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Sarah Palin was not snubbed by Margaret Thatcher, former aide says

Sarah Palin about to meet with Donald Trump

Sarah Palin may not get to have an audience with Margaret Thatcher, but it's not because the Baroness thinks the hockey mom is wacky.

In the wake of two reports quoting anonymous sources claiming that the former British prime minister is refusing to meet with an adoring Palin on an upcoming European stop because "Sarah Palin is nuts," a former aide of the Iron Lady says that the purported snub is rubbish.

"I have spoken to Lady Thatcher’s Private Office regarding the story, and they confirm that the attack on Sarah Palin definitely did not come from her office, and in no way reflects her views. As a former aide to Margaret Thatcher myself, I can attest that this kind of thinking is entirely alien to her, and that such remarks would never be made by her office," wrote Nile Gardiner, a political analyst for the Telegraph U.K.

The brouhaha started soon after Palin announced to a British newspaper that she plans on visiting Europe for the first time and aspired to meet with Thatcher, one of her political heroes.

"I am going to Sudan in July and hope to stop in England on the way. I am just hoping Mrs. Thatcher is well enough to see me as I so admire her," Palin told Britain's Sunday Times earlier this month in an article titled "Reloaded and on a Mrs. T mission: the Palins are coming to Britain!"

Soon after that interview, the Guardian U.K. reported that an ally of the 85-year-old said, "Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret."

"Margaret is focusing on Ronald Reagan and will attend the unveiling of the statue. That is her level," the ally concluded, referring to an unveiling of a statue to honor the former president.

Two days later the Guardian's chief political correspondent quoted the aide again, who refused to back down from the comment, saying "Margaret will not be meeting Sarah Palin. If necessary we will make sure that Margaret has an off day when Palin is in London."

Gardiner, however, doesn't trust the Guardian's source, saying that Thatcher often welcomes American politicians and dignitaries, "but at the age of 85 she is now able to receive very few visitors at all."

He concluded by blaming the liberal elite mainstream media. 

"There was never any snub of Sarah Palin by Lady Thatcher’s office. However, there has been a great deal of mischief-making and unpleasantness from sections of the liberal press in a vain and futile attempt to use Margaret Thatcher’s name to smear a major US politician," Gardiner wrote.


Margaret Thatcher refuses to meet with Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin in Boston claims Paul Revere warned the British

Levi Johnston to release a tell-all book about Sarah Palin's family

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Sarah Palin arrives at Trump Tower on 56th Street and 5th Avenue on May 31 in New York City. Palin and Donald Trump later exited the building for dinner. Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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"Guardian UK"? "Gawker", without the sense of humor. But, this is old Sarah news, like the Paul Revere ride thingy. Insatiable surfers need NEW Sarah news. Don'tcha have any? Oh, right. Your ballyhooed E-mail dump yielded zilch, so now ya gotta rehash.

Why do you do the things you do L.A. Times. I realize you are in cahoots with the N.Y. times in your mission to destroy Sarah Palin, as a politician. So I ask myself, why would you bother to print a positive article concerning this woman. Most all of us here in the heartland of America already know the most liberal places in the U.S. are centered on the west coast and east coast. So do not try to put a positive spin on anything Palin concerning her visit to see Margaret Thatcher. Your area of the U.S. is biased toward liberals. So why do you care if Sarah Palin is vindicated or not.

The news in this article is that anyone would consider Sarah Palin to be a "US politician" let alone a "major" anything.

The majority of us Real Americans (We the People if you will allow) recognize Sarah and her valueless family as FOX's next reality TV family. She quit her public service job to become a television celebrity; after quitting, she became a pundit. This quote should be updated to "...major US political pundit".

Reagan was the worst President in US history, btw; and Lady Thatcher's position in history needs reviewed. Tenacity doesn't make for great leadership, nor does deliberately irresponsible fiscal policies which lead to the eventual death of the working-class to benefit the gentry.

Thatcher? That old hag never had enough sense to realize Palin is nuts.

Contrary to what The Guardian has reported, THIS is the likely and unfortunate REAL reason why Margaret Thatcher does not accept many visitors, these days, and why she probably doesn't even have any real opinion of Sarah Palin, one way or the other (link below):

Margaret Thatcher can see through smoked glass. She isn't going to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing or have tea with the wrong people. That would include granting an audience to the likes of Sarah Palin.

Gee all of the backfiring lately about Palin. This we already knew was because of Margaret's health. The released emails though are just killing all of the liberals that they aren't getting their National Enquirer dose of Palin they so desperately need. No reality with liberals. Only lies and trickery. And if you disagree you are a racist!! The ultimate liberal comeback.

"Thatcher often welcomes American politicians and dignitaries..." Palin is neither. She holds no political office. She has no official title. She has no credentials or authority to even pretend to represent the United States to any other sovereign nation. At this point, she is merely a failed VP candidate, former governor who resigned her office 1/2 through her term, and past reality TV personality. Why in the world would any head of state, or former head of state, meet with her?

Hey Alexandra, before you criticize Palin on not being an American politician and dignitary you need or should at least go look up what both are. Just another zealot who believes everything your television tells you.

I can't imagine why any world dignitary would consider giving time to a shameful opportunist who is claws their way through social ranks to an undeserved position of self importance.

Palin is neither a dignitary nor a politician. She is a headline hound desperate for photo op with the last living political link to Ronald Reagan.

And I'd believe a current staffer over a "former aide" any day. Why on earth would someone of Margaret Thatcher's stature lower herself to meet a reality TV hack and serial quitter?

But, but, oh never mind.

Yes, the Libs are again making stuff up.

Too often to be merely luck, Palin has some kind of skill dealing with the media.

Death Panel. Media says she is wrong
But she is right. SP: 1 - LSM: 0
Party like it’s 1773. Media says she is wrong.
But she is right. SP: 2 - LSM: 0
Revere warned British too. Media says she is wrong.
But she is right. SP: 3 - LSM: 0

I know I’m missing a few, but I’m sure the pattern is still noticeable.

hi sarah god bless you
sarah your good woman and besh woman in us god bless you .sarah 100% opportunity to be prime minister god help you sarah.

It is the same reason I got that she wouldn't meet with me.

Sarah Palin is not a politician. She is a TV personality. She has no chance of being elected President of the United States any more than Oprah. Palin would not stand a snowball's chance in any debate with the Republican panel of candidates. She knows what she is, though. She is worth something as long as she can keep herself in front of the cameras and there will be some cameras to cover her as long as there's advertising space to be sold. She knows that if she does not declare her candidacy, the coverage will fade quickly so she is making hay while the sun shines. There is a part of the population that Sarah can pander to but they are the same ilk as those that follow rappers and movie stars. She is having her fifteen minutes but, like any other fad, the star quality will pass.

This article is a non-issue. The fact is that Thatcher has experienced a mental decline, and couldn't even attend the recent Royal Wedding despite having an invite. She's simply in poor health.

like always the libs trying to destroy conservatizim guess what it backfired again

i wish you libs would go back to school and read the history backs of 60`s and 70`s than you would what this great land is all about looking back the greats are all republicans, and you know that sarah palin would be a great president, didnt you read the emails wake up please, and also give up the attacks on sarah your just making asses of yourselves

"Why in the world would any head of state, or former head of state, meet with her?"

Berlusconi would ;)

Sarah is not a polititian or dignitary. Sarah is a failed polititian and tv personality. And I am republican so don't always assume that someone that does not worship sarah palin is a liberal.

The media made sarah palin. She was handed the vp slot over much more qualified men and women. Media helped her get reality tv shows and she used the media to propel bristol in her dancing reality show. She used to be media. A sportscaster.

So sick or not thatcher wouldn't meet with a reality show personality and self promoter. And being ex-govenor is nothing. Jesse "the body" ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger were govenors.


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