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Elisabeth Hasselbeck blames Sarah Palin for lack of Mitt Romney coverage

Elisabeth Hasselbeck with Sarah Palin in 2008

This is a corrected post, see below

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who campaigned for Sarah Palin (oh, and John McCain) in 2008 is now complaining that the former governor is distracting media attention from Mitt Romney.

On a recent episode of "The View," Hasselbeck used an interesting analogy to argue that the hockey mom's "One Nation" tour was stealing the thunder from Romney's plan to improve the economy.

"If I had termites in my house I'd get someone in there who could deal with it," the former contestant on "Survivor" explained. "Mitt Romney, right now, his specialty is the economy. I'd have him in there. Here's why we're not hearing it: because Sarah Palin's on a bus and right now she's manipulating, in terms of media attention."

Hasselback's angst against the Alaskan may seem odd considering that in 2008 Hasselbeck guaranteed that if Palin made it to the White House she would fight D.C. corruption.

"Did I mention that this woman, she's got a real knack for cleaning. She cleaned up house in Alaska. Yep," Hasselbeck said while introducing Palin at a rally in Tampa, Fla., in 2008. "All that corruption went out with the trash. Now whatever the good ol' boys are up to these days, that has no place in her state -- no place. And Gov. Palin will use that same mop to clean up Washington and.....

Wall Street, guaranteed." This isn't the first time the talk show cohost has been critical of Palin. In 2010 Hasselbeck reluctantly agreed with "View" colleague Joy Behar over SarahPac's use of cross-hairs in an advertisement against Democrats in the House who voted for the healthcare overhaul.

[Correction: An earlier version of this post said that Hasselbeck was a former winner of "Survivor". While it's true that Hasselbeck did perform well on "Survivor: The Austrailian Outback," the tribe spoke on Day 39 and she finished fourth.]

Here's Hasselbeck in June 2011, upset that Palin's bus tour is taking attention from Romney:


Here's Hasselbeck introducing Palin in 2008:



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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Palin was introduced by TV talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck at a campaign rally in Kissimee, Fla., in October 2008. Credit: Matt Stroshane / Getty Images.

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this woman is sicking! I don't write comments very often but I had to stop watching The View because she made me sick. Hope she leaves soon. Won't watch anything she does or supports. If she is for Palin that says it all! Palin is a puppet for the good ole boys!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is NOT a former winner of "Survivor". Get your facts right.

Interesting viewpoint. However........
Elisabeth did NOT win Survivor. She came in 3rd!
When the writer cannot even get the basic facts about her correct, it makes the reader wonder how much of the rest of the story is accurate.

She didn't win Survivor.

So she's not allowed to change her opinion about another person almost three years later? I am sure there are plenty of people who loved Obama three years ago who wouldn't back him now. I guess I am just confused, how is this article considered news?

Elizabeth was not a winner on Survivor. Not even a runner up.


We have one moron complaining about another moron. Priceless.

The simple fact that either of these two air headed clowns get any press and attention at all is all one needs to know about the intelligence level of the country at large.

MIz Palin needs to get back to her bus and go home. Too much ego, she is going to become less popular as time goes by. She is hurting not just the Rep but America in general.

Fox News Presents: Our Next President!

Good article. The issue is that Palin draws crowds but can't be taken seriously.

Did anyone see the new story about her tour issues???

Someone @ LA Times is sleeping .Elisabeth Hasselbeck news is 6 days old!

It's even odder since Romney is not a conservative. I think it's clear Sarah stands for conservative principles, Romney has made it clear that he does not.

Palin for the head of the RNC. She could direct agenda and raise money. She would do a much better job than Steele.
Cain for president.

Sarah palin would qualify as a cocktail waitress.

I can't believe CBS News gives her new movie a thumbs up!!

Palin: Is "The Undefeated" Running for President?

What is wrong with these fools?

And now Chris Wallace (son of the venerated Mike Wallace!!) at Faux News thinks she is "presidential" or something!!

Chris Wallace After Palin Interview: First Time I Ever Thought ‘This Women Is A Serious Candidate’ and former Democrat Chairman GOV. HOWARD DEAN, M.D. thinks she can beat our greatest multi-racial/African-American/Asian president, EVER!!

Howard Dean warns Sarah Palin could beat Obama in 2012

Is there something in the water inside the beltway?!

Elizabeth did not win Survivor Outback. Tina Wesson won.

Who cares what either of the quacks have to say? BTW - she did NOT win Survivor. She is so annoying! Also, did you hear her say that she loved Donald Trump? Umm yeah, after he calls yout he stupidest person on television, which you are, you go and say you love him? Something is seriously wrong with this woman. I still can not believe she has not gotten fired yet. I don't know which one is more stupid, her or Sarah Palin,,,both give the Republican party a bad name.

She should be more worried that Mitt might get more air time and win. Mitt is the same as Obama - sleazy, manipulative and NOT a true conservative. He is a RINO! It's too bad that Elizabeth cannot see that. She has no idea that it's these two parties together that are ruining everything this country used to be. Mitt would be more of the same, more debt, more robbing people of their liberties and money and property. Mitt Romney doesn't know d**k about the economy except how to break it.

Hasselbeck was a Romney supporter in 2008, she's a Romney supporter now. This is a non-story, about a non-entity who fills a slot on The View, and whose opinion about anything is worth less than pocket lint.

she didn't win survivor, do your homework.

I don't see why this is news. So what if Elizabeth Hasselbeck supported Palin in 2008 and now she supports someone else? Back in 2008 we didn't know that Sarah Palin would resign her post as Alaska governor less than two years into her first [and we hope only] term because she was being investigated for ethics violations. She proved then she doesn't have the integrity or fortitude to fight for her beliefs and Hasselbeck has learned from the experience not to support someone who doesn't stay at her post while under fire.

Mr. Malcom: Elisabeth Hasselbeck was NOT a "Survivor" winner. She was on the second season in Australia and came in third or fourth. Tina Wesson won that season and Colby Donaldson came in second. AND as far as Palin stealing Romney's thunder, my question would be...WHAT THUNDER?

Hassbeck is not a "Survivor" winner.

Elizabeth DID NOT win Survivor!!! Stay out of politics, and improve The View.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck did not win Survivor.

What in the world is Elisabeth's boyfriend Sean Hannity going to say about this????!!!! Little ole Sean thinks the sun rises and sets around the idiot palin !!!

Elizabeth DID NOT WIN Survivor.

For the record, she didn't win survivor.

Ok first of all she did not win Survivor so get the facts straight, she came in 4th place. As far as the rest who cares what anyone's opinion is on that stuff, the best way to elect someone is learn the facts yourself and make your own mind up.

Elisabeth whoooo? Sensational Sarah Palin has no time for those frumpy faux-females on "The View". Anyway, Mittens is over & done the instant Sarah announces her candidacy.

These two airheads make me dizzy! Why do they open their mouths on subjects they have no clue about?! They do not make me proud to be a woman :/

It's nice that Elizabeth has come to her senses about Palin, I guess, but the media should share the blame for giving Palin the amount of attention that she's getting. She doesn't deserve the coverage especially since she has not officially enter the race for the White House.

I agree. I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin. I was disapointed that she stepped down as govener of Alaska. She was doing a great job and it was something she needed to gain experience if she was going to run again. I thought that she chose to step down from politics and wasn't going to run? We have 2 very interesting republicans running that I would like to hear from. It's just like last eclection though. We are going to have to buckle down and do our own research. Not let media hype choose our next president. I hope our country does a better job of investigating this time. Voting records, financial decisions. Last election we were at war and needed a military leader. We still are at war but our country is in a financial and political crises. We need someone to come into Washington and remind the politicians that THEY work for US not the other way around. Remind them when we say no we mean no. Remind them we wanted SMALLER government and LESS spending. Don't depend on the press. We have to do the work.

Barely a single brain betwixt Hassleblech and Caribou Barbie

Blame Mitt Romney for being over shadowed by Palin. His strategy is not quite clear, but if he can't shut her down now he doesn't stand a chance of winning the presidency.

Hasselbeck is CIA

I am not a big fan of Elizabeth Hasselbeck but give her credit for realizing that Sarah Palin is only interested in self promotion and making money and will do everything that she can to prevent someone else from getting the nomination from the Republican or Tea Party. No other candidate is attacking the other candidates from her own party when they offer their ideas. Sarah is looking awfully conniving and jealous when she schedules an event at the same time that Mitt Romney is announcing his candidacy. She could have gone anywhere in the United States but the DimWit decides to have a clam bake a few miles away. Then everyone is saying that Michelle Bachmann is the darling of the Tea Party and a Sarah Palin with a brain--so the barracuda has her publicity agents and campaign manager make negative comments about the staff that Bachmann has hired. Because she doesn't have the knowledge about foreign affairs or economic issues, she goes on FOX News and says: "look at me! look at me! I knew all about Paul Revere. I had a whole week to learn about American history and now I know as much as Piper does!"

What Elizabeth has learned about Sarah is that there is Sarah's opinion and then there is fact. Palin whines about the ethical complaints almost bankrupting her, but the fact is that they were under $200,000 and she only had to pay for the ones where it was found that she was unethical! Somehow Sarah's blind little followers cannot understand this fact. They also do not understand that Alaskans say the corruption in their politics was caused by Palin--but she won't admit that if she just looked in the mirror or asked any of the residents, they would tell her that polls said that over 85% of the residents felt that Palin was dishonest and could not be trusted. Romney doesn't have people making comments about him lying and being dishonest. Sarah wants to control what the media says about her and that is why she has so many people hired to twist the facts.

I agree that both these women are complete morons! I can't stand Elizabeth! I don't watch the view anymore bcause of her. She makes me sick! She knew that Sarah Palin was an airhead in the beginning, but she was willing to take her side because she disliked President Obama. She's a racist idiot who doesn't even deserve this much of my time!

Howard Stern would be more electable than Sarah Palin.

why should America care what Hasselbeck has to say

Sarah Palin is not responsible for what the media covers

Idiots Promoting Other Idiots! What has this country come to and where is it going?

What the Hell is "Survivor"?

The fact that people are more concerned about the writer getting the Survivor story right is humorous.

you are more concerned with stupid tv shows than your country. it's people like you who elected B.O.

Please Sarah, "Run baby, Run!' and President Obama will win in a landslide.
As for these two women being air heads--women should have the same right to be incredibly stupid that Bush had.

Who in their right mind would ever take Elizabeth Hasselbeck's word on anything? What an air head!!

We (alaska) hope by go home you mean Arizona, otherwise stop that with the send her home stuff.

I rarely agree with Hasselbeck, but she's right this time. The media keeps following Sarah Palin because they can easily hear something stupid coming out of her mouth that they can exploit and plaster all over everywhere.
Romney is not presidential material, but he is clearly the best choice the GOP has and they should find ways to expose him more to the press.

What's the point here? When you think a person is right you say so. When you think a person is wrong you say so. What slanted picture are your trying to paint?

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