for slavery and then reversed the decision has nothing to do with the validity of the particular decision regarding Social Security. Lets remember, these are the types of people such as former V.P. Dan Quayle who earlier in his political career once called Social Security "socialism". People like this with their conservative "Chicago school" economic theories that were already well dis proven with Ronald Reagan (remember 'stagflation'?) would rather give the money to a war over seas, which much of it to say the least the American people acknowledge as being currently unjustifiable, and the bankers and their ilk after a "financial crisis" is fabricated by and for them (most of those loans were not defaulted on... they were just deemed by them as being in a 'high risk' category! Oops! Time to pay you guys lots of money now which we may or may not ever see again that the tax payers will have to pay for!). Time to trim more fat? Great! Lets go after the poor and disabled! They're ALWAYS an easy target! They can't afford the expensive lawyers like the rich and wealthy. SHAME on America if we allow this to happen.

This is probably just another ploy the government can use to withhold our 5% benefits raise for an additional 3 years! Govt. sucks. I used to be proud to be an American. Can't say that today. Really sad for our country.

What do you think? You elected a bunch of left wing snakes .Wiener's a creep. Why don't ya'll make him mayor now?

If ron paul feels that way is it because he would like to do away with Social Security? If he does that would mean people will have to work till they die or reach what is now retirement age. If so do away with all government pensions and start a program to end the lifes of everyone who reaches retirement age no matter how much they could survive beyond the age and all disable persons.

I'm sick of these overpaid congressmen who pay NOTHING into social security making decisions about social security. They can retire at 55 while forcing the rest of us to work until age 66 or indefinitely. Their salaries are so bloated that they are out of touch with reality. There should not be a "better" retirement system or health care plan for elected officials or public employees. People who will not be affected by changes to social security should not have any input, period.

These improper payments were probably paid to, prison / jail inmates for disabilities ?.And to illegals, and to welfare moms / dads who. Kick out one kid after another,for more free money, and not have to work EVER.


Is this for real??? Obama is trying to cut social secutity benifits and the government can't even keep books properly. It is not that the program is going busted, the government is running it dry by mismanagement. What a joke!!! If they need a bookkeeper, I can recomend several who know what they are doing. If it their computer system, I can recomend the person to fix it. O,right, lets hire some more of our friends or give contracts to people just because of who they know and not what they know. Our government is so broken!!!!

I just came from a seminar given by Social Security through a bank for Retirement planning. Every detail was spelled out as to the individual benefits I will receive and how to maximize my wife and I's income till we die. Very professional and enjoyable actually. I am 59 and without this program I would have no future and every restraint that American Society has put on me would be comprimised if The Plan were abolished. I and many like me after working 40 years for nothing but broken promises and lies as other got rich off of us would not be willing to stand by without serious consequences to those who perpetrated it's end....."well, do you feel lucky, well do ya" you will be voted out in the next election.

As a Jewess in the US, I can only say that obscene STUPIDITIES like the federal government's wasting of social security tax funds are just one more reason why all REAL Americans now put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!! Remember that America wasn't won with a registered gun!

like most people ron paul likes to toot his own horn. like most americans he to will have to draw social security bet he would be singing a differant tone.would i vote for you my answer would be no way in hell

The republicans want to end regulation on business. Meaning higher gas prices, higher healthcare costs, & more Goldman - Sachs- Madoff fraud which americans pay for.
Their solution end Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid because we need the money for Trickle-down economics.
The middle class will end under republican control.

I sit here in Oman, reading about my dear USA's govt. I miss my country's fruited plains, those rocky mountains. But I don't miss the taxes Uncle Sam took from my salary. And of course the mismanagement of those taxes. The Omani govt takes none of my salary. How difficult will it be to return to the USA and once again have Uncle Sam taking, every month, a way too big of percentage of my salary, just to spend it willy nilly in mistaken social security payments, and years of warefare. Revolt, my dear fellow Americans. Revolt! Watch them revolt in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Jordan, Morroco, Spain, and elsewhere. Of course, before the revolt, try voting in some decent politicians. If that doesn't work, revolt.

Rep. Paul,
Pls make sure that when and if SS is ended, all who paid into SS get CASH + not 5% but 7% interest all at once.
My recommendation to you is how is the US going to get all that CASH from which I'm sure you've approved legislation to "borrow" from the SS fund for your set-aside projects in your district. So before you say let's end SS, it behooves you identify where you expect to find all those billion dollars ALL AT ONCE to pay back all those who have out money into it.
I can say it's unconstitutional; anybody can. You bring up what is a presumeably a problem. ANYBODY can do that.
In my opinion, you need a solution. And with my money, if this ends I want money in CASH and in total. Not another program youo and the GOP will want to do over time.
I'll want my money NOW...right NOW. Next time you come up with a problem make sure you come up with a solution as well. And we don't want half solutions (like "The sky is falling, the sky is falling"...lets end SS) but not the second half of the solution and that is:
That's what you and your party are missing...and you miss over and over and over. Programs will not replace CASH.

ron paul..less government!!!!

June 15, 2011

To All The Honorable Dignitaries in Washington, DC:

The Social Security Administration should not be paying me! I was illegally terminated by the IRS located at 4800 Buford Highway in Chamblee, Georgia. I blew the whistle on managers in data conversion, where I worked, because managers were secretly changing data on employees' time sheets. That is illegal!

IRS' employees are responsible for my mental illness which started in, Debra Carter Kumar Blossom's, seasonal unit in February of 2006.

When managers secretly changed data on white employees' time sheets to make it look like they were making production, they did not get furloughed as quickly as black employees. When managers secretly changed data on their friends' time sheets, they received managerial positions they were not qualified to get. Whey my manager, Telethia Baker, secretly changed data on my time sheets, I lost my permanent position as a data transcriber, I almost lost my life in Grady Memorial Hospital in 2006 and 2007, and lies about how my mental illness originated were mailed to the Social Security Administration. I don't need a representative payee. I KNOW THE TRUTH!

The doors of the IRS are closing permanently in September of this year because no one wanted to stand up and fight White men and White women who ran and controlled IRS' employees with fear. I never saw or heard that IRS' employees were threatened with guns. Therefore, these employees made a decision to bow down on their own. (Read Numbers 13; This sermon was preached on-- WVEE-103--Frank Ski in Atlanta.

Please consider hiring these modern-day slaves for work on Nathan Deal's plantation in Georgia.

GOD'S Righteous People want interest on our "Trillions of Dollars" every second until "Doomsday" for not coming forward with the truth.



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