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Golf summit goes great: Bosses Obama and Boehner beat Biden and Kasich

Golf Summit 6-18-11 Obama Boehner Kasich Biden

President Obama's not big on Oval Office addresses; no audience to play off of.

But he does love his outdoor summits.

Remember the White House beer summit after he called Cambridge police actions stupid after they handcuffed a Harvard professor friend? So POTUS had the cop and the professor and VP Joe Biden out back for a well-photographed beer.

Well, today was supposed to be the Golf Summit with the country's top two Democrats golfing all-friendly-like with Republican House Speaker John A. Boehner and his Ohio GOP pal, former representative and now Gov. John Kasich.

Republicans and Democrats in D.C. are currently arguing over trillions of dollars in cuts (scroll down for detailed stories) in order for the GOP-controlled House to go along with raising the national debt limit before the de facto Aug. 2 deadline.

They did play golf today. It was reportedly a $2 game (each), decided on the 18th hole and -- who would have guessed? -- thObama signature Golf Balle duo of bosses, Obama and Boehner, beat the other two.

There are ample news pool photos of the collegial gathering that were allowed to be taken at one hole. Back-pats and all that.

But judging from the official White House photo released above, it looks like it could have been the Schmooze Summit (also, there's at least one beer in there somewhere).

News consumers need to be careful on controlled events like this where the only official photo is, well, official. Like advance speech excerpts, the photos are carefully chosen to create a politically desirable impression. Remember the president lecturing the Dalai Lama photo?

In this scene, the president and VP know the photos are being snapped and look profoundly entertained by their guest speaker Speaker.

Anyway, this photo of a nonpolitical political moment in time appears to show the bipartisan quartet had a good time on a summer Saturday. No harm in that, even if they're back at it after Father's Day.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Pete Souza  / White House (Boehner tells a story to Obama, Biden and loyal Ohio State fan, Gov. John Kasich); Associated Press (Obama signature golf ball).


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Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas. Boehner's time is limited and he squanders it trying to make nice with Karl Marx.

wish i had a job so i could pay to play golf

I don't particularly like the idea of Boehner playing Obama's game. Force the pres into an office for a meeting. This is serious business, not playtime. Truly disappointed in Boehner. Republicans don't need him! We need someone with balls, and I'm not talking about golf, basketball, or baseball.

Who (other than the idiot media) didn't see this coming? How else was the president to be spared a humiliating loss at amature golf? The mediocrity of one party politics on display for all to see... Obama didn't lose; Boehner didn't lose... big losers America: watching nothing new here, just the same ole political slight of hand. I am sure, next it will be basketball (Obama will assemble an all star team and crush some lower politician who dutifully brings his lawn dart playing staff/interns (the press will swoon in amazement).

Dr.Phil would say Its OK Its Ok!! ...Its's good therapy to unwind on a golf course. Collectively undermining a constitution, and the budget, while bombing half the planet still looking smart and composed is taxing work. It worked for Nero while Rome burned and he played the fiddle. All Boehner and Obama need now is to sit on the White House Lawn steps and play the banjo. It's the freedom our soldiers fought for.
Have a nice Fathers Day, while he rest of us and our kids figure how to make ends meet tomorrow.

America's problems won't be solved playing golf. Boehner should try more hard ball with these two no hitters.

O was smart enough to dump Biden.

C'mon people. Why isn't the president allowed to play a round of golf on the weekend? Do you really think that he needs to sit behind his desk in the oval office 7x24x365? I believe he's entitled to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", just like every other American. Also, regarding the hat thing, notice there are others that are also wearing their hats. Why aren't they being singled out. Too many haters who hate just for the sake of hating.

Personally, I'm disgusted.

All I see is four pigs with their snouts in our back pockets. Any differences these swine put on for public display is just that, an act. They all eventually become indoctrinated in the fine art of swindling the productive to keep the illusion that we aren't slaves alive. Disgusting.

I don't mind the boys having some relaxing fun.
I just wish it was 2012 and real conservatives had the congress and WH.
This next 1 1/2 years is going to be compromise with the socialist, when we really need BOLD spending cuts, reduced regulation. government down sizing. repeal of Obamacare, and last but not least - private sector job creation.
We need adult supervision - not 3rd. rate amateurs!

A complete sham; psychology 101 by Obama and his ilk.

Boehner might just as well switch his party affiliation to Democrat.

They are telling Obama that Kasich will be the next POTUS!

I was disgusted to see the flagrant display of elitism shown this weekend by both parties. It would appear that both sides are out of touch with the average American and their struggles. While Americans are out of work, struggling to keep their homes, fighting and dying to keep us safe, our elected (Yes, we did select these guys to watch out for our best interests. That also means we can unselect them next round.) representatives are out for a game of golf and beer!?! Come on guys, look at the economic numbers. Personally, I don't really care whether you get along or not, I care about results. Please show us that you understand our struggles and that you have some solutions. We now know that you know how to play golf, smile for the cameras, and drink beer. Please show us now that you have solution and are serious about understanding and representing the American people. At last report, both the president and Congress approval ratings were pretty low. I implore our leaders to stop "playing" at politics and golf and get serious about the unfolding dire situation that faces our nation.

This farce has been advertized for weeks as obama partnering with biden in this event.
I have said for years that what obama does on a golf course certainly cannot be classified as playing golf. How did I know? obama has only one expertize... reading a teleprompter. How else did I know? obama had to be so bad that he couldn't even fake it or we would be led by the liberal press in a "praise and worship service" after every trip to the golf course. For bohner to go along with this farce is just as bad. There is honor among thieves, but NO honor among RINO's and liberals. There are outstanding conservatives in our political system, but we always get stuck with the old boys club gutless losers like mccain and bohner.

Wish me luck on that last one seeing the light of day!

So, let's see: Boatload of secret service agents, check. Full inspection of golf course prior to arrival, check. First class transportation to and from course, check. Photographer, check. White house propaganda machine fired up? Check.

Any idea on how much this public "servant" outing cost the taxpayers? Too much.

Competing against Joe Biden is like pro athletes competing in the Special Olympics ... but Obama has already joked about them before.

There is blood shed all over the world, there are lies being perpetrated on Capitol Hill, there are woes coming like never before imagined and these guys are golfing it up like it's just another day in paradise. Wow, what an ironic sight.

The world economy is going to crash any minute and these guys will be well hidden and safe (for the moment) while the rest of the world (that they care nothing about) starve, get sick, and die.

All fun and games and not a care in the world. Very poor timing and bad PR.

They had to split the sides so it wasn't GOP against the Dems. Obama knew he would lose and he's too narcissistic to allow that.

Boehner shouldn't be fraternizing with 0bama. The country needs Republicans to oppose 0bama, not be co-opted by him. Boehner was outsmarted again and handed 0bama another political victory and photo-op. Now is he going to cry and go all wobbly when it comes time to reign in the Regime? Grow a spine, GOP!

If you don't like the wealthy elites, why do you keep cutting their taxes?
If you don't like professional politicians, why is Joe the Plumber not onstage?

Boehner big mistake. Golf if you must, but doing so with someone who many believe is trying to destroy American life as we have known it makes you look like you are just as much a political hack as they are.

Do you not realize that Obama want's nothing but your demise and the end to conservative principles? Now everytime you tell us that you believe in conservative policy THIS image of you laughing it up, being great pal's with a socialist will come to mind.

The progressives know the power of imagry.....and that is why they put this little propaganda photo op excursion together.

Stop being so naive may have won the golf match but Obama kicked our butt in politics today.

Mr Boehner is getting to cozy with Mr Slobama.

It makes it impossible for him to do his job as speaker of the house and a conservative. This means he has to be voted out in the next election.

Boehner didn’t do himself, the Party, or the country any favors by this ridiculous golf photo-op that only created more distance between Washington and the real people.

My husband and I go to work, sleep, eat, and pay our bills. We are getting older and more and more tired. We do not have the time or money to take in a freaking movie. I am so sick of watching our so called represenitves play while our country is burning.

I wonder how these folks have figured a way to sell the American Public down the drain. Obama was never taught manners as you can see with his hat still on.
I'm a little more than disappointed with Gov. Kasich and this will be something to remember when he runs for President in the future. Kind of funny no woman were invited by the President.

Smokers vs. Non-smokers.

What a colossal waste of time.

My Lord in Heaven. These guys are America's leadership? Are you kidding this some kind of sick joke???

Amazing how people think that deems and repps hate each other.....look at these ding dongs at the end of the day are on the same side with their millions and laugh at the rest of us

As Vero posted, "Rome" burns while these elitists are fiddling. Given what obambam and his ilk are doing to our country, I don't want to see these political adversaries playing golf or anything else. I want to see serious debate to correct the mess imam hussein is causing. If boner can't lead, we need someone else who can.

How stupid is this. You have the Kenyan boy king who is first in line, the V.P next in line and the Speaker of the house as the third. One terrorist act could take out the whole head of our government.

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