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Ticket pic of the week: Here's one Obama who's shovel-ready

Michelle Obama wields a shovel building a new playground in Washington 6-15-11

You know, maybe as the photographer you want to stand back a little bit farther.

First Lady Michelle Obama doesn't look too happy this week as she helps build a school playground in Washington.

However, this coming week she is taking her mother and two daughters on a weeklong visit to Africa, with stops and public events in South Africa and Botswana and including a private safari experience.


Ticket pic of the week: Bad hair days not a problem

You won't see space photos like these for long

Ticket pic of the week: A face in Japan to touch your heart

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Yuri Gripas / Reuters (Michelle Obama works on a school playground in Washington, June 15).

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The Little Zero (Michelle) is going on vacation, again, on the taxpayer's dollar. This arrogance of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not seven or eight figures) of our money, must stop. We're hemorrhaging dollars and the Regime's printing press can't print fast enough to keep up with their desires to spend even more.

The sooner these people are driven from power, the better for the country.

"Where's my 300K a yr no show affirmative "axtion"job in an inner city NON PROFIT hospital where I make twice as much as the MDs?"

Tpyical affirmatice action "entitled" Democrat black...............

The "True Temper" logo on the side of the wheelbarrow, cropped from the above photo, is a fitting caption in itself!!

With the Los Angles Times drumming up such negativity and hate I hope that you will stand up to your shame if any fool follows your lead. As for me I am happy that we have a First Lady who spends so much time and effort in service for her country. Not many countries can say the same.

My my Michelle, it looks as though your husband is now affecting you exactly as he's effecting the whole of our once constitutionally free nation.
Happy Father's Day!!

Central park @ June 18, 2011 at 09:45 PM:

"As for me I am happy that we have a First Lady who spends so much time and effort in service for her country. Not many countries can say the same." exactly is menacingly wielding a shovel at a photo-op "service for the country"? Oh, wait, you must mean the other stuff: like the imperial vacations, like the one to Spain where she bundled in almost $5000,000 in taxpayer costs for her travel and security with the other exorbitant expenses because they added a lunch with Spanish royalty thereby making it a state visit. Or was it the pizza she had delivered from 850 miles away, or the $42,000 date-nights to New York? Or the separate private jet they sent to Maine with their dog in it? Or the $1.5 million in annual salaries we pay for her personal staff?

Believe me, honey, this ain't even scratched the surface. The woman is all wrapped up in living large at your and my expense.

So glad Michelle and the girls are going to get another world trip on the taxpayer's dime. And glad to hear they're taking Granny too! How many junkets does that make in the last year, Michelle? Meanwhile, when hubby isn't on the golf course, he'll tell us how we absolutely have to borrow more money from the Chinese, which our kids will have to pay back, to put America back to work. Don't let wondering how many fellow Americans are just wondering how to pay the bills, you just keep on booking those trips. Less than two years left for our Freeloader in Chief to max out his Presidential credit sending the lovely family traveling. Then you can join the unemployment line and we'll start cleaning up the mess you've left us with.


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