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Michelle Obama's magical family tour of Africa

Michelle Obama, her mother, friends and family arrive in Botswana Friday 6-24-11

We haven't seen First Lady Michelle Obama gardening or giving speeches at fundraisers this week.

Michelle Obama kicks a soccer ball around in a Cape Town gym 6-23-11Michelle Obama confronts a traditional dancer in Botswana 6-24-11That's because she's on a weeklong summer tour of Africa with her mother, daughters, friends and other family members.

In the photo above, the entourage has just arrived Friday in Botswana on a U.S. government plane and was greeted by some traditional dancers.

One of the male dancers  then got up close (right), to the delight of Mrs. Obama, although apparently not so much to her mother, Marian Robinson (on the left).

In Cape Town, Obama (above left) kicked a soccer ball around with some youngsters.

During their three-day South Africa trip, Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, read to some children in Johannesburg (below).

The family entourage will now disappear for a day on a private safari experience.

The first lady is due back in Washington on Sunday.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Michelle Obama, her mother, daughters, friends and family arrive in Botswana and are greeted by traditional dancers. Credit: Charles Dharapak / AFP/Getty Images; Obama kicks a soccer ball around in a Cape Town gym. Credit: Rodger Bosch / AFP/Getty Images; The Obamas read to children in Johannesburg. Credit: Charles Dharapak / AFP/Getty Images

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