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Bristol Palin says her virginity was 'stolen,' but Levi Johnston didn't rape her

Bristol Palin says her virginity was 'stolen' but Levi didn't rape her

Bristol Palin was on "Good Morning America" on Monday to clear up a few things from her memoir, as well as to tell the country that she felt her mom should run for president.

Bristol, Sarah Palin's oldest daughter, is currently on a book tour in support of her autobiography, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far," which came out last week.

While on "GMA" Monday morning, Palin -- an advocate of sexual abstinence among teens --  discussed a passage in the book where she described her first sexual encounter as being one she had in a tent with then-boyfriend Levi Johnston.  Bristol wrote that she and Johnston drank wine coolers, and she woke up in the tent not knowing what had happened until she overheard Johnston bragging "with his friends on the other side of the canvas" that the couple had copulated.

The 20-year-old former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant said she felt like her innocence had been stolen.

"I’m not accusing Levi of date rape or rape at all," Palin told "GMA," "but I am just looking back with my adult eyes that I have now and just thinking ‘that was a foolish decision.’ I should have never been underage drinking, and I should have never gotten myself into a situation like that.”

When asked if she felt her mother should run for president, Palin said, "Absolutely. I think she's awesome. ... I think she's smart. I think she would be awesome for our country."

Currently Palin's book is  #37 on the Women's Biographies list of bestsellers on Amazon behind memoirs by country superstar Shania Twain and Frank Sinatra's wife Barbara.


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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol Palin arrive at Italian Embassy for an MSNBC after-party following the annual White House Correspondents' Assn. dinner in Washington on  May 1, 2011. Credit: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

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