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Sarah Palin's vacation irks Oregon congressman; Michele Bachmann's camp says Palin's not serious

A combo of file photos shows former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, L, in California on February 4, 2011, and US lawmaker Michele Bachmann in Washington DC on March 31, 2011.

Sarah Palin's "One Nation" tour has gotten under the skin of more than just junior high school history teachers. An Oregon Democrat is crying foul at the way the National Park Service appears to be bending over backward to provide special treatment for Palin and her family as they tour historic landmarks and visit state parks. He wants an investigation.

"I opened my paper this morning to hear about cutbacks in state parks around this country,” Rep. Earl Blumenauer told ABC News on Tuesday. "We have a serious backlog of maintenance in the National Park Service. And it looks like Sarah Palin’s little political cavalcade gets this amazing VIP treatment --  I’m scratching my head. If it’s a private family vacation, what in the world are we doing getting people in with preferential early admission and having an entourage of public employees? It looks like a political stunt, and Palin Inc. ought to pay for it."

A Park Service spokesman told the news organization that it recognizes that Palin is neither an elected official nor a candidate; they opened up the park early for her family and provided special tours just as they would "for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie."

Merely a celebrity is essentially what Ed Rollins of Michele Bachmann's camp is calling Palin. "Sarah has not been serious over the last couple of years," Rollins told Brian Kilmeade on "Kilmeade and Friends," according to Politico.

"She got the vice presidential thing handed to her, she didn't go to work in the sense of trying to gain more substance, she gave up her governorship," Bachmann's top consultant said.

When asked about the former Alaska governor in late May, Bachmann was more diplomatic than her adviser, saying the two conservatives were friends.

"I compare myself to Barack Obama. Not to any of the other Republican candidates," Bachman told ABC's George Stephanopoulos when he asked the Minnesota congresswoman what sets her apart from Palin. 

"First of all, I want to say I like Sarah Palin a lot. We’re friends and I don’t consider her a competitor. I consider her a friend. But my comparison ultimately is to Barack Obama,” Bachmann said.


Bachmann may struggle in Palin's shadow

Sarah Palin claims Paul Revere warned the British

Margaret Thatcher refuses to meet with Sarah Palin

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: File photos show former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, left, in California on Feb. 4. and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in Washington March 31. They are two conservative political rock stars who can work a room and galvanize a crowd, and both are flirting with a run for the White House. Some pundits have noted that both Palin, 47, and Bachmann, 55, boast good looks, conservative family values and a strong Christian faith -- similarities suggesting they may cancel each other out in a showdown. Credit: AFP PHOTO / FILES / ROBYN BECK / MANDEL NGAN

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The question is whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their kids go to public sites and demand early openings, VIP treatment. I think not......You don't see the Palins working at re-building New Orleans etc. If Sarah Palin is asking money for a charity, you can bet the money is lining her own bank account. Just like the purpose of this bus tour is to get enough money for Todd so he doesn't run out of gas. Always an exaggeration or lie from the Palins--family of grifters.

Earl Blumenauer should be happy to see the Parks get recognition for their historical value. That translates to publicity, which translates to smaller budget cuts. If his concern were really about NPS budgets, he wouldn't rag on their treatment of Palin. No, his real motive is jealousy.

The guy from Oregon isn't the only one irked. Everyone I talk to thinks that the Palins should be paying dearly for the royal treatment they demanded: opening early; special parking up front; special security; extra attention from the employees; additional guides, etc. None of us get treatment like this when we go visit the National Parks or historical sites. Brad Pitt or Angelina would never allow someone to treat them like visiting royalty-they just want to be average Joes and fit right in. You don't see the Queen of Divas rolling up her expensive jacket sleeves to help build houses for the homeless in New Orleans. If she did go there, she would charge them for a twenty minute speech and tell them how important she was. All the Palins know how to do is lie and beg for money.

The figure from the past Sarah Palin calls to mind is Imelda Marcos.

My recommendation is that wherever the Palins go, we ring bells. Just like they did in colonial times to warn the British. That way the Palins might beat feet back to Alaska.

I am from New Orleans and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would NOT ask for VIP treatment. That is one reason why they enjoy New Orleans so much and call it home. People in New Orleans treat them just like they treat anyone else. No special trreatment, no press, no camera, just ordinary people. Palin would not like New Orleans, nor would New Orleans like Palin.

Liberals, go to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I am a republican but please god, don't let this woman run in the primaries. Every word out of her mouth seems to be idiotic. And her "folksy" attitude is not going to save her.

Look no further than this for a perfect example of how bereft of economic common dense the democrat party is. The hundreds and sometimes thousands of people turning out to cheer on Mrs. Palin are a welcome sight to the many small businesses that are enduing another Wreckovery summer under the Obama regime, where more than 3 in 10 will not be taking a vacation during this year. A statistic that especially hits hard at National Parks and their surrounding tourism-related industries, such as restaurants and gas stations.

Instead of drumming up a little class warfare, Rep. Blumenauer should be thanking Mrs. Palin for helping to drive traffic for these businesses at her many stops, which surely outweighs any additional costs borne by the park services. He can then go back to being the obvious moron that he is.

As an ex-Governor & VP candidate, Sarah Palin was entitled to some respect & deference from Park Service rangers. Blumenauer just wants to ride Sarah's celebrity & grab some face-time for himself. As for Michele Bachmann, she hires decrepit old fossil Ed Rollins, and he sinks her campaign the first time he open his ossified yap.

It isn't like the Palins are quiet observers or learners when they go to the Parks or Sites. There never is anything quiet about the Palin Family Circus. It's not like a family of four showing up. If there is a freebie, this entire family and all their shirt tail relatives and security guards and personal photographers and publicity agents all are there to get the freebies. Sarah Palin is never quiet. You can hear her voice a block away. She never misses an opportunity to interact with the public and get her pictures taken to be in the media the next day. Even while hopping off the bus, she will put her hand out to people who have no idea who she is and shake hands, tell them she is Sarah Palin and ask them if they want to have their picture taken with her. Then we have the gum smacking girls, looking bored out of their gourds but following mom in case she needs a picture with all her stage props. So--when Palins demand preferential treatment because they are celebrities, even Piper has to get special treatment. Nothing reserved about this family. They don't want to miss a chance to get some donations or miss a chance to sell their pictures the next day. Even Chuck and Sally Heath are not quiet observers.

I have my bells ready just in case the Palins arrive by land or sea. They will not take away my sanity. I will be secure and free of them.

I thought Palin ,after the 2008 national election, would hit the books and increase her knowledge of current events, both national and international, she has not done this. And Palin is now paying the price for not being serious about enhancing her knowledge. Most American voters will never take Palin serious until she shows she has a grasp of world events. Bachmann at least can hold her own in a political debat with either male or female political rivals. Michele Bachmann gets the nod here, over Sarah Palin.

What nonsense the Obama cultists manufacture in their favorite house organ, the LA Times. Angelina and Brad "would just want to be average Joes and fit right in."
Give me a break! Yeah, I see them everyday in the supermarket checkout line, and at my kids' playground,
Palin plows into crowds everywhere and actually talks to people. No, I didn't see Palin roll up her jacket sleeves to build houses in New Orleans where people were made homeless by the incredible corruption and laziness of Democrat politicians. But I saw Palin in a t-shirt (no jacket) in Haiti comforting the afflicted, and in Alabama
(t-shirt and jeans again) clearing debris from wrecked houses after a tornado.
The best liberal fantasy of all was calling the Palins "a family of grifters." That family is living in the White House, traveling around the world on a perpetual vacation with their servants and attendants, all paid by the taxpayers, while telling all the American families without employment, many living in their cars or in tents, that all's well with the Obama economy, a miserable socialist mess that's the worst American ecconomy since the Great Depression.

It's a danger to our freedom that the Times will publish any Palin-bashing lies and will allow no rebuttal. My honest comment about the ridiculous Rep. Blumenauer flap
was ignored so I'll go on to Ed Rollins, political gun-for-hire by anyone, who has just become Michele Bachmann's campaign consultant. Rollins' first act was to insult Palin as "not serious." The only interesting thing about this is that it's exactly what Rollins said a few months ago about Bachmann, his new patron, when she first announced interest in the presidency. At that time of course, Rollins, who is the most "not serious" person in politics was angling for a job with any other Republican who had already announced.

She is a business woman taking advantage to make money. Everyone knows she's dumb and stupid. McCain should beat himself in the head for selecting her. Either that or he is getting a share of that load of money she's making.

hey earl, i never heard of you i guess your trying to get your 15 minutes of fame off a sarah palin showing. you libs have no shame, go give your collegue a hand with packing

i read all the comments, why are you talking about brad pitt the man lives in sin , she has every right to do everything we do as americans, im so sick of the hate and jealousy of this family, if you where true conservatives you would love this woman and her family , please go own your lib sites , ask wiener how hes doing

What did Bachmann mean by her Obama statement? I don't get that.

Sounds like the socialist Oregon Democrat lady Governor is just doing what all Dems are doing right now; trying to take attention of Weiner's weiner incident so the Democrats can pretend (as usual) that their party is infallable. Yet again, Sarah and her family are being used as a ploy and evasive tactics by the left so the left can avoid more accountability for how despicable they have been since 2008. Well, since forever the Democrats have been since they were the party in favor or slavery,however, they have been especially out of contro since 2008 when their lord and savior, Obama, got "elected" by dead people. Amazing how all those buried in cemeteries vote Democrat every time!

"The hundreds and sometimes thousands of people turning out to cheer on Mrs. Palin are a welcome sight to the many small businesses that are enduing another Wreckovery summer under the Obama regime, where more than 3 in 10 will not be taking a vacation during this year. A statistic that especially hits hard at National Parks and their surrounding tourism-related industries, such as restaurants and gas stations."

They aren't coming out to cheer Sarah Palin on, but instead to view a freak show, as if she were nine feet tall.

The Palin trip to Haiti was just a scam to give Sarah and Bristol a chance to go to a foreign country. It was a big joke--Greta and Sarah swapping jokes until it was time for the FOX interview, when she said that she had talked to the homeless and poor and said she saw so much joy in their faces. The locals said that Sarah shook the people's hands and said "Hi! I am Sarah Palin. I was mayor and Governor in Alaska." These poor people looked at each other because none of them had the slightest idea of who she was or what language she was talking. You are the first person I have ever heard who thought that Sarah Palin's trip to Haiti was anything but a scam. At the same time as the Haiti visit, Palin was also announcing that she had been invited to go to England and visit with Margaret Thatcher. That was also seen as a joke-since Baroness Thatcher doesn't even recognize her own family any more. Yesterday's announcement from England was that there was never any appointment set up as Sarah said; that they only schedule appointments day by day because of her frail health and they choose carefully who gets to visit with her; and that scheduling an appointment with Sarah Palin would be belittling because Thatcher's spokesman realizes that Palin is mentally ill.

I love watching libbys get teed off.

Unfortunately, the Sarah Palin fans resort to knocking other celebrities when they can't defend the Palin circus! One starts knocking Brad Pitt because he is living out of wedlock but cannot see that he gives a lot of his time and energy to helping the good people in new Orleans or even by adopting children from foreign countries and taking steps to send donations their way, rather than lining his bank account. Four hours in Alabama with personal photographers snapping pictures hardly qualifies as being a humanitarian. And where does it say in the Bible that having a child out of wedlock and living with three different guys in a one year period is better than living with Angelina Jolie. Funny how Palin supporters tend to be Christians and see nothing wrong with Sarah's carrying grudges, whining and constantly criticizing those who are her political opponents. I would not nominate Pitt/Jolie as the Christian of the Year--but think that their hearts are much more purer than Palin's and we don't hear the daily mistruths and constant criticism from this country like we do hear from the Palins. Christians don't make statements about how they would like to give the finger to all those who disagree with them; or make racial and gay slurs; and Sarah even uses vulgar and swear words in her national speeches. Hardly Presidential Behavior and pretty much everyone wants her to climb back under the big rock she came from. Hillbillies from Wasilla have no class at all.

Please read how MA Register of Deeds found out that Palin's title is a FRAUD:
Massachusetts Register of Deeds John O'Brien and Forensic Mortgage Fraud Examiner Marie McDonnell find former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is victim of potential mortgage fraud; expert says chain of title to new Arizona home clouded by robo-signers.

In what is an ironic twist of fate today Register of Deeds John O'Brien and nationally renowned mortgage fraud examiner Marie McDonnell, President of McDonnell Property Analytics, Inc., announce that former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is an unwitting victim of mortgage fraud and has purchased a home in Arizona that contains flaws in the chain of title.

Sarah Palin is about the dumbest broad in America. When I watch her interviews or hear her little "quips and quotes" I swear she never progressed past the fourth grade. NO!! Sarah. You are NOT smarter than a fifth grader.

You know-loyal Palin fans--it's not only democrats and liberals who find Sarah and her dog and pony show disgusting. Plenty of Republicans and independant thinkers do also.

If I hear her say "lamestream media" one more time I think I might vomit.

there is always another side of the coins...


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