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Sarah Palin claims Paul Revere warned the British

Sarah Palin, if you haven't heard, is taking some of her family around the country, visiting historical U.S. landmarks, and talking to the media along the way.

Thursday her "One Nation" traveling road show stopped in Boston, where the former Alaska governor, her parents, her husband, and little Piper visited Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church, and Bunker Hill. Palin posted photos of that leg of her trip on the SarahPAC blog.

One moment that you won't find posted on the blog is Palin's response to reporters when they asked her who Paul Revere was. Instead of saying, "Come on, everyone knows who Paul Revere, the silversmith and patriot is," she stammered while saying this:

"He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin' sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed."

Needless to say, the lamestream media are having a field day with that gaffe.

Politico: Palin makes Bachmann look like Longfellow

Forbes: This certainly gives us an entirely new point of view to consider when examining our nation’s founding.

Mediaite: Palin’s version wasn’t exactly the official History Channel rendition of the tale...

ABC: Perhaps this week's lesson in the annals of American history was necessary for Sarah Palin.

Fox News has the video up leading their site, but no text or commentary. Perhaps they're speechless.

All of this reminds me of a fortune cookie I once received that said, "We teach what we most need to learn." In which case, ride on, "One Nation," ride on.


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-- Tony Pierce

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does she know us history at all if not she needs to keep her mouth shut and syop stirrin up trouble with this assinine tour of hers and learn her history then again maybe its different in alaska ?????

With the myriad of reporters chasing her around obsessively, I can understand her needing to speak extemporaneously. Revere warned the patriots in Concord ABOUT the British but that really is a simple slip and much less worse than Biden claiming that FDR gave a speech on TV during the Great Depression.

What's telling, as the reporter here points out, is how the media is fixated on Palin's every word and their fear of her effectiveness is begin to rear its ugly head.

People aren't perfect. Let's talk about positions and policies like the disaster known as Obamacare, the stimulus which still gave us unemployment above 8%, a third war conflict, gas prices, etc.

Sarah is funnier than Tina Fey; and a lot dumber.
She should read more.

Makes me ashamed to be an Alaskan.

Palin would never get my vote. But it also won't go this time to the incumbent who, in the last election, told us that he had been to "fifty seven states--I think one left to go." (And, no, despite the assertions of apologists, that wasn't just a slip of the tongue. He paused after saying "fifty" and thought hard about how many there were, then added the "seven" with a clear question-mark in his voice.)

This woman is a verifiable idiot. Not only does she mangle English (actually what she said was pretty funny in it's incoherency) her history skills are crap.

Perhaps not artfully told but yes, Paul Revere DID tell the British soldiers holding him captive to listen as bells and alarm shots were being fired across the countryside, that the citizens WERE alarmed and that things did not bode well for their mission.

" At last the [British] officers began to feel the full import of what Paul Revere had been telling them. His words of warning took on stronger meaning when punctuated by gunfire. The sound of a single shot had suggested to them that surprise was lost. The crash of a volley appeared evidence that the country was rising against them. As they came closer to the Common they began to hear Lexington's town bell clanging rapidly. the captive Loring, picking up Revere's spirit, turned to the officers and said, 'The bell's a'ringing! The town's alarmed, and you're all dead men!'"

from Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer, pp. 135-6.

She came pretty darned close and did so without a teleprompter. Revere and the other riders DID cause the bells to be a'ringing and the militia to be firing shots.

Forgive the irreligious aspect of this comment but,.... Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Come on, all you dolts. Tell us again what a genius she is.

I will NEVER forgive John McCain for unleashing this Pandora's Box of idiocy on the nation. This is McCain's real legacy.

Please go away, please.

I can't wait to hear what she learns in Philadelphia. Please, please, PLEASE someone ask her about the continental congress, or heck, even a simple liberty bell question.

that wasn't even close palin...

Palin: Not even once.

What an idiot this Sarah Palin!

So Paul Revere "rode into town" and warned the British to lay off the colonists because they were armed. They used bells for signals instead of a lantern in the old North Church, according to our national idiot.

Now it is less shocking that she could not name a single publication she had ever read when asked by Katie Couric.

If the Republicans listen to Rush Limbaugh again (he claims credit for getting her on the ticket in 2008), Obama will cruise to victory in 2012.

It was a slip. What about Obama's 57 states ? That's what he said , Forbes, and ABC and Politico. What does that make Obama ? You bunch of lying hypocrites gave him a pass. What about his flop toast with the queen? What about the recovery he is, and has been claiming, talking about making up a story. What about him saying before he was elected he wanted gas prices above $4 dollars. What about him saying he wanted a civilian security force as well equipped and and financed as the military. What ever that means. But you make a big deal because Palin made a slip. I'd rather have Sarah Palin as President any day.

I'm sure she knows very well about Paul Revere. This was a simple slip
up. She for sure knows how many states we have, unlike the Prez, unless
that was just a slip up too. People are not perfect and when your doing a
lot of Q n A, the more you do the law of averages dictate it won't
always come out right. So whoever speaks without ever messing up or
getting tongue tied or getting brain freeze from being tired, let him
throw the first stone. If you never verbally have it come out all wrong
even when you know the facts, throw the first stone or at least like
Sarah run for Mayor of small city and win, then serve very well and be
reelected for a few terms , then become Oil and Gas regulator for an
energy producing state, dealing with world class oil companies and
government policy and major decision making on behalf of your state,
then run a gubernatorial campaign and be elected Governor, who ends up
with an 80% approval rating. Get told your going to have a Down Syndrome
child and take it with joy as a gift from God. Then get picked as a
running mate by a candidate for President because of your tremendous
record as a leader and governor, then write two best selling books,
speaking and inspiring thousands with well prepared and uplifting
speeches, putting forth important conservative policy.Then be the main
contributor to the greatest midterm election win in eighty years, and
through it all be scrutinized, vetted and vandalized like no other
politician in our history, and still be standing, still inspiring, and
standing up for the American people. After all she has done I can give
that kind of leader a little chuckle when it does not all come out
perfect. I'll take her little imperfections that includes her great
wisdom, integrity , decency, and strong will to do the right thing and
love for America, over liberalism and weak kneed conservatism and
elitism any day

Nice fact checking: As this photo proves, the person in this video is not actually Sarah Palin (though I can see her saying something like that):

Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?


Are you smarter than a 3rd Grader?


Wow. If this were the first time she said something this idiotic, I would stand up for her. Sometimes, we get flusterred and our mouths say things our brains had no intention of sating. However, Palin has been doing this over and over. Clearly her brain thinks exactly what she says... so how on earth would we ever think she could be president. She really does make Michelle Bachman look like Shakespeare. And I didn't think anyone could make Bachman look smart.

When will we stop talking about half-governor Palin as a political figure and relegate her to the area of simply Paris Hilton. She really could not get elected anywhere in this country except, perhaps, in some areas of Arizona. Perhaps that is why she is moving there. She can't go back to sports broadcasting. The age of the pretty face female sportscasters is long gone. You actually have to know something about the sports you report on these days.

And Bachmann said the "shot heard round the world" and Lexington and Concord happened in New Hampshire. Why do people take these two total idiots seriously? The damage they are both doing to the Republican Party is devastating but there is no stopping them. They are the two best weapons the Democrats have. The GOP is blowing it. Mitch Daniels knew what he was doing by avoiding this disaster. The are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, leaving America stuck with two useless political parties determined to destroy capitalism. It really is time for a third party to drive at least one of those two out of existence. Most Americans are disillusioned by both of the two major parties but have no other options. What a terrible state of affairs!!!!!!!!

Paul Revere did in fact warm the British, Palin was correct. I would suggest the media brush up on their history before they attack their favorite target, when she was in fact telling the real story of Paul Revere.

WOW! We don't need a failed Governor, ex - beauty pageant, and VP loser.

America are you that stupid! The women that can't speak to the public without a publicist, FOX network, or a tele-prompter saying the most idiotic statements are you potential candidate.

She's always demonstrated ignorance, speaks without thought, stupid, and frankly a person without leadership skills.

Sarah needs to seriously consider becoming a trappist monk in order to avoid further embarassment. I learned the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere in the 5th grade and can still recite the bulk of Longfellow's poem.

You guys are really nothing. I heard exactly what this lady said . She said " He (Paul) warned: the British that : they(the Red Coats) were not going to take away our (Patriot's) arms!" Your stalking car just backfired in the dust of the tour bus.

Word Salad Much, Quittypants?

Dear Sarah... The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming!

Can she get much dumber? Wait...don't answer that.

I hate you, Sarah Palin. I hate you so very, very much - half South Park quote.

She is a blithering idiot.

While I do not care for Palin, what she said was technically true. The country idiot just can't clearly express her thoughts into words. What she is saying was that when Revere was ringing the bell, he was telling the British they were not going to take away our freedom or our weapons without a fight.

So basically as the British were coming, and the bell ringing was going off, the British realized that the Americans knew they were comign.

And yes I know the full story of Paul Revere, not just the nursery rhyme.

What a gosh darn idiot.


Actually, given today's president, Sarah look very presidential:

* “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
– Barack Obama defending his tax plan to Joe the Plumber, Toledo, OH, Oct. 12, 2008

* “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.”
–Barack Obama, commenting on a white police officer’s arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., at a news conference, July 22, 2009.

* – “splitting atoms with his mind”


It’s hard to pass up this gem from Dan Rather.

“Listen, he’s a nice person, but he couldn’t sell watermelons if you gave him the state troopers to flag down traffic.” — Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather on Barack Obama.

UPDATE: Forgot about Obama writing in “Sycacuse”


And she didn't even mention his band, the Raiders, and all the hits they had in the 60's!

Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of Sarah Palin's account of Paul Revere.
Apparently the British were coming for his gun
So he saddled his horse and went out on the run.
"The Second Amendment! 'Tis law!" he cried,
Though the ink on the Constitution hadn't dried.
Actually, it's worse—the United States
Hadn't tested its mettle 'gainst the British—or Fates.
They were still in the process of defying King George
And hadn't yet wintered over at Valley Forge.
America was still part of jolly ol' Blighty,
With its weird, arcane laws and its monarch so mighty.
While the right to bear arms is a right some hold dear,
It wouldn't be law for sixteen more years.
That didn't stop Mrs. Palin, of course,
From spreading false tales about a guy and his horse.
He was one of a few dozen Revolutionary spies
Who handled disinformation, secrets and lies.
He wouldn't have shouted, "The British are coming,"
For a silent alarm would be much more becoming.
Also, though the tale makes the rebels sound skittish,
Revere and his compatriots were all British!
You can see by replacing the "British" part with "we're":
"We're coming! We're coming!" doesn't inspire much fear.
Mrs. Palin, if you want to sound good in the media,
Try doing some research—even look up Wikipedia.
In the meantime, please give up your presidential campaign
And leave it to a conservative with ideas—and a brain.

Why am I not surprised?

Really. What can you say in the face of that?

Wow, that was a total softball question. I mean, it's no surprise that she's ignorant about American history, but how do you do stop off at the Old North Church in Boston on a political tour and not first read up on it a little? Seriously, she can't even handle that kind of basic homework? Fifteen seconds with Google would have prepared her. Wow.

I guess it proves her credentials as someone outside of the political mainstream. She's so far out there she doesn't even know the first thing about the country she wants to lead.

this is paul revere. it is very unpatriotic for an american to support a presidential candidate that does not even know who I was. How could someone possibly vote for a presidential candidate that is absolutely, totally, 100% ignorant of american history? any person who supports sarah palin does not care about america.

God,is the media intending to force-feed the nonsense of this moron day-in and day-out until November 2012?

Stop being a megaphone for village idiots!

Everyone is so critical of Old Dumb as Rocks Sarah Palin. For sure. On a media tour to promote her lack of knowledge. On the road to being the first female in the White House in charge of our country. We all hope not. Is she smoking crack or just dumb as rocks happy?

My third grader could do better than that.

She can also see Russian from Alaska!! Boy, we need her & we need her now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke!!1

Is she on drugs?????

This is what is running for president... I do say WHAT is running because she cannot be human and be running for the presidency and be such an IDIOT

This, of course, is just a Liberal interpretation of what she said. What she really said was really just brilliant, you know, really! I mean, I'm all just, you know, really upset that what she said could be so, you know, miscontrued and all. I mean, everyone knows Paul Revere was a gunsmith from those patriotic blue states up there to the east and he and his horse, Trigger, made that midnight ride, or maybe it was eleven o'clock, or something, and risked his life through all those Rednecks to warn the people that there was a Tea Party they were missing. So just lay off. Sarah's our homegirl, you know!

haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, ugh!

talk about not knowing basic 5th grade history, geez! What a_______.

She must have read that in one of those newspapers she reads constantly......which one was it again??

If this is "moderated" by Malcolm, I'm sure it won't be posted, but rather censored!

"Sarah Palin claims Paul Revere warned the British"

Go to and read transcript of Revere's court deposition of circa 1775.

Paul road by moonlight to warn colonial residents to arm and assemble, ready for battle.
Later that same night he was taken prisoner by Britsh troops and told them (the BRITISH) truely what he had done, and because of his warning, colonial residents had armed and assembled for battle.

The LA Times and Andrew Malcolm obviously don't know what Sarah does!

You lamestream types are merciless. Doesn't she get points for knowing he rode a horse? Palinites: keep sending her your hard earned ducks. Media - keep making her the biggest story in the Milky Way...

PLEASE run for president, Sarah. Oh, PLEEEEEEEEEZ!!!!

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