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Breaking: Old Sarah Palin emails reveal she thinks the news media is biased somehow

News media scramble to acquire 24,000 emails of alaska governor sarah palin 6-10-11

Sarah Palin emails.

If you're someone who loves poring over ancient emails, even if they're not yours, today is The Big Day.

The state of Alaska has released 300 pounds of emails from Sarah Palin's term as governor up there, from inauguration until shortly after that old geezer John McCain threw a Hail Sarah pass and picked her as his Republican VP partner in September 2008.

The GOP pair didn't win.

Because Palin hasn't been governor for years, is not running for any office at the moment and keeps making gobs of money, lots of public comments and attracts tons of lovers and haters, news media interest in what she'd written as a nobody governor is intense.

Some apparently understaffed news orgs have even asked for the public's help in sifting through roughly 13,000 emails on 24,000 pieces of paper, which the state is charging about $750 to acquire. Remarkably, however, such organizations felt no need to seek volunteer public scrutiny digesting President Obama's large healthcare bill that Nancy Pelosi warned had to be passed before public examination.

Surely more huge revelations in coming days. But so far, no smoking cursors in the Palin paper poundage.

We've learned that having unexpectedly upset the state's entrenched, aged Republican political establishment as an anti-corruption reformer, Palin is suspicious of signs of opposition forming in those wings, including the state's congressional delegation, which includes the daughter of the man she ousted.

We've learned that Palin talked with Newt Gingrich but soured on that relationship; welcome to that club. That she was surprised at being picked by McCain.

Amazingly, even back then a lot of people seem to dislike Palin, even enough to make death threats. As governor, Palin liked to drive her own car in that vast state and once may have texted while behind the wheel. And we now know that Palin paid for her daughters' tanning bed.

You can read the entire compilation right here.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Brian Wallace / Associated Press (News media scramble to acquire thousands of old Palin emails).

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You think the media is biased, just possibly? Name one Democtratic failed vice presidential candidate, who is a former governor of a state with a population only slightly larger than Fresno who has had this level of media scrutiny, her emails reviewed, etc. Liberals and the MSM have a vendetta agaisnt her. How dare she be female, attractive, intelligent, well spoken and conservative. Females are supposed to be VICTIMS according to the left.

I am impressed this blog was posted at 5:08 PM and the emails were previously released just earlier today. What an incredibly fast reader Andrew is. 24,199 emails. Certainly there is no hint of a preconceived notion as to what Mr. Malcolm would print. Well, I'm convinced. Republicans do not read.

If the LA times does not think it is biased -= then the LA times is crazy.

Sarah Palin is a remarkable woman - and all the LA times does is to try to destroy her.

Why? Because she does not fit their mold of

Liberal politico handing out favors to union thug bosses.

Since it is racist to ask President Obama for his college records, isn't this sexist?

" media interest in what she'd written as a nobody governor is intense."

Now, why would anyone think the news media is biased - "nobody governor" is the most balanced observation I have heard. NOT!

Biased??? Naaaa whaterver gave you that idea ? Uh , pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....

This is a display of the Left’s desperation.

The political elite’s worst fear is becoming reality: Sarah Palin is who she says she is.

"Breaking: Old Sarah Palin emails reveal she thinks the news media is biased somehow"

This stupid headline says it all. The legacy media is so obviously and blatantly biased in favor of the democrats that they have become a joke. I sure don't see these lefty propaganda peddlers digging for dirt on their democrat buddies, they cover up for them instead...pathetic.

Hey LA Times, if you're truly unbiased you'd release this bit of dirt that you're withholding from the public, but you do a disservice to your readers (what's left of them) by covering up for your democrat pals. The Onion is a better source for objective reporting than your rag.

"the continued refusal of the LA Times to release the unseen but nonetheless famous video tape in which Obama toasted Rashid Khalidi at a testimonial dinner likely also addressed by Bill Ayers (h/t Glenn Reynolds)."

This is just too funny! Watching the media scramble to find a reason to diminish Sarah Palin! I would love to see her run for President, just to watch the media, can you imagine? The seething hatred, the vicious attacks! They would turn themselves inside out trying to destroy her. The media have become laughing stocks, and they don't even see it.


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