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Hillary Clinton to head the World Bank? The answer is no, No and also NO!

Hillary Clinton in the UAE 6-9-11 sips water between denials of her job move

The Reuters news agency created news bulletins around the world today with breaking word that President Obama's former Democratic political rival and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was angling to become the new president of the World Bank.

Clinton, who was visiting the United Arab Emirates today to talk about the 3-month-old Libyan war that was supposed to last days not weeks, sent word through her spokesman, Phillippe Reines,

It's completely untrue and Reuters was told that.

Then, in case you weren't listening, he added:

Secretary Clinton has not had any conversations with the president, the White House or anyone about moving to the World Bank.

Then, in case you might have missed his drift, Reines added:

She has expressed absolutely no interest in the job...[and] would not take it if offered.

Then, in case you weren't listening to Phillippe, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney took a moment off from warning Middle Eastern regimes to add:

The story is incorrect, wrong, untrue.

Ah, but neither spokesman said it might not be true someday perhaps.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Sarah Palin only wants the money from the donations from her PAC and she wants celebrity status. Why should she even want to be President--being a Hollywood star is more glamorous and pays better. Soon instead of calling Sarah the Queen of Divas, the entire industry will know her as Miss Third Place Alask , Vroom Vroom, the motorcycle chick.

Sarah Palin wants to be the Head of the World Bank. She knows how to spend lots of money, so she is the most qualified.

I am all for what Hillary Clinton decides. I am inclined to believe that as long she is in Public Service of United States, she won't accept any other responsibilities because I have noticed she is more into serving the US interests for which is well qualified than any other.

She is a sincere person who would prefer public service for the US than any other organization.

She was a great first lady and a devoted US Secretary of State which is not an easy job but dedication has made her do it and she is doing it wonderfully.

So if you translate this from Clintonese to English she is saying "Yes!".

Yep! No no and no. Until it's yes.

Wow. Real news reporting is just going to the dogs. Bad for us and sad for the industry.

Why are the first two comments about Sarah Palin? There was no mention of her in the article. Why the fixation? Why the hate?


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