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Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to Mitt Romney, he says


Sarah Palin may not be an official candidate for president, but she's definitely on Mitt Romney's radar. On Monday's Piers Morgan talk show on CNN, the former Massachusetts governor says the former Alaska governor is a plus to his campaign, despite the fact that her "One Nation" bus tour may have stolen some of his spotlight last week.

On the same day that Romney officially threw his hat into the racefor the GOP nomination for president in New Hampshire, Palin and her traveling road show pulled up just minutes away from him, distracting, at best, reporters who wanted to see what the hockey mom would say next.

Romney told Morgan that he didn't see it as a distraction. Her appearance in New Hampshire "really didn’t ruin my day," Romney said. "In a lot of respects it’s the best thing that could happen to me," he added.

"I think Sarah Palin is generating enthusiasm and interest in a campaign this year. That’s a good thing,” Romney explained. "She has a lot of energy and passion and bringing it to our race is positive for us."

Palin told Chris Wallace of Fox News on Sunday that she didn't mean to steal Romney's thunder.

"I think there’s a curiosity factor there still that’s in play. I don’t know. But I apologize if I stepped on any of that PR that Mitt Romney needed or wanted that day. I do sincerely apologize. I didn't mean to step on anybody's toes," she said.

A Rasmussen survey released Monday revealed that Romeny was viewed by likely voters as the most-qualified GOP presidential hopeful, while Palin came in as the least-qualified. Of those polled, 63% of said Palin was unqualified.

Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul tied for second behind Romney in regards to being qualified. Romney was viewed as qualified by 49% of those polled, Pawlenty and Paul were seen as qualified by 27% of respondents.


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Mitt Romney leads in Iowa poll, Sarah Palin a close second, Ron Paul dips to 7th

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington on June 3. GOP White House hopefuls courted Christian conservatives at the conference. 

Credit: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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I wasn't polled but I will vote Romney 2012

My vote will cancell out yours - Dr. Ron Paul 2012!

BTW - Did you vote for Obama in 2008?

I wasn't polled either...but if I had been, I would have said "HELL NO" to Pawlenty. As a MN resident I saw how he drove our state right in to the ground. He is the WORST candidate for President.

BIG QUESTION: If Romney will be candidate against BO are they gonna debate about healthcare? I know the ans. POINTING FINGERS who's fault.

I also wasn't polled but I will also vote for Mitt Romney, a true Republican. Ron Paul is in the wRong Party. He isn't likely to break 10 percent.

Sarah and Romney anywhere near each other represent the split in the repub party between the legitimate and the idiotic. The repubs' only chance is to have a legitimate candidate end up with the repub nomination, and then to have the idiotic somehow transfer all her votes to the legitimate candidate...

Expert texpert choking smokers,
don't you think the joker laughs at you?
See how they smile like pigs in a sty,
see how they snied.

I'm crying.

Sarah Palin's bus tour to nowhere is beginning to look like a bad twilight zone episode and it is backfiring on her. Her apology to Mitt Romney on Fox news was insincere and down right sarcastic. The way the apology ended said "I really don't mean what I just said". Then the Paul Revere ride is justing showing America how dumb she really is. I know Sarah supporters are going to say that was a GOTCHA question, but the question was not even about Paul Revere. It was a generic question about her time in Boston and what she got out of her trip. If that was a GOTCHA question, Palin better stay away form the debates. And to all the Palin supporters, the news media and America are already on the record knowing that you are trying to rewrite history through Wikipedia so that Palin's answer is correct and she can save face. It won't work. Americans know this lady doesn't know her history and it also shows how gullible her followers are in order to make her look like she is historically correct or as I would put it "hysterically correct". Shes got you all fooled.

As a Democrat, I believe that Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party. I fully intend to support her 2012 presidential bid.

Palin isn't qualified to pick up my trash. She is a stupid, clueless, ignorant fool and her supporters are even more ignorant.

Why worry about what Republican or Tea nut to vote for? They all are no good. Any intelligent person would vote for Obama.

Romney 2012

What do you expect to hear from Mitt about another republican who has declared her candidacy? No news here....

Tim Pawlenty/Marco Rubio= goodbye to the worst American president in
modern history. (That includes Jimmy Carter)

We are going to keep the house, take over the Senate, since there are twice as many seats up for grabs for the socialists, e.g.. Democrats, and most importantly, we are going to take back the white house. This is especially important, since the next president will most likely appoint one if not two new S.C. justices.

Priority number one: Repeal Obama Care, that is if the Supreme Court has not done so already.

Number two: Fix and simplify the tax code, and drastically reduce the corporate
rate, so that we can compete internationally.

Number three: Deal with the entitlement problem, the Ryan plan is a good start, but we should go even deeper.

Number four: drastically cut funding for that Marxist, flat earth, no growth entity, known as the EPA.

Number five: pass a immigration bill that secures our borders, yes that means ARMY NG AT THE BORDERS!!! and encourage Legal immigration, that attracts talented people to this country.

And finally, pass a balanced budget amendment.

This should be our first term goal, and if we do at least the majority of these reforms, we as a party will have control of Washington like we did in the early part of the 20th century.

I wasn't polled either, but I will vote for Styrofoam in 2012. Like I always say, the stiffer, whiter, and more antiquated, the better.

All this will change after Palin announces her candidacy and her film gets out there. The reason 67% say that is because of the attacks which have moved our minds from her record as a leader who resigned from relentless attacks which wasted millions in state resources and ran her personal defense debt of 500K.

I would have said Ron Paul. I guess we are leading.

Every other candidate is more of the same.

Monetary policy is the most important issue and the only one talking about is Dr. Paul. End the Fed!

The poll indicated that among Republican voters, Romney leads as well, with 66% who feel he’s qualified to be president. Grouped together next in terms of whether GOP voters think they’re qualified are Gingrich (43%), Palin (42%) and Pawlenty (41%).

The poll also found that among Republican voters, Romney leads as well, with 66% who feel he’s qualified to be president. Grouped together next in terms of whether GOP voters think they’re qualified are Gingrich (43%), Palin (42%) and Pawlenty (41%).

The Republican candidates will all spout off about the economy and the deficit in their attempt to best Obama. How can the public take these guys serious when they are the ones who created the mess. People fail to remember or just refuse to acknowledge that it was the Republicans congressman, governors, and mayors, in control when the problems took form and accelerated. Deregulation began under Reagan and Bush Sr. Bush Jr. started a very costly, totally unnecessary war, gave out $300-700 dollar checks to appease the public, and did nothing to try and help the economy until his last 6 or 8 months in office. He essentially left for someone else to clean up after him. Yet that seems to be ignored. And candidate Romney, well what can I say. Isn't this the same patriotic American who shipped American jobs overseas, and who continues to propose large tax breaks for the rich and larger tax hikes for the working class & reductions in social programs aimed at aiding people in need. And this is what you want to return to. Is there any sound logic in continuing to the cycle. Give Obama a chance to correct the enormous damage already caused by a Republican in the White House and a Republican control Congress. After all, it took years of Republican mismanagement for the economy to weaken like it has, and it will take a time to improve it. It won't happen over night. And those Republicans who now say that they will fix it didn't seem to do it when they had the White Houae. By the way the economy is slowly improving, albeit up and down fluctuations in economic growth will obviously continue for some time. So don't go backwards, lets continue to move forward.

Beauty fades, dumb is forever.

Regarding politicians of all persuasions, I offer the following quote: "Politicians were like talking dogs in a circus. The fact that they existed was uncommonly interesting, but no sane person would actually believe what they said".
From Alan Furst's novel "Dark Star"

I could never vote for Sarah Palin. She doesn't practice what she preaches so I can only think that she is a hypocrite and moron. She talks about curbing Government spending and then you look at how she lives and she spends excessively on herself. It seems to only be about Sarah-Sarah-Sarah and she just can't get enough media coverage or enough money. Her entire family has no moral backbone-all talk but no substance. I will be watching Mitt Romney and learning more about him. He has strong family values, none of his family is selling stories to the tabloids or constantly seeking attention from the reality shows and he looks like he could take a tough economic stance for the country. Palin is able to articulate what the country wants but she never could deliver. Her self absortion would get in the way of whatever good she attempted to do. She is able to energize a crowd, looks good, hires a lot of lawyers to find ways so that she can get money without paying her fair share of taxes, but basically she is dishonest with herself and the nation.

I'm not so shure, if Romney makes a mistake by thinking that Sarah Palin is that thing ;)

In every poll recorded in Real Clear Politics, Palin is a close second to Romney, and she is not yet a candidate.

If Sarah Palin doe's not run, and does go away as you wish, then your next President will be Barack Obama, and of all the people on or off the opposing ticket, he only hope's that she and she only will not run against him !
Then it's a sure road to victory for President Barack Obama ! He's not shaken in his boot's, but he is smart enough to no this, that only Palin has what it will take to unseat him! I would like to think any republican could, but at least im wise enough to no better, an to top that off, im not her greatest fan, but i no she has a far better chance than any on the ticket as of now! Ronnie in KY


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