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Eliot Spitzer says he sympathizes with Anthony Weiner [Video]

Anthony Weiner

Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former governor of New York, is no stranger to embarrassing sex scandals. Tuesday on his CNN talk show, "In The Arena", Spitzer's guest was Mediaite founder Dan Abrams, who said it's only a matter of time before Rep. Anthony Weiner will have to step down from his seat in Congress.

After the pair analyzed the ways Weiner got himself in his now infamous mess, Abrams turned the tables on Spitzer and asked the host his point of view because "I would think that this is something that you know about."

Spitzer smiled, looked down and said that although he empathized with his fellow Democrat, the congressman's greatest crime was lying to the American people when he at first denied sending lewd pictures to women via the Internet.

"Look, let me be very clear. I sympathize with Anthony Weiner. I know he is going through torment like virtually no other," said Spitzer, who was forced to resign as governor when it became known that he had frequented high-priced prostitutes over a period of several years while he was in office.

"But his greatest sin, from the perspective of the public, was not being truthful at the moment of crisis. Because what that showed, unfortunately, was a flaw in his judgment," Spitzer said. "That trust and bond has now been broken ... not just by the behavior, but by that additional lie on top of it."


The advice Anthony Weiner gave Ben Affleck before you-know-what happened

Anthony Weiner admits he lied about underpants photo; Twitter erupts with jokes

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) on Monday admitted sending a lewd photo of himself to a woman via his Twitter account after previously denying he had done so. Credit: Brendan McDermid / Reuters

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Anthony Weiner should stake to his gun. Do not quit. All the republicans and democrats are involved on some stuff they have not been caught yet. I'm pulling for you Weiner.

The Democrats are SUCH a disappointment on this. Where are their respective backbones? I have been a life-long Dem but I am truly ashamed of how they have turned their backs on one of the brightest members of their party. And for what? Being a human being? A man? WTH? What does his private sexual behavior have to do with his job as a politician? As Chelsea Handler said last night, we get it, politicians are MUCH hornier than most people, but so what. He's not a sexual hypocrite -- policywise, he's an advocate for sexual liberation. So what is the story here?

@NellieO231 & Jay ...

As Spitzer correctly put it, it's the very deliberate lies he told in an attempt to cover himself that has caused the main problem here. I would go a step further than Spitzer & say that it's beyond a flaw in judgement or a loss of trust. It demonstrates a total lack of integrity & character.

Weiner didn't just lie when it hit the fan: he said his account was hacked & insinuated that it was a right-wing plot to discredit him. It's one thing for you to deny that you crashed the family car -- it makes you a shameful loser when you try to blame it on an imaginary thief or your next door neighbour.

The em-PHA-sis is on the wrong syl-LA-ble here. They don't call media "The Beast" for nuthin'. This incident is none of our business.  
What Anthony Weiner did was no threat to national security. No environmental upheaval. Weiner is no role model, to be sure, but moral transgressions are not the exclusive province of any political party, profession, religion, race, gender, nationality, income level, social status or lifestyle. Our media bask in, exacerbate, and promote public humiliation for profit, entice us along for the ride, and we gleefully jump on board to enjoy the show. While we're taken for a ride, the press waves the First Amendment in one hand to distract attention from its own questionable practices like deliberately suppressing vital facts that people need to make important decisions, manipulating public opinion, paying shoddy sources for information, repeating stories from tabloid gossip sites without fact checking, etc. Schwarzenegger, Edwards and now Weiner are just the latest lives reduced to junk food and fed to the crowd, bit by bit, like colored jellybeans. We gorge ourselves on others' pain and move on--each time a little less humane than we were before. 
I hope Mr. and Mrs. Weiner can work things out. It's their problem, not ours. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. 

All he had to do was acknowledge that his private behavior was not anyones business instead of lying and squirming in a vain hope that it would disappear. He could have simply admitted his behavior without apologizing for it. He lacks the integrity to do either. I am more than happy to watch his career go down in flames.

The continued lying shows something dark about his nature. A man that you want in the house of reps wouldn't have been messing around online, and he definitely wouldn't have lied about it afterwards. He didn't just lie, he denied vehemently. He had a woman arrested for asking him questions. He abused the power of his seat to try to cover it up. I'm sure there were bribes handed out and threats made. This is eerily similar to the Clinton scandal and the subsequent defense by the democrats: "it doesn't affect his politics!". Do you really want a man like Weiner or Clinton who can't keep it in their pants OR tell the truth running out nation? I sure as hell don't.

Holy Cow... The crazed libs are out in force today. Only in the laslimes. I can't believe this sort of stupidity has any currency with anyone.


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