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Lessons of the Anthony Weiner sexting saga

June 17, 2011 |  2:48 am

A shirtless man identified as Anthony Weiner by BigGovernmentdotCom

Finally, we can all be rid of that awful Anthony Weiner scandal that had many of the elements that so disgust humans and their pandering media representative that they simply can't avert their eyes or mouse: power, sex, attractive women, dirty talk, lies, online infidelity, perversion and did we mention sex?

Like virtually every American, we really had zero interest in any of the sordid, sexy parts of the long Weiner story. All we cared about, quite frankly, was the potential for abuse of public resources by an elected official. And his truthfulness. That was key. Really.

Honey, we truly had no desire interest in reading any of the blackjack dealer's explicit texting transcripts until professional obligation called required. The Dallas bathrobe pic, towel shots, strategically placed cellphone can honestly say we did not see them much.

Same for watching the news conference of the porn star  stripper featured dancer with Gloria Allred that L.A. lawyer.Anthony Weiner Resignation announcement Scene 6-16-11

The Weiner saga did, however, reveal how amazing are the connective networkings within the human mind.

Once you raise erect establish that the subject is sex and a man, almost any word immediately takes on unintended pair of double meanings.

How, candidly, do you handle describe something as innocent as the national pastime without now snickering over balls the spherical objects they play with toss around throw? Or an on-deck player swinging his big bat. Reaching second base. Striking out. Scoring.

Suddenly, any sport is susceptible. A whole new meaning to sacking someone. Jockeys. Boxers. Diving. Breast stroke.

We won't insert detail fishing. Or golf. But you get the point subject matter.

This Weiner story, bottom line at the end of the day, was really about a pedestrian flasher who talked good and took advantage of his powerful position to attract female attention in certain parts ways from the presumed safety of his office chair.

We were pondering if this particular scandal would have had the same endurance  lasting power timeframe if Anthony's last name wasn't Weiner. If he was Anthony Solovitz. Or Tony Pesce. Would the late-night comedians still be doing their Oscar Mayer thing?

Just then the cell rang. FedEx with a package delivery.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: (Shirtless man identified as Anthony Weiner by; Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times (Weiner's resignation announcement, June 16).