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The telltale signs of a Rick Perry 2012 campaign

Texas Republican governor Rick Perry prepares to take off with his presidential; campaign 2011

There are several ways to tell if someone is really running for president. One is for them to comment publicly that today's voters are obviously seeking other options from the current field.

A second is to say 1) you are exploring the possibility and then add 2) a gratuitous pitch that your state has created more private-sector jobs in the last decade than all other states combined. Who cares, unless......

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry did both Tuesday. (And produced a surprise video below.)

Speaking self-servingly on behalf of millions of Americans he did not identify, Perry told the Texas Tribune, "People would like to have some other options in the race, obviously."

With his top campaign strategists having deserted Newt Gingrich last week, Perry is manned and ready. And who wouldn't want to escape Austin in the summer? As chairman of the Republican Governors Assn., Perry's on the horn every day with political and financial heavy-hitters nationwide.rick Perry Book Cover Fed Up

On Fox Business Network on Tuesday, Perry was asked if his aides' return was a clear sign of a candidacy. The longest-serving governor in Texas history told Neil Cavuto, "I think it’s a clear sign that I’m certainly giving it an appropriate thought process. Six weeks ago, this was not on my radar screen."

In fact, on Tuesday night he was in New York City speaking at a Lincoln Day dinner, and he's to meet Wednesday morning with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Perry, who says he has "some time" before a decision is necessary, will no doubt seek Giuliani's insights on what not to do in a primary campaign. (See Giuliani, Florida, 2008.)

As exciting and refreshing as the opportunity might be for Perry and his fiscally conservative fans, these campaigns are complex operations, not one national campaign but basically a different campaign for every state targeted. Mitt Romney's been organizing since the day after he conceded to the old Arizona guy three years ago.

However, Americans, especially Republicans, love chief executives (or generals) as presidential candidates. In the last nine presidential elections, eight of them were won by governors or a vice president. And five of the losers were or had been senators.

Look at the current Republican field: Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, maybe Palin, all ex-governors, who do not live in a presidential bubble and create a grassroots public reputation on balancing budgets, getting things done, not endlessly talking, squabbling, maneuvering, fighting like D.C. legislators (Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul).

Romney looked presidential, poised and did pretty well in Monday night's first New Hampshire debate, which was more of an Obama beat-up than a GOP set-to. But few Republicans are overwhelmed by the current lineup even when Huntsman formally enters next week.

So, someone from the South, a former Eagle Scout who doesn't raise taxes, whose state is gaining electoral votes this time just might see an opening. And he's certainly established his opposition to Washingtonitis and Obama. “You have a president who is anti-job and I have no idea why," Perry told Cavuto.

A third way to spot a likely presidential candidate is if they volunteer that they did not watch the latest political event on TV. Perry happened to mention that he didn't catch the New Hampshire debate. He was watching Texas A&M's baseball team defeat Florida State.

Dead giveaway.

And then there was this strange, allegedly unscheduled, cameo appearance by Perry on Tuesday night's "Glenn Beck Show." Watch the video.


Mitt Romney surges as GOP debates open

NH Debate: Bunch of GOP colleagues get together to criticize Obama

Guess what, Sarah Palin was right about Paul Revere warning the British

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images (Perry).

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There is no "former" Eagle Scout. Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.

Given our situation, we need someone with visionary attitude and proven experience. Bachmann could demonstrate positive energy, but she lacks experience and wisdom. I have no doubt that forces like Wall Street, Lobbysts and War Hawks put lot of pressure on inexperienced people and hence we have Obama like a puppet just following "recommendations" from his "advisors".

It seems Perry is what it is. The man has been working as a governor for several years. It is what you see, it is what you get. I agree he may be so good that many in the media and interest groups like illegal aliens and others will fight tooth and nail to dismantle him.

"a gratuitous pitch that your state has created more private-sector jobs in the last decade than all other states combined. Who cares..." Apparently a lot of Californians since they keep migrating here to Texas. Also, I consider myself to be more of a political spectator but I hate the idea of Perry (or any current Republican contender) becoming President. Of course, I hate any Liberal becoming President as well. I guess I just hate all politicians but I concede Obama may be the lesser of two evils.

Who cares if Texas is creating more jobs than any other state? Only those in failing states that are losing jobs. Or some "gratuitous" left wing op-ed writer who understands that his state is bleeding businesses, and jobs, to a more business friendly state like Texas and feels the need to write a hit piece because he is so in the tank for Obama that a real success story politician threatens him.

Tell me, Mr. Malcolm, could you get any more blatant in your bias? When did you sell your soul, and your professionalism, for a few pieces of silver?

Rick Perry will make a great president. And he will have majorities in both the Congress and Senate to undo the massive damage progressives and Obama have done to our country.

Who wouldn't want to leave Austin in the summer? The better question: Who the hell would want to stay in California with unemployment over 12%;Stifling regulations, taxes that about as high as any state in the union and speaking of "unions" the metastasis that are the public sectors unions choking off innovation and growth? Thank god I moved out of your putrid rotting nanny state to the great state of Texas nearly 20 years ago. My life, and my family's life, are far better now that it ever would have been if I had stayed put. Run, Perry, Run! Don't Mess with Texas!

Perhaps the reason that Americans prefer chief executives from states or generals as presidents is because they know how to do something. They know how to operate, delegate and move policy. Instead we have a president who seem ill at ease in promoting any sort of meaningful agenda, who panders like a lapdog to unions and who is both arrogant and dismissive in his attitude toward the mainstream of American voters. Former governors and military high ranking officers know they are only as good as the people below their rank. Obama seems to either be working from somebody else's script or is so self-involved that he cannot work out pragmatic solutions. We cannot afford his insular attitude anymore.

This is just the guy I've been waiting for - a proven, effective executive that understands that jobs are created by the private sector and not government.

please not another Texas President
These are the real facts in regards to all Texas US Presidents:
LBJ failed needless war Vietnam, leading to economic collapse lasting 10 yrs,
George HW Bush, failed, Let a needless War Happen, High Oil Prices,
Gov. Debt spending Trillions, leading to economic collapse 88,89,90,91, 92,
Main Wall Street supporter Goldman-Sachs,
George W. Bush failed, Created a needless War in Iraq, higher oil prices,
Gov. Debt spending Trillions, leading to the greatest economic collapse since
the Great Depression, High Oil Prices, recession into the foreseeable future,
Main Wall Street supporter Goldman-Sachs.
With real facts such as these America can't afford another Texas President!

@James Kevin
Wow, thanks for the display of regional bias. In the meantime, can you show any single program from this administration that is running in the money? How about your own state? Is California a model to be emulated? Like it or not, and I am not a big Perry fan, Obama is toxic to most mainstream voters. The anthem "Anyone But Obama" is cycling through the internet. You may not like Perry, probably because he stands for fiscal responsibility, social restraint and immigration limitations, but we desperately need the things he stands for. Without any other conservative who is willing to walk the walk, do you really think people will vote for Obama after what they have experienced the last two and a half years? I knew that chemicals from medications could seep into a water supply, but I had no idea that the problems were that bad in Cali to cause mass delusions.

anyone remember LTMC in 98? under Clinton? anyone at all? guess not as many blame Bush for the economy, but the problem started long before him and under Clintons watch. Forced banks to loan to anyone no matter their qualifications or ability to own a home then when a trillion dollar hedge fund collapsed (LTMC) they bank rolled the buy out and now the top guys from this debacle are Obamas advisors, but the Media will never point this out.

Anyways, Perry is solid and if he jumps in and picks someone like Rubio as a running mate they will be a force to be reckoned with and the (d) party knows and is already trying to dismantle.

Speaking of biased (non-journalistic) reporting, this article arrogantly has the nerve to state that Perry "Speaking self-servingly on behalf of millions of Americans he did not identify, Perry told Texas Tribune, "people would like to have some other otions in the race, obviously".

Of course we do! That is, what the U.S. REPUBLIC is about and this is and should be obvious! Millions of WE THE PEOPLE want options in the race.

Like others have posted, "a gratuitous pitch that your state has created more private-sector jobs in the last decade than all other states combined. Who cares, unless......" is a very strange comment that rings of grudging envy.

Every State would love to have Texas's record and Texas's record is better than all of the them combined.

Some headlines tonight are saying that the present housing situation is worse than it was during the Great Depression.

Wouldn't the writer of this article rather have the situation that exists in Texas?

The writing of this is sly, ironic, almost post modern piece should congratulate him/herself on their sassy style. Writing outside the box, with knowing winks and ever-clever intonations and smiles. Rick Perry? Texas?! Oh my. Or put another way: Guess you don't like Perry too much, huh? Finally, new Obama sticker for 12. "Hope Has Changed". Just riffing. Work with me, ok?

Rick Perry is hardly someone that has the interests of liberty in mind. While Governor of Texas he has been a Bilderburg invitee, supported the NAFTA Super Highway and proposed the forced vaccination of teenage girls against STD’s. Any Tea Party supporters that back Perry are not fans of liberty.

Vote a philosophy not a brand.

Dear Mr Malcolm;

Your referral to Governor Perry as a "former Eagle Scout" is in error...

There's a Boy Scout saying that "you're a Boy Scout till your 18. You're an Eagle Scout FOREVER!!!"

No need to post this comment. Just READ it.

Rick Perry, his Adultery and Cheating on Anita: YET ANOTHER “family values” hypocrite, “talking Christian buzzwords”
Whore-mongering LIAR and FRAUD

Robert Morrow Austin, TX 512-306-1510

I am a 3 time delegate to the Texas state Republican convention (2006, 2008, 2010). I am also a patron of Austin’s strip clubs. My excellent and credible sources (plural) in Austin’s strip clubs tell me that Rick Perry, a la Bill Clinton, has an enabling entourage that gets him “young hotties” to have sex with both here in Austin and especially when he is on the road. As it was described to me, Rick Perry acts like he is in a porno video when he is on the road, having orgies with his entourage.

Christian “family values” hypocrite and adulterer Rick Perry is sitting on a keg of slut-fueled nitroglycerine that could explode in such a way that would make Anthony Weiner look like a mere pimple pop. That is why adulterer Rick is being such a tease about running for president. Capiche?

One of my sources even said that Adulterer Rick appeared to be on drugs.

Polecat Rick cheats on his wife, Anita. My sources on this are excellent.
“Family Values” hypocrite Rick Perry and his Adultery: He is for a $5 titty bar tax– calls it a “sin tax” and he campaigns for “traditional marriage” while he is busting young sluts on the side.
Just another reason to vote against Governor Skank Daddy

Rick is also for a $5 titty bar tax on every patron who enters a strip club in Texas. I find this quite *rich* because adulterer Rick is sampling the strip club merchandise after hours, according to my Austin strip club community sources. Rick’s wife, Anita, who Rick cheats on, is also for a $5 titty bar tax. Anita is employed by the TAASA, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and she is paid $65,000 for a sinecure job. The TAASA and Anita Perry were the driving forces behind the $5 titty bar tax that steals food out of the mouths of strippers and their babies. The titty bar tax ($5/patron) was the top legislative agenda of the TAASA and this arbitrary and unfair tax was expected to generate $30-50 million. It is highly likely that the Adulterer Rick’s wife Anita and the TAASA would get their grubby hands on a lot of that money. The hypocrisy of the Perrys is astounding.

Another thing that Gov. Perry did was sign a bill a few years ago that made conviction of prostitution on the 4th offence a STATE JAIL FELONY. Texas never used to send its prostitutes to state prison which is quite a harsh penalty. Previously it was a misdemeanor. God knows how much money Rick and his entourage spend on hookers and sluts. The dollar amount that I heard was huge; so large in fact that it makes me think that Rick is taking bribes or illegal gifts.

Adulterer Rick Perry is campaigns for and talks a lot about “traditional marriage.” Adulterer Rick’s concept of traditional marriage is the exact same as Bill Clinton or John Edwards which is you have a political wife while you are busting sluts on the side.

In fact Christian “family values” hypocrite and Adulterer Rick Perry reminds me a lot of Bill Clinton. Like Bill Clinton, Adulterer Rick does a lot of Christian talk: talk about prayers, calling upon Jesus, getting on the knees before God, “debasement of culture,” calling the titty bar tax as a “sin tax,”… “time of great revivalness [sic] in this world”… “bring us back to those Biblical principles”… “not asking for Pharaoh to give everything to everybody and to take care of folks,”…“I have found that my faith in God has been respected by the citizens of our state.”
Also, “I say that a prophet is generally not loved in their hometown – that’s both Biblical and practical.”

When Adulterer Rick is not pumping hookers full of his love juices he finds time to say stuff like “If they put pictures in the Bible the way they do in the dictionary, Anita’s picture would be near Proverbs 31.” And when Adulterer Rick is not having orgies with his entourage on road trips Adulterer Rick says “She is the love of my life and has probably taught me more about God’s love through her personal example than anything else.”

My Facebook friend Ann Fraley posted this bit of info on the disgraceful manner that Adulterer Rick treats Anita:

Ann Fraley:
"We were on vacation a few years ago in Colorado and a lady we met on the gondola that takes you to the top of the mountain said she was a cousin of Anita Perry's and the whole family was just disgusted at the mean way he treats her. She didn't mention adultery but just hatefulness in his manner toward her."

And when Adulterer Rick is not cheating on his wife he offers this advice to Gov. Bobby Jindal of LA: “do what you know is right, and heed the Apostle Paul's words to his young protégé, Timothy, recorded in the fourth chapter of his first letter to him.

'Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”said Adulterer Rick.

Rick Perry and his Adultery

In 2010 during the Texas governor’s primary race, I was supporting Debra Medina against Adulterer Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. When I posted on the Glenn Beck Meet Up group information about Rick Perry’s adultery and his “family values” total hypocrisy, I was challenged by Adulterer Rick’s supporters.
At that point, a well known Christian conservative activist named “Patriot Shar” (Sharlyn) told about her personal dealings with Adulterer Rick Perry and his attempt to have sex with her years ago.

“YES-S-S he is & has been that way since BEFORE he got into his first office

"Just the facts Ma’am ... Just the facts"

I understand WHY some ladies would not be willing to step forth on this ... but since I dont give a rip ... I will tell U that THIS is absolute TRUTH !! I know this from my own experience with him years ago. Now I'm sure he would never remember "me" ROFL ... but I remember HIM. There are some that know the story from before I got re involved in the political arena. He is the reason that I adopted this quote when I first saw it ROFL

"When people show you who they are, believe them." Maya Angelou (irony intended)
Folks ... ya need to look beyond what U HEAR & watch the ACTIONS”


So then I later email Patriot Shar and asked to detail exactly how Adulterer Rick Perry behaved with her.

What Christian conservative activist Patriot Shar told me about her dealings with Adulterer Rick Perry:

Patriot Shar’s email to me, re: Rick Perry, March 12, 2010:

Re: Rick Perry
Date: 3/12/2010 1:34:40 P.M. Central Standard Time


Sorry Robert ... have been working the Rodeo ... just found this in my junk box

Why are you wanting this info ?? I'm not sure I understand what the purpose is of wanting the details ?? He made a pass at me years ago when he was 1st running for office ... not a big deal ... except that he was married ... which speaks volumes as to his "LACK of Character"

We The People .... We are AMERICA!

Patriot Shar

Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 8:38 PM
To: ;
Subject: Rick Perry


Would you please tell me what your personal experiences with Rick Perry were? The reports that I receive recently here in Austin from excellent and very credible sources (note: plural) are that "family values" hypocrite Rick Perry has sex with "the young hotties" that his enabling entourage provides him, especially when he is on the road but ALSO when he is in Austin.
So why exactly did Gov. Skank Daddy say or do with you? It disgusts me to see this joker use his wife as a campaign prop, while he basks in the endorsements of vocal Baptist preachers and runs around promoting a $5/patron titty bar tax while this mack daddy calls it a "sin tax." I wish I were Anita so I could slap his sorry ass.
Again, sorry to be graphic, but did Rick 1) make a pass a you? 2) proposition you? 3) or have sex with you? 4) have sex with a girlfriend of yours? What exactly was it that supports my contention that Rick Perry is an adulterous "family values" hypocrite? Also, when did this incident or incidents occur? Thank-you.


Robert Morrow 512-306-1510

A friend of mine sums of the (Lack of) Character issue with Adulterer Rick Perry

"In the end ... when the voter is standing in the booth ... preparing to vote ... the biggest issues are personal issues. Adultery, embezzlement, drug use, ideology, honesty, etc ... That is because these things form the basis on which the candidate makes their decisions and colors all of their actions and behaviors.

The... personal substance of a political candidate is what makes or breaks them. How well they can hide the dark side of their person is directly tied to how close they are to big, powerful special interests"

Anita Perry is not a very happy person. She rarely attends campaign events for Adulterer Rick. And when she does, she often does not smile and has a robotic look on her face. It is obvious she does not want to be there.

Anita often walks around Austin with a sad look on her face. I was told that there is a certain dress shop she goes to and the owner thought she was not happy about something. I think it has to do with Adulterer Rick and the way he treats her.
I remember looking at the video of the 2010 election night primary for governor, when Adulterer Rick won with 52% of the vote which meant that Adulterer Rick had secured the Republican nomination and would not need a run-off. It was a moment of great victory and there was reason for everyone to be happy. Except Anita. As they went up on the stage that night, Anita literally had to be dragged by Adulterer Rick on one side and her son Griffin on the other. Adulterer Rick and his son were smiling broadly. Anita, at this moment of great victory clearly was NOT. In fact, Anita looked like a lost child up on stage with a completely blank look on her face as the crowd cheered loudly. I wonder what was going through her mind.

This post in the Austin American Statesman might explain it:

Kelso just said the obvious. It has been common knowledge for over five years that they are not 'living together', in the Biblical sense. Anita vented at the hair salon about Rick's behavior and his kids told everyone in the halls at Austin High School. Then the chair of RNC shows up to pour oil on the water -- take Rick and Anita 'to the Caribbean' and explain to Anita why she should play nice and not hire Becky Beaver.

They now have a huge house so she has her own wing. She just shows up for official events as arm candy. She is probably unhappy about the talk of his running for President -- how long does she have to continue this charade?

In fact, Anita’s unhappiness is apparent to anyone who cares to look for it. Local Austin humorist and columnist John Kelso even wrote an article about this on Jan 23, 2011. Here it is:
“Somebody needs to goose Anita Perry to get a smile out of her”
John Kelso, Commentary, Austin-American Statesman
Anita Perry doesn't look real happy. She doesn't look like she's having a good time.
I think I should invite her down to Giddy Ups beer joint near Manchaca and buy her a beer. I can make it all better for you, sweetheart. They have a jukebox AND a shuffleboard table.

No, seriously, did you see that photo of Texas' first lady on the front page of this newspaper on Wednesday? The photo was shot on Tuesday at Gov. Rick Perry's inauguration. It shows the Perrys marching out under some swords held aloft by Texas A&M's Ross Volunteers at the Palmer Events Center.

Gov. Perry is smiling and doing kind of a one-handed queen's wave, like a man who has just spent $41.7 million of somebody else's money to get elected governor of a state that is so broke that schools are up for closure left and right.

Meanwhile, Anita Perry, who is walking next to Rick, holding his hand, is glaring straight ahead, with a blank stare that hollers, "Get me out of here."

It's one of those looks you get when you're invited to lunch and find out they're serving tomato aspic. It's not quite as bad a look as the guy in "A Clockwork Orange" when they jam his eyes open to interrogate him. But it's close.

What's wrong, lady?

I went through a bunch of other newspaper photos of the Texas' first lady, and this condition is not a new one. Here's a photo of her coming out of restaurant on election day in Austin. She's clutching a disposable cup and a cell phone, and husband Rick is opening the door for her. She has this look on her face that says, "This man is bothering me." Or, "I'd rather be in Costa Rica."

Maybe that's part of the problem. As the first lady of Texas, sometimes you have to go to Beaumont. Contrast this to the joyous, bubbly looks you see on Michelle Obama's face. Then again, Michelle Obama doesn't have to go to Beaumont. Michelle Obama gets to go to France. Maybe Rick should take Anita on a cruise.

When I was a little kid growing up we had this woman across the street named Mrs. Turbyne who used to get what us kids called a "fierce face" whenever we were acting up. In many of these pictures, Anita Perry has that same fierce face.

Here's a good one. It's a picture of Anita Perry at a pre-election night gathering at El Arroyo here in Austin, showing off her red shoe with the elephant on it to the crowd. She's holding this shoe in the air. She looks put out, as if to say, "How come I have to stand up here in front of everybody with one bare foot holding up this stupid shoe?"
Lady, that's part of the job. A little advice, though. Next time, if the shoe fits, wear it.
There are a few pictures here showing the governor trying to kiss her, and her turning her face. I don't want to get into that, so let's be gentle here. She probably doesn't want him messing up her lipstick. Or maybe she doesn't want to mess up his hair. Or he's been eating too many jalapeños.

This is not to say that Anita Perry never smiles. Here's a picture of her and Rick on their wedding day. She has that goofy blissful look that all brides have when they realize they're about to get control of your credit cards.

But here's one that says, "Take me away from here before I begin to scream." It's a photo of Rick, really big toothy smile, and the first lady, looking like she has gas. At the time, in 2004, the two were attending the Austin Wranglers home opener. That's one way to make a woman happy, Governor. Take her to a minor league football game.

Oh well. I don't know the answer. I hope her life isn't as miserable as her face makes it look. Maybe it would help if Rick bought her some flowers. I'll bet the state would even pick up the tab.

John Kelso's column appears on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Contact him at 445-3606 or
From the comments section:

Kelso just said the obvious. It has been common knowledge for over five years that they are not 'living together', in the Biblical sense. Anita vented at the hair salon about Rick's behavior and his kids told everyone in the halls at Austin High School. Then the chair of RNC shows up to pour oil on the water -- take Rick and Anita 'to the Caribbean' and explain to Anita why she should play nice and not hire Becky Beaver.

They now have a huge house so she has her own wing. She just shows up for official events as arm candy. She is probably unhappy about the talk of his running for President -- how long does she have to continue this charade?

Adulterer Rick and his “wife” Anita support the titty bar tax, an arbitrary and evil tax on every patron of a strip club, a lawful business. It is currently the subject of litigation now in the Texas courts over its constitutionality or lack thereof.


Return of the Titty Tax

Define "nude." If you think it means no clothes, think again. Now define "sexually oriented business." If you're thinking adult store or topless bar, wrong again. A new admission surcharge, which its Legislature sponsors say is just supposed to affect Texas strip joints, could in fact sweep up cabarets, bars, fashion shows, and even mainstream theatres – while potentially violating both the First Amendment and the state tax code.

House Bill 1751, which takes effect Jan. 1, will charge "sexually oriented businesses" (known in legislative circles as "SOBs") that provide live nude entertainment a fee of $5 per customer. The bill, however, defines "nude" as "entirely unclothed; or ... clothed in a manner that leaves uncovered or visible through less than fully opaque clothing any portion of the breasts below the top of the areola of the breasts, if the person is female, or any portion of the genitals or buttocks." Texas already has a statutory definition of SOB, but the bill extends that to any venue that allows the consumption of alcohol and provides live nude performance. According to First Amendment attorney Arthur Selander, "This would include a theatre staging a performance of Hair."

In 2005 a similar surcharge bill, proposed by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and backed by Gov. Rick Perry, would have dedicated the cash to public education, but it was widely ridiculed as "Tits for Tots" and rejected by the Lege. Lawrence Collins, a lobbyist for TAASA, said the association started shopping the idea around again to legislators in the interim, finally getting freshman Rep. Ellen Cohen, D-Houston, to sponsor it in the House. Bill Kelly, Cohen's chief of staff, said that as president and CEO of the Houston Area Women's Center, Cohen had been looking for ways to finance a statewide fund for agencies supporting victims of sexual abuse and bolster the patchwork of coverage that has left 54 counties with no program. The first $25 million per biennium raised by the surcharge goes to the newly founded Sexual-Assault Program Fund, to be split between a variety of state, local, and faith-based agencies. The rest will go into the Texas Health Opportunity Pool, established under Senate Bill 10. Having sexually oriented businesses pay for the programs, Kelly said, was an "apples-to-apples comparison, where an industry that predominantly employs women would benefit victims of a crime that predominantly affects women." He added that Cohen intended the bill to cover only traditional SOBs. "If there's a performance of Shake¬speare with a bare breast, we're not going after that," he said. "We're not trying to be the morality police."

But enforcement and interpretation of the law will be left to the state comptroller's office. Bryant Lomax, tax policy division manager responsible for developing the interpretation guidelines, said his office would take "the plain meaning of the words in the statute and [try] to apply them as reasonably as possible." This means the broadest definitions of "nudity" and "sexually oriented business" the bill allows. A venue could be appraised on a night-by-night basis: If a sports bar held a wet T-shirt contest, for example, it would have to pay the surcharge for that one night. When asked if this would include a theatrical performance with nudity as defined by the bill, Lomax said, "By the language of the bill, [it] would." He also said Cohen had been informed of this broad interpretation and agreed with it.

While other tax bills came into effect Sept. 1, this surcharge was deliberately pushed back to the end of the year "to allow the comptroller's office to set good rules under the definitions," Kelly said. This has led to some head-scratching for Lomax's staff members over the interpretation of "nude," as when they were approached by a bar whose waitstaff wear bikinis and asked whether their business would be liable. "We asked questions about what we're talking about when we say 'bathing suit,'" Lomax said. "Are we talking a regular bikini, string bikini, thongs, or spaghetti straps?" The answer, then, would effectively depend on the comptroller's sexually oriented judgment.

While Kelly said he did not expect any First Amendment challenges, Selander warned that the surcharge could violate the freedom of speech clauses of both the U.S. and Texas constitutions. "This is essentially a tax based on the content of expression," he said, "and it will have a chilling effect."

According to tax attorney James Martens, free expression is not the only right potentially violated by this law, and it could breach provisions in the Texas Constitution about unfair taxation. The bill calls the surcharge a "fee," but in Texas a fee must be spent on regulating the industry from which it is raised. Since this revenue would not go to regulation, it should be classified as a "tax" and therefore cannot be restricted to one type of venue providing nude entertainment, such as strip joints. That may be why, Martens said, the comptroller's office is taking such a sweeping interpretation. "If they apply it broadly, they face less of a constitutional challenge," he said.

Brodie Owen, promotions manager for the Yellow Rose club, said this could cripple smaller businesses. "If you're a club that only does $50,000 a month, a hundred customers a day is $15,000 straight out of revenue," he said. "This affects everyone in the industry. Bar staff, managers, waiters, dancers – they have all chosen a legitimate trade. Someone is going to challenge this law. I just hope it's soon."

How many of these Texas jobs were McDonald type jobs (nationwide - 50%) and how many of the new low-end jobs were taken by illegal aliens (nationwide - 86%)? We are still exporting our factories and millions of Middle Class jobs overseas and to Mexico while importing millions of illegal aliens, thousands of gang members and potential terrorists, drugs and Chinese garbage. Any presidential candidate that can solve these problems and put a tariff on imports and deport thirty million illegal aliens and children will get my vote.

Museisluse: that was my observation as well. Kind of like a Marine. Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.
Perry is not perfect, but he's my man. I wish he was more gung ho (no military pun intended) on illegal immigration.
Fort Worth

As a native Texan I can tell you what Gov. "Good Hair" Perry has done for Texas: Texas ranks 49th in revenues collected per capita, and 50th in revenues spent.
The state also ranks 44th on tax progressivity, meaning although it collects less taxes overall, more of a share comes from the working class.
Texas comes in dead last (50th) in percent of population over 25 who have a high school diploma. 46th in SAT scores, and 49th in teacher pay. But hey, the Texas school board has ordered that all schools teach the bible in the upcoming school year!
Texas ranks last in the percentage of people without medical insurance. It also ranks dead last in the number of covered children, 49th in level of payments for the Women and Infant Children (WIC) program, but 1st in the number of teenage births. Texas ranks 3rd in number of people living in poverty and 50th in homeowners insurance affordability.
Texan politicians come 3rd as to number of convicted public officials! Dead last in voter turnout, though. First in executions and 2nd in rate of incarceration only manage to get Texas up to 18th in murder rate.
Air pollution emissions, CO2 emissions, amount of volatile organic compounds released into the air, amount of toxic chemicals released into water, amount of carcinogens released into the air - TX is all number one!
Texas ranks 46th in hourly earnings for manufacturing workers, 47th for union membership, and 48th in worker's compensation benefits paid per covered worker.
Perry the Pharisee who carries his religion on his sleeve donated all of $90 to his church last year.
Do you really want another "good ole boy" from Texas in the White House?
I didn't think so.....

Now tell me, why would a man who wants to TX to succed from the rest of our nation....want to be President. Ahhh, someone may have some bad motives and they do not include what is best for our nation. I would suggest anyone who even remotely believes he is what our nation needs, do some homework and use your brain and have some spine to question what he is up to. He is power hungry and thinks dressing like a 1930's gangster is cool. BTW, TX economy is in the dumpster with the rest and jobs are as low as the rest of the nation. Look it up for yourself unless you are a conspiracy theory nut and think our government is out to get you. Then I guess you are just fkd in your own mind. Then you are on your own.

@ abby

Here are your sources? Nice statistics but they don't mean squat if you can't back them up. Let me see some credible sources.

Perry will surely be the "frontrunner" if he enters the race as he is the Bilderberg Groups guy on the GOP side. He has been building his credentials as a pseudo-Tea Party leader and supposed proponent of succession, so he may prove to be a marketable product to the grassroots populists rebelling against the establishment GOP. In reality, of course, he is another pawn. His own rise in politics in the mid-80s came at the hands of one Karl Rove, who convinced Perry to flip from Democrat to Republican.
Bilderberg have long worked to own both horses in each cycle of U.S. presidential races. Bill Clinton, an obscure governor when he attended Bilderberg in 1991 before his 1992 presidential run, is a prime example of a candidate selected and run by Bilderberg. Bilderberg is also responsible for selecting British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron.  I really hope the American people wake up sooner than later otherwise we will not be a soveriegn nation much longer.  He is nothing but a tool of those in power, just like Obama. 


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