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Sarah Palin claims Paul Revere warned the British

Sarah Palin, if you haven't heard, is taking some of her family around the country, visiting historical U.S. landmarks, and talking to the media along the way.

Thursday her "One Nation" traveling road show stopped in Boston, where the former Alaska governor, her parents, her husband, and little Piper visited Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church, and Bunker Hill. Palin posted photos of that leg of her trip on the SarahPAC blog.

One moment that you won't find posted on the blog is Palin's response to reporters when they asked her who Paul Revere was. Instead of saying, "Come on, everyone knows who Paul Revere, the silversmith and patriot is," she stammered while saying this:

"He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin' sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed."

Needless to say, the lamestream media are having a field day with that gaffe.

Politico: Palin makes Bachmann look like Longfellow

Forbes: This certainly gives us an entirely new point of view to consider when examining our nation’s founding.

Mediaite: Palin’s version wasn’t exactly the official History Channel rendition of the tale...

ABC: Perhaps this week's lesson in the annals of American history was necessary for Sarah Palin.

Fox News has the video up leading their site, but no text or commentary. Perhaps they're speechless.

All of this reminds me of a fortune cookie I once received that said, "We teach what we most need to learn." In which case, ride on, "One Nation," ride on.


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-- Tony Pierce

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Sarah Stupid is the herpes of politics. No one wants it, it is painful and embarrassing, no one can figure out how it got where it is, it is the thing that won't go away and there is no cure (for stupid.) She is a big national embarrassment and so is her tacky family.

She is far better at everything that our current and soon to be EX president. She is honest as the day is long, the current president and ALL his cohorts are anything but....
Our president doesn't even know what year it one reported that...DUH

How can somebody this ignorant be taken seriously by anyone. The media should just stop covering her......anyone who listens to her loses I.Q. points with each sentence that they hear. PLEASE cover something or someone who matters.

According to her quote, all she said was that Revere warned the British that they werent going to disarm the columnists and that the columnists were going to fight. Like so many other headlines, this one is incredibly misleading to get website hits. Read the quote carefully. Palin, while not speaking as clearly as she might have wished, is correct.

I think it's funny that the author here misquoted Palin!

There is an election coming and the question is do you want the government involved in everything you do or NOT...Do you want to be unemployed and living on the work and taxes of those that do work or do you want the opportunity to go out and earn a better life for you and your families. I am sick of paying for taxes so that lazy people can have cell phones, houses and cable tv and eat steak and lobster...I am sick of paying for illegals to go to school the hospital and the store... I am sick of all the people that have babys as a kid themselves and going on well fare and food stamps....

Stupid is as stupid does. Sarah, go home and bake brownies and attend PTA meetings, please!! You should be seen and not heard - seen in the kitchen!! She just goes to show you that one doesn't have to be blond. Correction. You shouldn't even be seen. When it mattered (Alaska governor) you couldn't get the job done! Begone, Sarah Palin!! I am so glad I didn't vote for you!!

Ha Palin- You look stupid, when you open your mouth, like you always do !!

andrew--you tried to score political points and sarah palin evidently knows more about history than you do--look it up=however i'm sure you won't do that because a good historian could prove her right and probably proveyou are one of those liberal people who have a monopoly on brains

The mainstream media misses picking on George Bush so they have set out to embarass the Republicans/ Tea Party by setting up Sarah Palin. If they really wanted an idiot they should go after Nancy Pelosi. She doesn't even know what state she is in half of the time.

Thank you L.A. Times,

For giving me a great laugh.
In the future, can you put Sarah Palin's articles in the
comics section? It seems much more appropriate there.
Maybe a Russian snuck into Alaska and stole her brain...

WW one was started by Archie Duke, when he shot an ostrich, because he was hungry.

Perhaps Sarah thought that Paul's ride was actually accomplished by "comedian" Charlie Weaver. Common point: They are both deceased.

FML, are you kidding? Expecting someone who uses patriotism for monetary gain to actually know something about American History?? How dare we!

I have to laugh at you right winf idiots making excuses for her. This is a typical inexcusable mistake. She is a fraud and is playing all of you who let her, for whatever she can get out of you.

For all of you who are saying that it was an unfair question, try it on a 4th grader and I'll bet you'll receive a more accurate answer. Anyone who was almost elected vice president and is now doing all that she can to hog the national spotlight by visiting historical sites for the purpose of "educating our fellow citizens", and hinting that she may run for president should be asked and should be able to answer much more difficult questions than standard 4th grade history. She deserves all of the derision and ridicule she has been getting.

For those of you posting the historical documents (letters from Revere), Did you read what you posted and compare it to what Palin said? Revere was a Silversmith and an American Patriot and warned THE AMERICANS that the BRITISH were coming. No where in these documents, did anyone prove that Palin was correct when she said that Revere warned the British that they would not take our arms, etc. Palin will NEVER be our President. So for those of you who refuse to give up on her as a possible candidate....Now would be a good time. She may be able to "skin a buck and run a trout line", but she will never be our president. No matter how much money they spend to improve her daughter's image (her new chin, nose, dancing with the stars and her new reality show coming out soon) and no matter how many hundred's of thousands of dollars Bristol makes speaking to crowds about ABSTINENCE???!!?!?!?!- she will never be our president. OBama beat her and McCain fair and square and he is turning this country around. It's funny how fast some republicans forget what a mess George Dubya had this economy in when OBama came into office. ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY! It will take OBama time to fix our country and HE WILL.

I just watched her comment again. How can anyone really take her seriously? and to those that do, how can you continue to defend her? she is about as dumb as my dog.

What about Barak Osquama and his thousands of fopahs HUH?

I was a republican for 45 years, I voted for Obama because John McCain chose some one who had no knowledge of the world politics, his comment there was no problem with the economy where was John.
This is the reason I became an indepentent.
How sad it is that the republican party has its head in a hole, the tea party is backing Sarah Palin, oh my God.
She is an embarrassment to the party and this country.

@john, I see that the GOP history rewrites are having an effect on the mindless minions. The colonies were british, but by this time independance had been declared. He uh, wanted to make sure we were uh armed, uh, be sure to check out my newest book, ten things to do in wasilla with a trained gorilla

Palin is the product of the U.S. educational system, no one should be surprised at her apparent lack of academic depth. Given that the U.S. ranks well below most industrialized nations in basic education, tied with the obvious flaws of the American political system, it is inevitable that dim witted and ignorant candidates will make the forefront of the electoral system funded by equally backward media corporations.

The "lamestream" media isn't the problem. The public has a right to know about her abject ignorance of much of anything, but Palin's being an astute and unwavering toady to the uber-rich and arch conservative elements of society. The very thought of Sarah Palin's running power equipment, or driving an automobile is scary enough, as she continually shows the intellectual depth of a mud puddle. But, an even scarier thought is imagining the mental processes and motivations of those who would knowingly support a live woman less competent and more gaffe prone than Lucille Ball's fictional TV persona "Lucy Ricardo" and still vote her into public office.

hey Marty and James, when did Mr. Revere ring the bells and fire the shots? It is pretty clear that she had no idea what she was talking about. You can defend her all you want, but, it doesn't change the fact that she is STUPID!!!

Stunning how you read comments here from people still supporting this intellectually incurious person.

When will those people get it that in order to be President you actually need to KNOW things! You need a brain!

It takes more than being against everything - if that is all you are about you should just appear on TV as a side show.

In other words Sarah - don't quit your day job!

The problem started when tv news had to make a profit - it then became, instead of news, part of the entertainment business.

Palin was the first patient experiment on the Lap Band ....Unfortunately it was installed around her tiny brain which is the cause for her outbursts and senseless gabble....

When she gets in the White House they will do a new operation to correct that band ....However they will never be able to correct stupid !

The media needs to let her rest in Peace, The World is watching us and all we can report on is a Idiot, And who said you got to be blond to be dumb? look at Palin she not Blond or who knows maybe she is.

I think that the histopedants bloviating from the wings are missing the point here. Sarah is certainly no William Buckley Jr., but I'm sure that she took at least a five minute crash course en route - with a platoon of handlers - on the pertenant facts relating to Revere's ride. Let's face it, that is about all it takes to assimilate the vast amount of information involved. Her problem was her articulation, which requires a bit more intellegence than simple data retrieval.
On top of that, she also was faced with the higher order task of articulating the few factoids that she had to know with the militant jingo that fuels her particular style of demagogery. Give her a break, it's tough being a national icon for everything that is going wrong with our political process.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I bet if you quiz any of our politicians they would not get all questions correct on our history. Lighten up people. At least she is an American citizen with a record of accomplishment. Name calling is childish also. Only liberals resort to name calling when they have nothing of substance to add to a conversation.

I'm Mexican, and I knew that.

A, Palin was right. Revere DID warn yhe British that Xolonists were waiting for them.

Hey Times, do YOUR research first....

he who was so darn mad that the red coats, the british as it were, would be so, be trying so hard to regulate the God given right to use a man made instrument, you know the guns that protected us and our fellow patriots, that he then decided to ring their bells and found the great institution that is our precious NRA. That then did lead him to say so eloquent, you can have my musket when you pry it from my cold dead hands. And ge then made sure our great document, the Constution, would reflect this most common sense of positions with respecting gun ownerships right for everyone to have it, such that the British nor anyone else, not Obama nor this socialist Democrats, would take our rights away to bear arms.

Why do you puerile liberals FAIL to read the accounts posted that indeed support what Palin is saying that demonstrates she actually knows more about "in depth" history of the matter than what you've been spoon fed over the years? And you call her an idiot while praising a dimwit like Olberman?

Oh, thats' right: anything longer than a "sound bite" reply would be far too intellectual involvement for you...

I want to see her birth certificate. I suspect she's from some alternate universe.

This is stupid - leave this woman alone, why are you not focusing on WEINER exposing himself.....oh because he is your buddy, a dumbocrate....he lied he broke the law, he needs to step down like he demands all others who they accuse of wrong doing.......she did answered this question.......listen again....and again if your dumb ASS needs too...........she explained it perfectly, I guess you’re too stupid to understand, she made an ass of you asking such a dump question, you can't figure it out???......boy you're dumb......she was being satire about it...he went around to announce they were coming, getting closer, they're coming to take your stuff away, guns need to fight for your freedom, you're an ass for asking such a asinine you need a history lesson or what, maybe you have fantasies about her teaching you something. Stop trying to make this woman look dumb you sexist, discriminating bastards!!!!!.........she is smarter than you think......made an idiot of YOU!!!!!! You’re Trailer Trash!!!!!! Keep it up, she is making a lot of money with this type of dumb ass nonsense exposure..........


Just for you're dumbass: To put "lipstick on a pig" is a rhetorical expression, used to convey the message that making superficial or cosmetic changes is a futile attempt to disguise the true nature of a product.
Trying to make Obama look good??????????

I pray for NOV 2012....quickly!!!!!! My dogs are running VOTE FOR THEM THEY"RE PRETTY SMART...THEY CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT GOVT. ASSISTANCE......

What an idiot. People still believe she is running for President? The One Nation under Stupidity tour should answer that question. She is putting on a front to stir people up and then will throw that support behind Bachmann. The trouble is, she isn't even putting up a good front to keep people believing she is running. She is simply going through the motions (not very well) and can't even make that convincing. Listen to what she says in the interviews and when she gives sound bites at all the stops. The campaign is fake this is nothing more than showing America how stupid she is and why we were smart not to elect her as VP in 2008.

Rock on "One Nation under Stupidity tour!"

..for all you quoting Revere's original text and inferring that Palin was referencing that (or even aware of it)'re as dumb as she is...for one thing if she was a scholarly as you claim (and as you point out that everyone was British at the time) she wouldn't be using both the term "British" and "our arms" the way she did.

If she represents women across our great country...I feel really sorry for women. Why shouldn't we ask our leaders (if we can call her that, more like quitter) to be smarter than a 5th grader. Sorry, but I think she should know basic elementary school history, she has like 10 kids that she appears to home-school. Should be basic for her.

Any American politician should be aware of American history, Palin, in a nutshell is a moron.

Me like Palin.

The funny thing here is that people are trying to defend her.

And we have a president who stated we have more than fifty (50) states and no one said a damn thing. Who says our media isn't slanted to the left. That is just one of many things our good friend in the White House continues to spew without any scrutiny from the media.

"The fact she took the bait says more about her than she intended, but this isn't "journalism." No wonder she - and really, much of America - dislike and distrust the media."

Exact same thing can be said about the insipid overreaction to the Mark Wiener comments this week, don't you agree?

There is a point at which you can possibly get away with excusing occasional gaffes as being taken out of context, out of being tricked with phrasing, out of just not being ready, or having a slip of the tongue. Mrs. Palin has made an astonishing amount of these errors. The reason the media ask her these incredibly easy questions, something her supporters are always so angry about, is because it shows she is completely insincere. For someone all about American exceptionalism, and invoking this nations "founding principles" to support herself, and wrap herself and the teaparty movement in the guise of being modern day Patriots, she sure seems to misunderstand large swathes of American history, as well as international history, as well as geography, as well as... you get the idea. Palin is a woman who never cared about American history, and doesn't turn to it to try and gain understanding or inspiration for present day policy. She's a charlatan selling nationalistic platitudes and simplistic down-home banter.

I clicked on the link half expecting a silly gaffe, something they all do, something Biden does every other day. Instead, Sarah Palin is caught saying that Paul Revere warned the British that they couldn't take away our rights and "rang those bells" to make his point. The fact that Paul Revere was shouting from horseback, and was warning the Americans, not the British, or that he had nothing to do with ringing any bells, is less important to me than the fact that somebody like this was suddenly elevated to the national and world stage overnight, somebody who couldn't pass a history test given to fourth graders. As a classroom teacher, it frankly scares me that people like this would ever be in a position to have any influence over what I teach in my classroom, how much I get paid or whether the whole system should be shelved in favor of what they, themselves, call "education."

Time for Palin to produce her birth certificate!

Wow she is such an idiot I wouldn't trust her running a small business how can she run a country..

She can't speak intelligently infront of millions of people.. How is she suppose to act intelligently infront of billions and be the president.. ohhh myyy

Run Sarah run - we can all sit back, grab the popcorn and watch the entertainment!

Yea Olbermann, "This woman is an idiot!"

To the person who said she was right because the colonists were British - even you have to admit that that is a Reeeeeaaaaallll stretch! Mwah!

every time i read something like this i know why i despise the la times-nytimes-ect

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