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Elisabeth Hasselbeck blames Sarah Palin for lack of Mitt Romney coverage

Elisabeth Hasselbeck with Sarah Palin in 2008

This is a corrected post, see below

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who campaigned for Sarah Palin (oh, and John McCain) in 2008 is now complaining that the former governor is distracting media attention from Mitt Romney.

On a recent episode of "The View," Hasselbeck used an interesting analogy to argue that the hockey mom's "One Nation" tour was stealing the thunder from Romney's plan to improve the economy.

"If I had termites in my house I'd get someone in there who could deal with it," the former contestant on "Survivor" explained. "Mitt Romney, right now, his specialty is the economy. I'd have him in there. Here's why we're not hearing it: because Sarah Palin's on a bus and right now she's manipulating, in terms of media attention."

Hasselback's angst against the Alaskan may seem odd considering that in 2008 Hasselbeck guaranteed that if Palin made it to the White House she would fight D.C. corruption.

"Did I mention that this woman, she's got a real knack for cleaning. She cleaned up house in Alaska. Yep," Hasselbeck said while introducing Palin at a rally in Tampa, Fla., in 2008. "All that corruption went out with the trash. Now whatever the good ol' boys are up to these days, that has no place in her state -- no place. And Gov. Palin will use that same mop to clean up Washington and.....

Wall Street, guaranteed." This isn't the first time the talk show cohost has been critical of Palin. In 2010 Hasselbeck reluctantly agreed with "View" colleague Joy Behar over SarahPac's use of cross-hairs in an advertisement against Democrats in the House who voted for the healthcare overhaul.

[Correction: An earlier version of this post said that Hasselbeck was a former winner of "Survivor". While it's true that Hasselbeck did perform well on "Survivor: The Austrailian Outback," the tribe spoke on Day 39 and she finished fourth.]

Here's Hasselbeck in June 2011, upset that Palin's bus tour is taking attention from Romney:


Here's Hasselbeck introducing Palin in 2008:



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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Palin was introduced by TV talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck at a campaign rally in Kissimee, Fla., in October 2008. Credit: Matt Stroshane / Getty Images.

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Hasselbeck serves no purpose and no one listens to her on the View. She is annoying and is just as stupid as Palin.

One annoying woman complaing about another annoying one. How irrelvant are these two losers

It's amazing how technology has lent fame to the least consequential things and people. I feel sorry for us that we are even submitting comments about Elisabeth Hasselbeck, don't you? I recently read an article in New York magazine about Mr. Ailes, the CEO of Fox News, I believe. Government of the people, for the people, by the people--indeed.

Two airheads

I agree with Famara, "RUN, SARAH, RUN" and our great President Obama will win by a landslide!

Why do we care if she was a winner or not on Survivor??? There is so much more going on this Country than worrying about a stupid show.
C'mon people, get your head out of the sand, wake up.
The reason Sara Palin is getting so much media attention is not her fault, blame the mainstream media for that. They love to hate her, she stands up for the principles this Country was founded on that so many have lost and want to destroy. Right now the Country is even on wealth distribution (part of socialism) and that is scary because it is not what the Founders had in mind when they wrote the Constitution. Limited Govt. not Big Govt that takes and takes and takes until you're left with nothing. That's what we got away from, remember the saying, "no taxation with out representation"?

Why should we give a crap, really, concerning what Elisabeth Hasselbeck has to say regarding Sarah Palin or, for that matter, anything? The fact is, this girl is and always has been just another "reality TV" tootsie looking to stretch out her 15 minutes any way she can. That "The View" actually hired her as one of its hostesses only proves that said program is not, so goes its masquerade, a serious discussion show; it is more like a second "Regis and Kelly," only with no Regis, multiple Kellys, and with social/political pretensions. Truly, a "reality television" camera slut like Hasselbeck would do better to keep her mouth shut and go on just looking pretty, as most of the rest of these "reality" bimbos do.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a moron.Romney is not getting attention because he is NO conservative but a disastrous RINO Establishment Republican with a poor economic and social record.He's also a bore and a character who will say anything to get elected.His only core value is his own election.If the GOP was stupid enough to nominate this moax,Obama would have a good chance to be re-elected...Which is why the Media is pushing him...Palin is smart,sexy and savvy....She would beat Obama like a curr dog...

Shut up Hasselbeck,you're a dunce...

all palin all the time, get over it libs.

If Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn't a contestant on Survivor she would not even be relevant,She supports Palin then she dosn't..what is up with that?Seems two faced to me and I for one support Sarah Palin If and when she decides to run for president In 2012.

hey, elizabeth,
if the media is covering sarah palin instead of mitt why is that her fault. how blonde can you get! seriously!!!!

Elizabeth has every right to change her mind, especially since it's been three years. It would be nice if Palin would just go away.

Can't believe anybody even cares what Elizabeth Hasselback has to say. She is just as uninformed and stupid as Palin. They both give the rest of the female gender a bad name.

I think it's sad when so much of you people even remember that she was in Survivor. It says alot for today's society.

Hasselbeck annoys me to end, I can stand to watch her on The View and she is to bossy ans egotistical. Some of your opinions should be kept to yourself, If she wants Romney for pres then support him, but no need tell others what to do.

miss hasselbeck is a complete republican snot, who with here close minded opinions make her look completely cold and better than others with her political views. sarah palin is completey about fame and popularity ......... amazing these two women havent crawled up each others ass let alone be related...... shows true colors of who you are and what u sell out for for gain in that popularity and attention'

Good because Romney is just a white Obama.

Sarah is the repubs girl. It's all about Sara folks. Sarah is smart she is building a million dollar plus home in Arizona. She know how to work the lower 48 so go Sarah go

Why is this news? You will print anything to criticize Sarah Palin. You never give any conservative thoughts the time of day unless they are saying something bad about a republican or conservative. It's so pathetic. Do I want Sarah Palin as my president? No but to dig up this pathetic story to bash Palin is just sad.

I have respect for any person, including celebrities & especially politicians, who acknowledge that they have changed their mind on any subject. It indicates that they have an open mind! And in this particular case I am very glad Elisabeth has done an about face on Palin!

The words that all of you are using to criticizing E. Hasselbeck & S. Palin are a reflection of your own idiocy. All I can say that if you don't agree with what they stand for then just say it. Name calling just shows that you don't have valid reasons for your criticism and it shows you have no class! I don't agree with the majority of the women on the view, therefore I don't bother watching the program, I don't b#tch, moan & whine about.

She is right. Sarah Palin is distracting from Mitt Romney, who can do a lot of good for our economy. He has a proven track record and IS a conservative. Duh, he is mormon.

Blah,blah, blah! Who really cares what Hasselbeck has to say. The show has no credible personalities, except for Barbara Walters, who is starting to get out of touch with the every day person. The View is just four hens sitting around a table complaining and critizing. Why give them any publicity anyway! Waste of time.

Romney is just another RINO---supporter of the global warming hoax, cap and trade and his Mass. Health care, which is a disaster.

I'm not a big fan of Sarah Palin; but, at least she is consistent in her views and is NOT a RINO like most of the GOP frontrunners.

Romney can't beat Obama....

short of a korvorcian disaster or tornado is there any way to keep this joke of the day out of our politics? lets run tina Fey instead at least she has the memory of lines , as mental giant, compared to big Buck hunter

Its the Media people who love our comments don't believe what they post!!

1. Who cares aobut Sarah Palin?

2. Who cares about Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

Dumb & Dumber.

Lets not even think about palin for president! She is a great bluffer! A great egotisical maniac! She has more guts than brains! The repubs have a history of confusion and it doesn't end!

I agree that Mitt's campaign seems on the news circuit back-burner and Palin has been in the news a bit too much. She's not running - Romney is. I like Romney. I could vote for him although I wish he would stop trying to be sorry for the health coverage he promoted in Massachussettes, because he did a good thing and people should know that about him. I would also like to know what are his ideas for the economy? Cheers!

...........THIS is exactly why I do NOT watch THE VIEW........nor do I respect E. H.!
......Palin's business is HER business.......!!! Looks like the media Leftists got to E. H. for her to 'change' her tune!!! Palin has got more umph in her than ANY of the candidates ......... and just because she's doing 'her' thing........ BLAMING HER is RIDICULOUS!

This country needs Sarah Palin now more than ever . How dare you BO voters say anything about Sarah Palin, after what this President is doing to this country. You people are blind , and as your dear leader would say, your car is heading for the ditch. The reason ? The guy in the drivers seat , Obama is as blind as you are. You can lie about her and propagate your shallow straw man, "she's so dumb", but truth will prevail. And as Sarah says, " she is trusting in Providence that He will not allow a lie to live." She also inferred Providence wants truth lovers to do their part, so a lie will not live. Palin 2012

Hello!! Y is anyone listening to Elisabeth in the first place? She is the first one to open her mouth and insert her foot. Her holier than thou attitude makes my skin crawl. She is the ONLY reason y i will not watch the view! Her husband deserves an award! Just in case this is read by the ladies of the view I luv the rest of u and my comment is based on what I have seen and heard from elizabeth herself, may b if she would remove the stick, she would b more likable...I doubt it

Sarah Palin needs to go away forever!

Hasselbeck is mad only because she got dissed by Sarah and she wants to make herself feel better. Hasselbeck was right about the "surveyor symbols" used against Giffords.

Of course, Palin chews up and spits out anyone and everyone who doesn't kiss her behind. It is disgusting how this "lady" plays victim constantly, and even more disgusting how her "fans" can't seem to even admit once that Palin could be wrong about something.

You liberals are a sickening breed.You buggers can't even explain your viewpoint without showing your stupidity by saying vile things about someone you don't even know. Anyway, Hasselbeck is a backstabber. Palin will painfully discover who her true friends are as the next election cycle approaches. Palin made a huge mistake during and after the 2008 national election. She underestimated how vile and dirty politics can be on the national level. And now she is paying a terrible price for that mistake. Lastly, I have never watched that liberal TV show, called "The View." Just seeing clips of this show on cable news shows tells me all I want to know. I am an American male and I'll be damned if I waste my valuable time watching five women cackle like a bunch of laying hens.

Mrs Hasselbeck,
Who cares what you think.You are a nobody with an opinion.Go back,and kackle on the view.Better yet,go back to oblivion,where you belong.

Barbara-you have a lot of pull on the view- can you not see how many people want Elizabeth home with her babies? Please get rid of this "survivor". She has a very annoying voice and what she says is annoying and she needs to go!!!as far as Sarah Palin-RUN. We love our Pesident . Insurance is great and you running would be very good insurance he could finish what he started.

romney does not sell!

I ike Sarah Palin, and I believe that she is the one who can win against Obama.People keep saying silly things about her, but she is a class and very smart. I voted for Obama the last time, but now my vote is for Sarah. She is the ideal person for President, tye rest of them are fakes.

I like Elizabeth but see should rethink this one. The MEDIA is a free thinking news drivng machine in itself. If they didn't choose to cover Palin, they wouldn't. Weather she thinks Romney is worthy or not, Palin does not direct the media, nor should she subdue her liberties to appease Hasselbeck.

I could say Elizabeth needs to get off the View; being the only quasi-conservative, she just messes up this otherwise Liberal Lovefest! But thats not mine to say, opinion or not.

@sandra holt

Nothing is worse then when someone complains about someone getting the facts wrong, then THEY get the facts wrong. Elisabeth did not come in 3rd in Survivor, Outback. Sorry...she came in 4th...

Keith was third, then Colby, and then Tina won.

she didn't win the survivor bt she's a winner now she got a good job bt wat abt u guys who comment that she didn't win the survivor wat u do probably

Washington is making up all the headlines and the stories for the media to report on. Want proof? Sarah Palin’s emails will be released on Friday.

How many coincidences does it take to make something more than a coincidence?

Sarah Palin a Maverick
John McCain a Maverick
Maverick Mark Cuban appears to be the Rich Jerk in the Rich Jerk videos
Robert Johnson Rich Jerk appears to be Tony Rezko who sold Obama real estate
Sarah Palin’s basketball name (Barrac-uda) as in Barack-uda
Barack Obama’s basketball name (O’Bomber)
Mr. internet technology (Ma)verick (Ma)rk Cuba-n was under investigation of insider trading for a company called (Ma)mma. Sarah Palin coined the phrase “(ma)(ma) grizzly” (Ma)verick (Ma)rk Cuban produced a movie through (Ma)gnolia Pictures called Redacted. Sarah Palin’s 24,199 emails will have a lot of information which will be “redacted.” Why not release 24,000 emails, why the strange number? The Rich Jerk program originally sold for $199, must be another odd coincidence. Probably as odd as the first testimonial on The Rich Jerk site being from Mark Joyner, who’s actually FBI most wanted terrorist Seif al-Adel.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Sarah Palin is a federally fabricated person. Her identity as governor of Alaska was fabricated by the feds. If I’m making all of this up, she would sue me, and the FBI and secret service would arrest me. Sarah’s last name is short for palindrome. George SOROS(a palindrome) has been credited with collapsing a number of nations currencies and speaks of a New World Order.

Osama Bin Laden is also a code;
(Os) ?
(ama) ?
(Bi) ?
(nla) ?
(den) ?
Osama is the look alike for Obama/Biden (Bi)nla(den)

I hope that Elizabeths efforts to help a republican candidate are as successful as her husbands attempts at winning football games.

Is that all people can keep saying.."she didn't win Survivor"....okay we get it...she didn't win Survivor....can we get back on topic please!!!!!

Everyone seems to think that Romney has that business acumen that the country needs. He did not do all that well, except for the Olympics. His state was 47th in job creation, and when he left the governership, he worked for Bain, which bought up companys, bundled up their assets like the housing deals, then proceeded to cut jobs. So how is he qualified? Like Donald Trump.......who has gone bankrupt three times and borrowed for the properties he has now.

i watch a movie once it was call dumber and dumber

Why? Why?!? Why is Elisabeth Hassleback involved in any political affairs? What is her purpose on this earth? Where does she come from? She's not even married to the good quarterback. PLEASE GO AWAY!

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