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Anthony Weiner resignation interrupted by Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk

Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk interrupting Anthony Weiner, again
Anthony Weiner
resigned Thursday citing "the distraction" his sexting has caused his party and his work, but Benjy Bronk, a writer on "The Howard Stern Show" was cause of even more distractions during the congressman's exit.

Interrupting Weiner with a barrage of questions about the representative's body, Bronk was shushed by reporters who had gathered at a senior center in Brooklyn's Midwood neighborhood to hear the disgraced Democrat step down.

Bronk, 43, who sits next to Stern each morning and writes jokes for the shock jock, foolishly called out to "Senator Weiner" sporadically throughout the four-minute resignation asking probing questions about the size of the congressman's most intimate private part.

To his credit, Weiner didn't seem the slightest bit troubled by Bronk's inappropriateness, pausing just once as the real journalists in the room objected to the outbursts.

"He's not with us," one reporter said, asking Weiner to continue.

Bronk, dressed in a black T-shirt and khaki pants, stood up and turned around to cameras and apologized, saying he would stop, but didn't. He was there to do more than scream out "Bababooey"; he was there to get noticed and add some spice to what would have been an otherwise anti-climatic political exit.

Weiner soldiered on thanking his staff as Bronk sporadically yelled out questions about Weiner that were later called "disgusting" by an MSNBC anchor.

"Will you maintain your hot physique," Bronk belted from the back of the center as Weiner left the podium at the end of his speech.

It was Bronk who was also at Weiner's news conference earlier this month when the congressman  admitted to lying about his online activity with several women. At that news conference, Bronk blasted  out similar questions and was later belted in the leg with a bike chain after he walked into a live shot and interrupted a local Fox news reporter with other shenanigans.

After that incident, Stern explained to his audience that he does not send Bronk out to cause such interruptions. In fact, he can barely get the portly writer to come into the studio each morning on time. Nonetheless, the self-proclaimed King of all Media joyfully played the clips from news reports of Bronk's mischief-making and notes that his former intern is asking questions that people want to know.

Twitter users noticed Bronk's behavior, and according to a tweet from the New York Daily News, so did the NYPD, who reportedly dragged the writer from the scene.

Below are some tweets reacting to Bronk's attempt to steal the thunder from Weiner's farewell.

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Benjy Bronk dressed in black stands up to apologize to journalists in the middle of Anthony Weiner's resignation speech. Credit: Screenshot from CNN's live feed of the event.

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Benjy was the BEST part of that jive news conference. Weiner DID NOT have to hold a news conference-this was his ego. Benjy put him in his place

It is sad when we as American people have the right to judge someone else weakness. Our expectation to have perfect people other than Jesus Christ is a fantasy we are living. We ar e actually trying to make a perfect world and a perfect human when it is impossible to do so. What about forgiveness? What make you so perfect? Understand the media gets paid to make news rather if it destroy lives as long as they can have people to read the negativity. This man probably done more good than bad and we do not have the right to judge him at all. Weiner hold your head up.. Watch out from your so called friends or supporters. Now you can discern who is really there or not by your side. God is the only judge you have to worry about... not imperfect people like human beings.

I just read that the Republicans are hoping to take this seat with a nasty creep called Erich Ulrich who is 24 years old. What a frikkin' laugh! Three years ago he was an Allstate insurance agent who was completely dishonest and openly disrgarded the truth about an accident I was invloved in. Someone hit me and he just laughs on the phone like some demented Joe Pesci character and said he'll do whatever he feels like even if it'wasn't true. Avoid this liar and loser and creep at all costs.


that is awesome now benji needs to go visit that wuss lefraud james and herpes boy d wade

No, Mr Stern , The puerile antics only disclose the hypocricy of your stand to protect freedom of speech. Mr. Bronk's behavior illustrates a bullish jock mentality exercised within a safe environment. No, Mr. Bronk is not a star. He is coward mouthing-off disallowing those who remain committed to Congressman Weaner from coming to terms with circumstances in their own manner. Perhaps Mr. Bronks ridiculous antics, -bordering a tantrum, is in fact a sign of Mr. Bronk's envy for Congressman's Weiner's well-endowed tumescence, or simply put penis-envy. Perhaps, behind Mr. Bronk's failure to give someone else the privilege of freedom of speech was his frustration is a result of not being a recipient of Congressman's Weiner's penile prowess.

Sure, "Alex Rockland".


Gotta love Benjy! Good riddance to this disgrace. The only job this man was interested in saving was his own. Thank you to Breitbart for exposing this sick nutcase for who he is, and keep searching for the truth!

We miss you Benji, come back.

So, let me get this straight...
We're at a press conference, where a US Congressman named "Weiner" is announcing he's been forced out of office, because he betrayed the trust of the good people who elected him, by sending a bunch of women pictures of his penis.
I mean, think about it. Would you be that incredibly stupid, if you were a US Congressman? Would you do that under any circumstances?
This man is beyond idiotic, he's both creepy, and a total ass-clown.
And now, the noble guardians of the Forth Estate, apparently including the LA Times, are all throwing up their hands in anguish, because Howard Stern wasn't being respectful enough, or taking this fool seriously?
Thank you Howard, for once again exposing the self-righteous hypocrisy of the media.

Don't listen/watch Howard Stern ever...don't know anything about Benjy Bronk. But, I love that he got up and heckled Weiner during his resignation speech! Thank you for shouting out something I might have shouted to that jerk during his ridiculous ramblings. Oh, by the way, one of the first comments he made about this situation was "none of this is my wife's fault". REALLY? Oh yeah, we all immediately blamed your wife for your silly 6th grade mentality actions! Weiner, you are such a fool. Stay out of public life. Your calling is in the porn industry you idiot.

TOO FUNNY!!!! Way To Go Benjy!!!

Ba, Ba, Bohooheyyy!!!!!

Even though Benjy Bronk is complete idiot with an IQ less than that becoming a dandelion, his vulgar moronic tirade more embarrassed the media more than Weiner. A smut writer for Howard Stern shouting vulgarities in a crowd which consisted of many elderly garnered attention from the press. The media has gotten totally pathetic. This is one of the reasons why David Vitter who did break the law, who did actually have sex with other women, who did solicit the service of prostitutes, is still a senator. For some reason that was boring and only got sidebar media attention at best.

Benji is such a d-bag.

Brilliant! Just brilliant! spite of the LA Time's being offended, just offended.

The guy is a total idiot for doing something like that, but I will shed no tears for him insulting Weiner. Weiner is not a sympathetic victim of circumstance, he IS a perv that created his own career nightmare, albeit not the only one that has been a member of Congress, and certainly won't be the last.

Slippery slope here for Mr. Stern. He is responsible for the jacka$$ being there - he signs his paycheck. Street theater and journalism don't mix.

I didn't listen to Stern when he was on the radio - certainly don't listen to him now.

And, goodbye and good riddance to Mr. Wiener.

"real journalists"
are you joking?
if not for breitbart none of those liberal hacks would have reported this at all.

comments approved by the author.
what are you afraid of?

"Foolishly" called out? This blog reporter's opinion is foolish, not Mr. Bronk's anger. Call a pervert what he is: a weiner; and the child who pointed out this perv "has no clothing," is called "foolish" by the self proclaimed intellectuals at the LA Times? See ya...

Weird...I listened to Stern for years and he loves perverts, although recently he seem to be highlighting homosexuals.


Howard who?? Oh the old washed up overpaid unfunny has been from the 80's. What's wrong Howie, butthurt over Opie & Anthony getting all the press while your only working 3 days a week?

AnthonyW And ArnoldS Achieve An "A" At Adult Adulterous Adventures <---- Benjy Bronk = B's


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