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Ron Paul handily won GOP debate according to applause

Ron Paul

Ron Paul may be a long-shot candidate to some, but the conservative congressman from Texas received more than twice as many rounds of applause as his opponents at Monday night's GOP debate.

According to our friends at the Baltimore Sun, Paul was applauded 11 times while Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty were applauded five times each. Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain were applauded four times each. Rick Santorum brought up the rear by only being applauded three times during the two-hour CNN debate.

Paul received one of the best reactions of any of the candidates after Romney said that if he were president, he would withdraw troops from Afghanistan only if his generals agreed that it was the right move.

"I wouldn’t wait for my generals," Paul responded.

"I’m the commander in chief. I make the decisions. I tell the generals what to do," Paul, 75, said. "I’d bring them home as quickly as possible. And I would get them out of Iraq as well. And I wouldn’t start a war in Libya. I’d quit bombing Yemen. And I’d quit bombing Pakistan. I’d start taking care of people here at home because we could save hundreds of billions of dollars."


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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Republican presidential hopeful former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, listens as Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) makes a point in New Hampshire at the first major debate of the 2012 presidential campaign. Credit: Reuters / Shannon Stapleton

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I would say Governor Gary Johnson is the best candidate to take on obama. With his socially liberal stances he would easily get democrats to jump ship. Its alot harder to paint a pro- choice, pro gay rights , anti war GOP candidate who wants to legalize marijuana as a right wing extremist. CNN and obummer are scared of Johnson and that is why he was left out of the debate! His record as two term (one full term more than mitt and almost two time as much as palin) republican governor of a state that is 2 to 1 democrat is proof enough. He has more executive experience than Ron Paul. and know how to balance a budget. He left office with a billion dollar surplus! Ron paul is great and has great ideas but he is just as willing to fill barrels of pork just like everyone in congress. by Ron Pauls own admission he says he is a lousy legislator, never really getting any bills passed thru congress. We need a president veto to stop the crazy spending and bring everything to a cost benefit analysis. Thats why im supporting Governor Gary Johnson and if you have not heard of him google him! I met him twice in my home state of MO just last year, once at UMKC and at another event in Joplin MO. He took the time to shake my hand and answer all my questions! For that he has earned my vote and support! Gary Johnson 2012!!

Kansas City, Mo

Switched from democrat to republican party to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. he's got integrity and I thing he is "the change we've been waiting for". Thank You Ron Paul

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.
Samuel Adams

Go Ron Paul!

I would like to thank Andrew Malcolm for his positive and accurate account of Ron Paul's popularity with the audience at New Hampshire's GOP debate. It is no secret that Ron Paul supporters and Malcolm have had heated exchanges on this forum but that is what makes our political arena healthy and vibrant ... again thanks Malcolm.

Finally! A piece of coverage that reports the truth.

I like Mr. Paul. He has preached the same gospel for years (figuritively speaking) and has a solid grasp on the economic pulse. His views concerning the Fed and the IRS are radical, but maybe these are ideas whose time has come. What I didn't know until know was that he was so charismatic.

Good for you, Ron Paul.

LOL, Romney creating jobs ??? During the boom years of 2003-07, as Governor of Massachusetts, his state was 48th in Job creation!!

Funny how he tried to take credit for the success of the auto industry in 2011 when in 2009 after the Auto bailout, he cried out loud against it.

Even the Tea Party is trying to shut this guy down and conveniently omits reference of his successes. Is there not any party to believe in anymnore?

Notice how Romney said he would not bring the troops home based on economics in the New Hampshire debate. Ron Paul would bring them home "as quickly as possible". That settled that issue between the supposed frontrunner and the peoples' candidate, Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012!!!

This is going to be my first election to vote in, and I can't wait. I'm so sick of radical Republicans AND radical Democrats controlling the political world. And it doesn't help to have a biased and liberal media criticizing every move that is made. Case and point: Sarah Palin's e-mails released a day or two ago. What draws me to Ron Paul the most is his belief in State rights. Ron, I am 100% behind you. We need less Federal control, and to let some of these federal issues become state issues. Ron Paul 2012!!

Not even the applause.
He also won the CNN Poll, MSNBC Poll, CNBC Poll among others and being the typical haters of freedom both CNN & CNBC ran a poll of a "private firm" conducted with 54 people that showed Ron Paul received 0 votes. They did not even use their own polls because they did not like the outcome.
If ever there was more blatant proof of how the mainstream, Fed and Wall Street are conducting digital and media hit pieces to pretend he cannot win this is certainly it.
These did not even use their OWN POLLS.

End the wars (including the drug war), vote Ron Paul.

Don't let history repeat itself.

In the 2008 debates, Ron Paul was the only candidate who said anything with substance. He warned us about the housing market collapsing because of monetary inflation by the Federal Reserve, while the other candidates smirked and told us everything was fine. He said we needed to get out of Iraq and stop drumming for more war with other middle eastern nations, while Romney and McCain wanted to stay for 100 more years. He said our country was heading for insolvency because of our military aggression and entitlements at home while the other candidates laughed and rolled their eyes.

Fastforward to 2011 and we're in yet another undeclared, endless war. Our financial system collapsed just as Ron Paul said it would. Every Republican and many democratic congressmembers sponsored his Audit the Fed bill and we're finding that the Fed has been giving money to foreign Central banks and various private companies at home. The national conversation has moved toward what Ron Paul said 4 years ago, because we ignored him and elected another "presidential looking" , smoothe talking, career politician.

When will this change? I know I've made the decision never to dismiss a candidate because they aren't "mainstream" or handsome. I'm gonna listen to the guy who warned about all of our problems we have now. If he says we're going to have an inflation crisis soon and the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency, I'm going to pay attention and ignore the maniacal Romneys, Pawlenty's and Obamas who want the presidency because they have insatiable egos and want to run my life.

pull the troops out....less government in the business...

less gov.........& pull the troops out...

The most inspirational human being alive in the world happens to be American, and running for President. Who says there isn't good news to report anymore?

Conan O'Brien said Ron Paul is the clear winner. Here is the link

Congressman Paul is the farthest prospect of presidential material that one could be unless you want the politics and social settings of the late 1800's. What are you people thinking? This guy is foaming at the mouth with claims of freedom and liberty. You know what that will get you? It will get you a complete and total mess! Lack of social order, regulatory laws that protect the consumer and laboror. The guy wants to legalize drugs to boot. I am at a complete loss for an explaination as to why anyone would buy into this massive blunder of ideology.

Everyone promising to vote for Ron Paul, PLEASE register REPUBLICAN in your state so that you can VOTE IN THE PRIMARIES!!!!!! This is THE most important step in changing America!!!! He has to WIN THE PRIMARIES within the REPUBLICAN PARTY to win the nomination, before the rest of AMERICA can look at him in the GENERAL ELECTION!!!!!!


If our country is so youth-driven, and america won't fight for an old man to be president, then why is the SUPPORT of RON PAUL SOOOOOOOO POPULAR with the YOUTH!!!!! That's where most his supporters are, and we are the future!

Its about time a news source points out that Romney isnt really the front runner......will it be you. People believe whatever CNN and Fox tell them without looking into it themselves....Quick fact: Ron Paul wins more polls daily than the 54 person polls from CNN.

Ron Paul is, quite simply, the man who would NOT be king.

He showed his age a little and once in a while he stumbled trying to choose the best words to fit into the ridiculously few seconds the candidates had to work with.

But his mind is sharp and his will is strong. And the elegant simplicity of his principles entails with logical rigor virtually every position he takes.

We know with great clarity what a Ron Paul presidency would be like with three simple sentences which he's stated in different ways.

1. "I WON'T run your life (or the medical industry, or the economy, or the world, or…)"
He's not after power.

2. "I CAN'T run your life."
He knows that central planning doesn't work.

3. "I MAY NOT run your life."
He knows that central planning is immoral and unconstitutional.

Be they republicans, democrats, or independents, people are waking up to America's urgent need for a dramatic shift away from its current trajectory and Ron Paul is that new direction.

The system in place now currently exists to serve the military/corporate/Wall Street machine regardless of the party in power. It will take a strong-willed, principled, and unwavering champion of liberty and Constitutional law to bust up the current power structure.

Ron Paul is unquestionably the only candidate with the capacity to take on this revolutionary endeavor. Spread his word and get out the vote!

Anyone else that made the mistake of voting for Obama, thinking that he was going to end the wars, had better get behind Ron Paul. He's the anti-war candidate.

Thanks for writing this article. I truly believe Ron Paul will be the best president.
Small government, bring the troops home, stop enforcing our beliefs around the globe. We should lead by example and not by force. And the most obvious fact is we can't afford the government we have this year. Ron Paul 2012

Dear independent or democrat Paul supporters,
To make this man president he must first win the primary election. It is am uphill battle unless you step in and help. In states were there are open primaries, simply walk to the republican primary booth and vote for Ron in your state. If you must be registered republican in your state to vote for Ron in the primaries, make the sacrafise and register republican just so Ron can win the primaries. That way we can turn Our country around.

Wow. The truth be spoken. Unfiltered news. Ron Paul is the only man on the ticket that understands the issues and has viable solutions. Thank you LA Times. Ron Paul 2012!

There is not a single candidate in this election who could even come close to Ron Paul. Of course, that is if voting were done based on credentials and experience. When was the last time that happened though? Ugh!!!

‎1. Has his PhD. and multiple years of experience in Congress with an actual, voting record.
2. Votes in Congress have historically been aligned to the guidelines of the Constitution.
3. Comprehends the concept that government spending must be cut in order to eliminate taxes off of the approximately 50% of the country who actually pays them, or the monetary system will implode very soon.
4. He's actually associated with the Libertarian Party, but he realizes that to have an actual shot, he must join one of the prominent dog and pony shows!
5. And last, but certainly not least, should he win, I'd be willing to bet that he would prove to the nation that someone from the State of Texas is capable and competent enough to perform the duties assigned from the Constitution for the President of the United States to perform effectively while using his communication skills with no non-sense words, as they're called in elementary schools, to share his vision for the country and the strategies that will be used to obtain them!

When Dr Paul takes an OATH to DEFEND the CONSTITUTION from both FORIEGN & DOMESTIC ENEMIES... he means it.

If Ron wins the nomination, which is a million to one shot, he will give Obama a landslide victory, much like the 1972 election between Nixon and McGovern. To me Paul is a cross between McGovern and Goldwater, which makes him toxic to the majority of sane Americans. So all ten of you Ron Paul fans wake up and get back to reality.

I think Dr. Paul killed it. He was direct and to the point. All the other candidates were sucking up to the people asking the questions. I don't need to hear anymore about how much people respect the military. We all care for and appreciate what they are doing overseas and at home. Answer the questions!

Ron Paul is the only educated choice for president in 2012, plain and simple. He is the only one with the integrity, philosophical stamina, vision and constitutional understanding to truly call him self a worthy statesman. The rest are all hawkish braying opportunists riding the gravy train to status while their country dies before them from endless debt, war, central planning, police state measures and media conditioning. Get involved and speak out for Ron Paul in 2012! WE CAN WIN!

At Last some Real Journalism! Perhaps there still is some good in the America Mainstream Media, Thankyou Los Angeles Times. From an Australian RON PAUL 2012!!!


Thank you SO much LA Times!!! Us RP supporters have been screaming for YEARS for you in the MSM to actually report what we have know for 2 decades, that Dr Paul is the most qualified man to lead this country. BAR NONE.

CNN and obama are scared to let Gary Johnson in the debate..  He is a breath of fresh air compared to the other republican candidates. Its really hard for CNN to paint a pro-choice pro-gay rights, anti war GOP candidate who wants to legalize marijuana as a right wing extremist. I believe Governor Gary Johnson is Obamas biggest threat. His socially liberal stances will be attractive to democrat and independent voters. Not to mention he was a very successful two term(that's one more term than mitt romney) republican Governor in new mexico a state that is 2 to 1 democrat. He left office with a billion dollar surplus and was arguably the most fiscally conservative governor ever. He is a true Statesman and practices good stewardship of your tax dollars. He also will not engage in mud slinging or name calling. He ran two campaigns in NM where he never mentioned his opponent. He will stick to the issues and not try to blame obama. I met Gary Johnson twice last year in my state of MO.. Once when he spoke at UMKC and another event he spoke at Missouri Southern State University. in Joplin Mo. He took the time to answer all my questions and sincerely listened to my concerns.. He is obviously working harder than the other candidates! For this he has earned my vote and support!  If you have not hear of Governor Gary Johnson, Google him! :)

Ron Paul is the conservative choice Liberal Romney is the status quo GOP choice. vote Ron Paul for smaller government.
Integrity, honesty and the constitution are not four letter words to shy away from.

Ron Paul supports and defends our Constitution which is our law, he is a statesman working to return us our liberties displaced by a banking cartel orchestrated takeover over a hundred years ago. I do not believe in "conspiracy theories" I research facts from history. Every war we have been subjected to has been created by money interests, war is profitable for the elite, we just suffer the consequences. Our law the Constitution says that we shall have no standing army, a Navy was understood to protect our shores, militia were our "national guard" now the elite have our brothers and sisters all over the world defending "democracy" a political system of government our forefathers fought so hard to ensure we would not have. Our country was created as a "republic" so the rule of law and the rights of the individual were protected from the majority. Ron Paul is our chance to right a situation which will bring a very dark future to our children and theirs if we do not stop it's advance. Taking from one group to give to another is a taking no matter how it is done, it leads to graft, sloth, and is totally against the founding principals of this land. Turn off your tv, read our history, understand what is at stake, we may never have another chance at a peaceful resolution to this evil which has been allowed on our shores.

Why isn't Ron Paul getting more exposure in the news media?? He's a top contender but no one is reporting anything about him that i can find. If he ever got elected, it would be the beginning of the end of the progressive agenda.. We need more Ron Pauls!

This is not "real journalism", it's an unseen agenda at work. Go back and read Malcolm's past commentaries on Ron Paul. If you start to trust this writer now, he'll only betray you later. Consider yourself warned.

While I most strongly agree with the libertarian platform on civil liberties 100% and I really want to get behind Ron Paul, there are a few things holding me back:

1. Social welfare programs seems like it would nearly all be cut . I don't believe in frivolous spending but I believe to move humanity & society forward you can not simply forget those in need. Certain welfare programs could work better if they were similar to the Nicotrol patch system, where over time the amount of welfare you receive is less & less, there becomes much more incentive to find work.

2. Simply handing over education to the states seems to be a cop-out solution and could weaken our education system even further.

3. Handing over federally protected national parks to private organizations frightens me! The profit motives that would bring would destroy them.

4. Science - Would there be NASA or any government funded research under a libertarian platform?

If only Ron Paul won. As far as monetary policy goes and as i understand it, it goes like this ( for those of you that don't get it) In 01'and 02' their was a recession right?- the fed "pumped" money into the economy and inflated every thing(not good for bubbles) People after had lots of cheap money, so they started to buy things, houses, businesses, etc. Demand went up and so did the prices- everyone was confident through 03'-07'. However, people with unstable jobs (retail stores, construction,etc.) that lost them in this time began to accumulate. Now they couldn't pay their brand new house or their shiny cars and had huge debt. House constructors began to fail along with banks, car companies and insurance companies because those people couldn't pay and just gave up. The housing bubble burst 07'-08' but brought the whole economy down with it. And how does Bush and Obama address this? Does "pumping money into the economy" sound familiar?End the Fed, End the Wars, End the puppets in Washington, Elect Ron Paul 2012.

Ron Paul is a kOoK ! Look at his haircut! He isn't anywhere near as handsome as Romney.No one wants an old man with goofy hair to represent the US.There is no way in the world he could be elected because he is a loser extraordinaire. Shame on the media for letting this nut in the debate.He is a tinfoil hat wearing whacko! Even Newt Gingrich at 9% got 2% more votes than Ron Paul.Let's vote for Romney because he is tried and true and has been standing up for our rights for decades now as he will when he gets the nomination to rule his own planet and is given his many women he can have sex with as all good Mormons will.
Romney has the wisdom from the planet Kolob where god lives with his many wives.Ron Paul has never done anything how does he get on TV with his whacky ideas?.The only reason he won his seat in Texas is because of the electronic voting machines.Ron Paul is all about big corporate interests and would ruin the country in his first week if he was allowed to occupy the White House.He's a pacifist and our enemies would crush us if we allowed a nut job like him any credence.He would turn this place into a police state and end our freedoms.He's worse than Hitler.
On top of it he's ugly.I take comfort knowing that Romney is wearing his holy underwear which will lead him to victory because it is blessed of god!
How can that screwball compete with a guy wearing sacred underwear?
Think I'm kidding?
Look at that underwear.I want a President that I know is holy all the way down to his underwear!
If we can't have Romney then I guess Bachman wouldn't be too bad because she's kind of sexy.
ANYTHING but this retard Ron Paul.
You loonies supporting him need to be locked up in a rubber room.

We Need Ron Paul for 2012! Go Ron Paul!

Let me join others who have recognized the editors of the LA Times for publishing this story. Apparently real journalism lives, albeit in an unlikely place................!

I think Ron Paul and Gary Johnson would make a perfect President/Vice President duo with either one taking on the Presidency/Vice Presidency.

Wow. I'm very surprised that this was covered by a mainstream media outlet. Usually Mainstream groups blackout any Paul news. Thank you LA Times! I sincerely hope your staff is waking up to the revolution of freedom minded, peace loving policy.

@Karo: I agree that "people should wake up" and "get back to reality". That reality being that our country is on the brink of economic collapse, and that we are in the continuous process of eroding our Constitutional freedoms that made our nation great in the first place. I have a suggestion for you and anyone else who hasn't done this.... 1. Read the Constitution 2. Read the Bill of Rights 3. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read some of the things our founding fathers said is necessary for continuation of our democracy. Ron Paul has dedicated supporters because he follows the ideas in our Constitution consistently. He doesn't pick and choose when it suits his agenda (or the ones funding him for that matter).

We the people as a whole must have a Revolution in our thinking if we want to keep our democracy.

Ron Paul has restored my faith in politicians.

Go LA Times Blogs! Awesome, thank you for pointing out the obvious -- and of course I mean that with *no* sarcasm, as we know plenty other media channels have so far been slow on the uptake to cover Ron Paul. His intelligence is mammoth, and he seems extra-energized. No one cares about those other boring potato-sacks, it is only the old-guard shoring them up. Good job being on the forefront of campaign 2012. I agree, keep covering Paul, it will pay off. And to everyone else, DONATE and keep sharing everyone you know! ~N

Good for LAX Times for reporting TRUTH.
CNN even changed the poll results - Ron Paul had 75% in their own polls and CNN said he had "0" zero. With the way our country is now I think Ron Paul has a great chance to be President. Citizens of America must do research of candidates and stop listening to mainstream TV News Media propaganda & lies.
Great news on RT News [EST 11:00 PM] - those reporters are nonpartisan and don't owe their allegiance to White House to keep their jobs.
How fabulous it would be to have a President who CARES about our great troops coming home and Jobs, national-debt and STATES' DEBT, GOOD-healthcare, Social Security and GET RID OF THE FRAUD, audit the FED an audit Wall Street. Honest consistent clear precise and respects our U.S. Constitution. bama and Hillary want these wars to go on forever -- "industrial military complex" loves them - they are making billions while our troops are terribly wounded and how many are now dead? Other countries want us OUT so let's get OUT and allow peach to begin. YES, Vote for Ron Paul.

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