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Lessons of the Anthony Weiner sexting saga

A shirtless man identified as Anthony Weiner by BigGovernmentdotCom

Finally, we can all be rid of that awful Anthony Weiner scandal that had many of the elements that so disgust humans and their pandering media representative that they simply can't avert their eyes or mouse: power, sex, attractive women, dirty talk, lies, online infidelity, perversion and did we mention sex?

Like virtually every American, we really had zero interest in any of the sordid, sexy parts of the long Weiner story. All we cared about, quite frankly, was the potential for abuse of public resources by an elected official. And his truthfulness. That was key. Really.

Honey, we truly had no desire interest in reading any of the blackjack dealer's explicit texting transcripts until professional obligation called required. The Dallas bathrobe pic, towel shots, strategically placed cellphone can honestly say we did not see them much.

Same for watching the news conference of the porn star  stripper featured dancer with Gloria Allred that L.A. lawyer.Anthony Weiner Resignation announcement Scene 6-16-11

The Weiner saga did, however, reveal how amazing are the connective networkings within the human mind.

Once you raise erect establish that the subject is sex and a man, almost any word immediately takes on unintended pair of double meanings.

How, candidly, do you handle describe something as innocent as the national pastime without now snickering over balls the spherical objects they play with toss around throw? Or an on-deck player swinging his big bat. Reaching second base. Striking out. Scoring.

Suddenly, any sport is susceptible. A whole new meaning to sacking someone. Jockeys. Boxers. Diving. Breast stroke.

We won't insert detail fishing. Or golf. But you get the point subject matter.

This Weiner story, bottom line at the end of the day, was really about a pedestrian flasher who talked good and took advantage of his powerful position to attract female attention in certain parts ways from the presumed safety of his office chair.

We were pondering if this particular scandal would have had the same endurance  lasting power timeframe if Anthony's last name wasn't Weiner. If he was Anthony Solovitz. Or Tony Pesce. Would the late-night comedians still be doing their Oscar Mayer thing?

Just then the cell rang. FedEx with a package delivery.


Weiner doll crashes website

Ginger Lee, another Weiner texting partner, bares all, finds work

Talk about distractions: Anthony Weiner climactic resignation interrupted by Howard Stern writer

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: (Shirtless man identified as Anthony Weiner by; Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times (Weiner's resignation announcement, June 16).

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This article is so off base. I didn't care about seeing a man's chest, boxer shorts, abusing his "supposed power", gym background, etc. I'm a man and seen men's bodies since high school gym practice. The real issue; this US Congressman lied to us for over a week, could have set himself up and this country up for blackmail votes, that is what upset me. Another thing that upsets me, is the media completely overlooked all the lieing and cover up and not one outlet, including this article, stated the real issue that American's are upset about.

Weiner's rehab is the same one that treated Tiger Woods.

This should be a lesson to all men; especially those in a position of authority or power. You cannot Trust many woman out there ; unless of course she is your mother.Woman will sell you out for money and media attention.

I'm unbelievably disappointed in my fellow Americans for blowing this situation so far out of proportion.
Why do Americans want so badly to destroy others for such common, unimportant, banal things?
Why are Americans so childishly self-centered, unrealistic, puritanical (in speech) & prudish (in speech)?
Why do Americans demand perfection from all public figures while we are so unbelievably imperfect ourselves?
Why do Americans feel it is in any way "moral" to degrade & destroy others so vehemently & with such intensity?
I find the entire situation disgusting... not his actions, but the reactions & extreme mob-mentality of the American media & public.
My countrymen/women are so disappointing & embarrassing when it comes to situations like this.

Another 'lesson' we are relearning envolves this, while there are several women that willingly and energetically participated in the conversations that have produced the present contest to determine who among us can be most disgusted by explicit sexual conversation between consenting adults, none of the women are being criticized or are losing their jobs. The lesson is that there remains an unacknowledged double standard in the United States that favors women.

ministers are even sexting now
what next??

I've been sick of the Weiner story since it broke. It's not the huge scandal that people make it out to be. So he sexted and sent semi-nude pictures... big flippin deal. No one saw his junk and he didn't sleep with anyone.. Why do people care?!

Shock! Sex! A politician lies! Never imagined such a thing.

Meanwhile, over in Yemen while y'all were rubbernecking, a secret bombing campaign quietly ratchets up. In your name since you're paying for it.

Silly Americans. They set you up and they reel you in, every time.

This is the perfect eulogy for Weiner's demise.

The REAL issue not reported by media... vice FOX Greta and KRISTEN who is the DEM on there... is that HE STALKED THESE WOMEN.... Like a pervert and the democrat machine, womens lib groups, are SILENT.

Alas, we all know this about democrats... he will come out of the SO CALLED therapy after having his dic pic discused and all his other shoot he will claim, like screwing the neighbors dog and such.... and then, democrats will surround him with love and blessings and promises of a new future... then side by him and get him reelected to office.... IFFFFF.... they do not hire him for some other purpose first... as I have heard, he has already been offered a job.

Go Figure. Liberal Love for a perv.

How is that prop 8 going in california the voters voted to make law against the 7 % gay population?

Time to move on people and let Weiner and his lovely wife to move on? Yes, he was stupid but now why was he so stupid as Dr Drew has said on what Weiner has done, most who do this cannot tell you why? Our wonderful Supreme Court said okay that pornography is free speech and sorry as a woman, mother etc do not agree? Any of this type thing should only be kept where you pay big bucks for to get access? Destroying whole concept of women to younger men today? I did not vote for Weiner but know he is a fighter for the middle working class and we need more who fight for us like he has?

I've been sick of the Weiner story since it broke. It's not the huge scandal that people make it out to be. So he sexted and sent semi-nude pictures... big flippin deal. No one saw his junk and he didn't sleep with anyone.. Why do people care?!


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