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Gov. Rick Perry: What he would be saying if he were running for president, which, of course, he isn't -- yet

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry speaks at Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans 6-18-11

Many of the big-name Republican presidential candidates spoke to the Republican Leadership Conference meeting in New Orleans this weekend -- Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum.

Jon Huntsman begged off sick. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney were no-shows. And Ron Paul's fervent supporters among the 2,000 attendees pushed him over the top as a runaway straw poll winner, as we reported in detail here Saturday.

You'll never guess who did show up -- someone who's not officially running. (see video below.)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who said he really came to next-door Louisiana to persuade fellow Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal to stop stealing Texas football players.

By all appearances Perry and his top campaign aides, back from their brief stint helping Gingrich, are doing everything to prepare for a run starting later this summer.Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry's enthusiastic audience at Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans 6-18-11

Perry would clearly fill a gaping slot in the existing field, a Southerner, chief executive-type, governor with an anti-Washington ID.

Plus he's got a record of new conservative legislation (loser pays lawsuits and election day voter photo ID) and the kind of robust job creation that Washington is still only talking about.

Just by its own pro-business attitude, fiscal restraint and low taxes, Texas, according to Perry, has created 47% of all the new private sector in all 50 states during the last two years.

"I stand before you today," Perry told the crowd which chanted "Run, Rick, run," "as a disciplined, conservative Texan, a committed Republican and a proud American, united with you in the desire to restore our nation and revive the American dream."

Because we suspect you'll be hearing much more on the national stage from the longest-serving governor in Texas history, we're publishing this morning a video of his complete New Orleans speech. Watch below and see if you think he's running.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images (Perry speaking in New Orleans, June 18); Lee Celano / Reuters (Perry's enthusiastic audience).

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As has been proven time and again, Perry's "robust job creation" comes mostly from the billions of dollars pumped into Texas via the Federal Stimulus Package that Perry and his ilk hate. Otherwise, the jobs "created" in Texas pay far below the national average.

So actually, his job numbers are nothing to crow about.

Rick Perry will run as a small government conservative, but he would govern like all the rest. He will pay lip service to the 10th Amendment but would not honor it if he ever reached federal office. He is a statist at heart who will say anything he has to to get elected. The only reason they are even thinking of running him is to stop Ron Paul.

Andrew, you forgot to add that Perry would support the same failed interventionist foreign policy that we've suffered through for decades. He would also support the Constitution shredding Patriot Act, and the failed War on Drugs.

He would be more of the same. He would be just another Republican claiming to be a "fiscal Conservative" while refusing to cut our bloated military budget.

I'm not sure what Andrew is, really. If he was interested in truth (I'm convinced he's allergic to it), he'd examine Perry's "miracle" a little closer. Just a stroll through a magic engine called "Google" (you should try it sometime, Andrew, instead of just putting your positive spin on the wingnut talking points of the day), he could have found:





and this:

And he would have learned that Perry loves him some stimulus money, his "private sector" jobs are remarkably low-paying (as in below minimum wage) and Texas' unemployment has gone up while he's in office. Oh, and the Ryan plan? Perry loves it.

See, I thought reading was supposed to be, you know, fundamental. It's possible that Andrew is drumming out wingnut talking points so fast, he's not interested in checking his facts which is fine for him. Why on earth the Times would allow this ideological hack a place at the table is beyond me.

If Gov Perry is so great on job creation then WHY did he cut the budget on Education and they are layoff Teachers all over the State when Texas has a 3Billion dollar reserve....But thanks to the news media they only print what they want to about people running for political offices,,, TELL the truth give the American people all the facts....

47% of all the jobs created in the nation are in Texas? Obama touts the fact 2.1 million jobs have been created in the past two years during his administration. Perhaps he should be thanking Perry. Better yet, maybe he should find out how Perry has accomplished such a remarkable feat.

Should a guy who wanted Texas to secede from the United States be allowed to run for president? I don't think so. Sounds Un-American to me.

Makes me doubt that he is actually a U.S. citizen? Why has he failed to show us his birth certificate?

Makes skin crawl. What a phoney. Corny cliches, pathetic delivery. Keeps losing concentration on what he's saying. Changes intonation, volume, speeds up slows down, gets mad, animated, mellow etc for no apparent reason. Weird and phoney. Comes across like a bad Southern snake oil salesman. That's another cliche aspect of it all - in addition to the tired rhetoric. Scary guy all in all. Kid stuff really.

Rick Perry is a joke. It's not because of him that there are jobs moving in Texas, It's because Texas is geographically right and there are no
state income taxes, It's a right to work state with a huge labor market. Under Mr. Perry we have managed to sink to 48th in the nation academically (I think he believes 50 is a bigger number that 1 so it must be better) We have major transportation issues and a dwindling water supply but Rick focuses on things like vetoing the NO TEXTING While Driving bill because thats just big government sticking their nose in peoples business. And he too is on board with the Republican agenda to take away womens healthcare rights. A bunch of Crusty old men who think they know best what a woman needs, HA! He asked the people of the state to "Pray for Rain" a few weeks ago and he's having a Prayer Vigil in Houston to ask for "Divine Guidance" on how to fix the country's problems. He doesn't get that whole separation of church and state thing. He's more worried about how his hair looks than fixing anything. We do not need him in charge of anything but his own retirement.

Even passing consideration of voting for this effete "suit" is unconscionable. Yet another failed Texas hypocrite governor for POTUS? No thanks! Near the bottom in nearly every category in comparison to other states. Perry used the Obama stimulus to balance his budget, then complained about Washington Big Government. "I'm thankin about it. I thank about a lotta thangs." Good grief. Pathetic.

Perry is one more incompetent contender for the highest office of the land. I'm looking at the list---it's getting more disgusting with every entry.

No wonder so many Republicans are lining up to run after recent posts reinforcing what I have none for two years..Obama is one and done. MSNBC reported last night that a poll of registered voters showed that 47 percent of them said they would not vote for Obama no matter what. The poll also showed Mitt beating Obama by a very large margin."A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is the latest to show that the boost President Obama received following the death of Obama bin Laden was short-lived. The poll goes on to show that only 29% of respondents feel that the nation is heading in the right direction, and 62% say it's on the wrong track." I have know for the past two years that Obama was one and done maybe now that the left wing media is finally admitting Obama is over things will improve. When Obama gets laughed out of office and wonders why we should all remember to tell him, "its the economy stupid! As always you can contact me at work and yes keep those jokes coming.Obamacare is so bad that the Democrats came up with a new name for it. They call it "waiversforfavors". Is Al Gore still saving the planet from Global Warming by circling it in his private jet? Obama we hear your wife singing! Its over so take your Frank and your Wiener and go far away.

As long as he stays away from pushing religion I'm interested in hearing more.

Ron Paul is right when he says Perry is very much the status quo. Don't fall for the rhetoric only, look at Perry's specific legislative actions.

I am sick of hearing that Ron Paul is winning straw polls. Ron Paul has no chance of winning over Obama. Ron Paul needs to call it a day and retire like a good republican. Perry and Rubio or Perry and West or Perry and Jindal- will win over that fraud in the whitehouse- but Ron Paul has NO chance in hell. So, the stupid republicans that are doing this straw poll ought to be thrown out of our country for putting such nonense on this blog.

How many of you complaining about Texas' standing in the nation regarding education were/are Bill Clinton supporters? At the time of his election, Arkansas was ranked, wait for it, 49th in the nation! Hypocrites much?

I hear a lot of people here in the posts talking bad about Texas. Texas has done nothing to any other state in this fine union. NO! Texas will not with draw from our union. Texas will lead the way to real hope and change.there are fine, friendly people in Texas that will give the shirt off their backs to help. I have been to many other states and have found that you will not find greater hospitality than in Texas. My greatest hope is that we can all stop the fighting amongst ouselves and pay the price where it may be dear. It's like a song I heard "you mess with man, you got us all". The point is this, if one state seems to have it figured out don't blast that state and look for faults, pull together, work with that state and find if there is something there that will work in your state. Just saying....

How's his fundraising going?


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