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Ginger Lee, another Anthony Weiner text partner, bares all, finds work

Amid all the chaos and confusion of Rep. Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal, somehow Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred got connected with one of the New York Democrat's female electronic correspondents.

And today, the pair opted to call a news conference in New York to announce that they would really like to avoid publicity and get on with their private lives.

Because Weiner has refrained from publicly texting his whereabouts and desires the last couple of days, times were slow on the power/sex news front. So, fewer than several hundred news media showed up at the Friars Club to watch the shy women enter down a spiral staircase.

Weiner's texting partner is a Tennessean known as Ginger Lee. She is a former porn actress and what Allred calls a "featured dancer," who is studying to become a real estate agent and likes long walks on the beacGinger Lee 6-15-11h. We made up that last part.

Lee carefully read a written statement (see video below).

Mainly, in her attempt to duck publicity, Lee said she had not responded in kind to Weiner's suggestive sexts but had continued exchanging maybe 100 messages since March, mostly about politics, she said. And especially about the managed care opt-out for certain states that obtain healthcare waivers by the deadline set out in Section 14 (v). We made up that last part again.

Lee said the married Democrat would often steer their political exchanges toward sexual subjects, one time proudly texting her: "I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package." We did not make up that last part.

Lee also said that Weiner, who apparently got her phone number somehow, called when the scandal began to urge her to lie about their relationship.

She said she became disturbed when she saw the New York representative lie on national television about the photo of a brief-covered package that Weiner originally said was sent from his Twitter account by a hacker.

Lee said she wanted to get on with her regular life. Somehow, shortly after the news conference, word leaked that Lee was off the unemployment line and would be uncovering her package tonight at an Atlanta strip club.

Weiner has since admitted lying about the hacker and numerous other things during these three years of explicit online exchanges with a half-dozen women who are not his wife.  

Wife Huma Abedin returned from a lengthy Africa trip with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, early today.

The 46-year-old Weiner is on a two-week leave of absence allegedly receiving some kind of treatment for something and consulting with his wife on growing demands for his resignation after seven terms in the House.

Even BlackBerry addict President Obama has weighed in on the titilating distractions of shower photos and explicit texts between a man and women he's never met.

When asked about the fellow Democrat by NBC's Ann Curry, Obama said if he were in Weiner's towel, he would resign.



Bathroom mirrors and cellphones: A lethal mix in modern American politics

Can Anthony Weiner survive admission of online exchanges with high school girl?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: D. Dipasupil / Getty Images (Lee).

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Very funny post, good work.

One pesky fact for the oh-so-innocent former porn star: On March 1 she publicly posted that "I want to have sexual relations with Anthony Weiner." I'm guessing that was the point at which he started wanting to discuss politics with her. Not 100% sure on the timeline.

Thank you, Anthony. This is the story that just keeps on giving. I look forward to Googling Anthony Weiner tomorrow to see what comes up, err, appears.

Everyone is blown-up about this saying Weiner lied, well I can't sit back and watch the other lying politicians (don't ever try and tell me they don't) and a porn star who sold her soul to the devil tell me he needs to step down.

Democrats: The party of Truth and crotchshots.

Meanwhile we're on the verge of economic collapse and wider war in the Middle East. . .

Why does she need an attorney???

Because Weiner has refrained from publicly texting his whereabouts and desires the last couple of days, times were slow on the power/sex news front.


What a Weiner...

weiner was stupid to fall for this GOP trick

There is no such thing as a former or present porn star.
The term "porn star" is a stretch.

Let me get this straight. A porn star "opted to call a news conference in New York to announce that they would really like to avoid publicity and get on with their private lives." That's what I do when I want to stay out of the public eye: I call a press conference.

And why is it that whenever the words 'attorney' and 'sex' are in the same sentence they are joined by 'Gloria Allred'?

OK so let me get this straight.... a porn star from Tennessee somehow connects with a high publicity lawyer from California to hold a press conference in New York to tell the world that she wants to avoid publicity and get on with her life? Yeah and Anthony Weiner's blackberry got hacked...nice try babe....your 15 minutes are running.

She thinks Weiner should resign? That's a headline!

EXTRA, EXTRA - Porn star wants Weiner out NOW!

Her real name is Miranda and she's a Mormon. No lie. She had a Xanga blog before she got into porn and I remember it very well. Also, there are videos of her talking WITHOUT a southern accent. This babe is a piece of work, believe me.

"...However, I did not 'sext' Anthony Weiner." Classic! But really, who cares if she did or didn't? He did with so many she trying to clear her own "good name?" Fat chance, porno ho.

Ah'm glad she stood up for America and integrity and feminism (I guess) so she could not attract attention and that she got the new job so no more 3-ways this month.

The whole scandal is becoming more pathetic and funnier than fiction. "Flanked by Gloria Allred, a press conference was held today at a public restroom where a woman in a raincoat denounced Congressman Weiner who..."

Congressman Weiner. Ai yi yi

Resign don't resign, he's freak, quit wasting air time on this boob and ignore him, who cares?, let his voters decide.

I am glad she said, "No", to A. Weiner.

Another of the press doing a fine job of investigative journalism. Sure glad all the real problems have been solved, making this important

Don't like the status of things politics? BLAME THE PRESS!

Time to cover REAL news for a change.

We can all thank Rep Weiner for allowing Gloria Allred to trot out ANOTHER one of her clients. How about the LA TV stations run a marathon of her 'news conferences' just like they ran Cal Worthington commercials. I'm tired of seeing her pop-up everytime there is woman involved in some scandal. She (Allred) maybe can do adverstising on Weiners blackberry.

what an absurd country we live in.....


This being Capitol Hill and one should remember what’s often so important isn’t the policies that get made but rather the shade of lipstick one is prone to find flapping in the wind, or sometimes as in Mr Weiner’s case the elasticity of a well spent pair of pantyhose.

Whether or not this was cooked-up by the Weiner team to make it look like his
sexting partners are weirder than he is, so far, it's working.

When your name is proceeded by "Gentlemen, now appearing on the main stage...", your credibility may not be the greatest. When Gloria Allred is standing by your side to comfort you in your 15 minutes of fame, er, hour of torment, you've really got a problem.

Can this circus get any weirder? Tune in tomorrow.

Is this supposed to be a legitimate news story or a humor column? Journalistic integrity in this country is evidently a thing of the past. Ridiculous.

Gloria is such a fame chaser. Look at her just staring down the porn star. She will take on anybody for a dollar. As long as it is someone cheating. Amber Fry should be appalled at her behavior. She has no credibility. She is a Ho chaser.

So what was the news here? That Anthony Weiner sent emails to women? We already knew that. That Anthony Weiner (initially) lied about it? We knew that, too. That Ginger Lee wanted to stand in the spot light, in search for a job? That, we didn't know, and I'm glad that now we do.

Thank the Lord this honest working girl has set the record straight, and admonished Weiner. I'm sure she'll change his mind.

His wife might be asking What Would Hilary do? Possibly sing "Stand by your Man to him.

I guess Allred is looking for a little bit of that sexual harassment lawsuit money.

If there was ever an opportunist, its Gloria Allred !! As for Ginger, I'm sure she's going to milk this episode for all its worth. As for Anthony, he's a joke !!!

I used to watch Ginger in her xxx days and this is beyond hilarious, it's great to hear that cute southern twang in her voice again. Come back Ginger!

Oh yea, quit Weiner (non partisan comment)

It amazes me that what I would think to be intelligent men get caught in these scandals. John Edwards, I believe was a target by Ms. Hunter. His position, fame and wealth were no doubt attractive.
Following the Edwards scandal Anthony Weiner should have known better. Ginger Lee saved all of their emails. Something that has proved to be convenient. She stated that she was offered a book deal but declined. For now, I suspect waiting for a better offer.
If Anthony Weiner did one positive thing it was to improve the economy for Ginger Lee.

Andrew, the response of both the Democrats and the Republicans to the Weiner saga can lead to only one conclusion: the brains trust within both parties are not nearly as bright as we've been led to assume.

The Democrats' response to the indiscretions of Weiner - in contrast to that party's response to earlier scandals involving other members - can only invite questions with no good answer. Is there anyone within that party who would seriously suggest that Weiner's conduct was as egregious as that of Charles Rangel? Are we to assume that - in the eyes of the likes of Nancy Pelosi - that sexually inappropriate but not (so far found to be) illegal behavior is beyond the pale and unacceptable, while corrupt behavior engaged in over the course of many years is not serious enough to warrant expulsion?

Meanwhile, we see the Republicans trying to score cheap political points with too-predictable cries of outrage and calls for Anthony Weiner's resignation. Once it was obvious that the MSM would not soon tire of the saga - and that the Democrats were determined to turf Weiner - there should have been Republicans expressing sympathy for the congressman, and - in doing so - contrasting the Democrats' treatment of Weiner with their treatment of the likes of Barney Frank and Rangel.

Malcolm, can you imagine the response there would have been if some Republican had said something like: "I actually feel sorry for Anthony Weiner. Here he's being pressured to resign his seat, while other disgraced congressmen and senators never faced such pressure. At worst, Weiner's indiscretions were embarrassing; others still on Capitol Hill engaged in corrupt and arguably criminal behavior. How can anyone call for Anthony Weiner's resignation as long as Charles Rangel remains in his seat?" Any Republican making such a comment would have been invited onto every news and talk show to repeat it, and - of course - with every utterance, the unity of the Democratic party would take a body blow.

Pathetic.... That's like the drug dealer calling out the drug addict who in this case happens to be of government stature. This a new low in the quest for fame, gain, and in Allred's case, profit.

I guess pornographers like Ginger have rights too. They also have big mouths, along with other big openings!

hey, weiner like his penis. what's wrong with that?

He asked pornstar Ginger Lee to lie (next to him?), and she wanted Weiner to show off his phenomenal election success.

Sheesh, I think every straight males Weiner likes Ms. Lee!

A marriage made in hell, disgraced ex Congressman, washed up porn star and skanky media slut Gloria Allred. Why didn't they hold their news conference on the Richard Bay show? I am continually amazed at Allrag's ability to continually lower her professional standards.

Weiner needs help. And, I'm not sure how harmless he is. He may be a real life Norman Bates.

Politics aside: Does it really matter what she did or does for a living? Weiner should have known better than to risk his role in the political world with a sexting scandal. Things leak. He should have known better than to sext anyone in the first place. Stop hating on this woman because she chose a different career than yourself.


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