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The advice Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner gave Ben Affleck before you-know-what happened

Exposed Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner 6-6-11What an amazing coincidence!

When noted Democratic actor Ben Affleck wanted to research the role of a crooked congressman a couple of years ago, he knew right where to go: Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat in the House.

This was in 2008, mind you.

And Affleck was preparing to play the role of Stephen Collins in "State of Play."

It's your typical modern-day Hollywood movie about an ambitious, go-get-'em congressman with a beautiful wife who gets hung up on exchanging sexy messages and lewd photos with women all over the country until one day he fires off a shot of his enlarged underpants on Twitter and forgets to make it a Direct Message and there's no Unsend button.Ben Affleck

So he announces that he's been hacked, but he can't be sure if those are his boxer briefs, and many who are intimately familiar with their own underwear start doubting him as photos leak out and he confesses at a news conference but says he never actually touched the women and refuses to resign.

Oh, no, wait. That's the real story of Rep. Weiner.

Affleck's fictional movie was about a murdered mistress and crusading members of the lamestream liberal media trying to solve the homicide and finally make American society right for a change.

Anyway, the actor and Weiner became fast, argumentative friends, according to an archived story in a certain New York City newspaper. They dined often and discussed many things and Weiner offered Affleck advice about what not to do as he plans a future in politics. (Don't challenge his friend in Massachusetts.)

Weiner said he developed "a grudging respect" for the actor. "He has good political instincts," Weiner added. "He said Barack was going to win and he turned out to be right." Weiner was referring to Barack Obama, a former state senator in the Chicago Democratic machine who now occupies the White House.

For his part, Affleck said Weiner "struck me as a guy who was more dynamic than a lot of people I met there."

That's one word for it.


According to Weiner, he lied and sent lewd photos to a half dozen women

Weinergate: Twitter erupts with jokes about you-know-whose you-know-what

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Andrew Burton / Getty Images (Weiner confessing); Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times (Affleck posing).

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"'He said Barack was going to win and he turned out to be right.' Weiner was referring to Barack Obama, a former state senator in the Chicago Democratic machine who now occupies the White House."

Oh, THAT Barack, thank you for the clarification, i thought he was referring to the that 'other' Barack.

We're eyewitnesses to the death of journalism. These blog writers are seriously dumbing down my news fix.

Why are these people in power in Washington D.C.? It doesn't matter what party they represent, they must be voted out of office ASAP.

@jleeee I think Andrew Malcolm thought it would be witty (while belittling! hey how clever!) to refer to Barack as a "former state senator in the Chicago Democratic machine" because hahaha! it's like pretending he needs to clarify which Barak, and hey, why I don't I remind the people he is/was/always will be from "The Chicago Democratic Machine." Wow, this was a pointless blog post.

As for Weiner, the more I read about him, the more disgust he engenders. He seems very much in love with himself.

I wouldn't deny that picture was ME, either, if I were him! Jon Stewart was his roommate in college and he said he remembered, "alot more Anthony and a little less Weiner!" Anthony Wiener is not a stereotypical politician. I don't believe he would HAVE to send this to anybody, and I don't believe he would lie. I CAN believe that this would be a Right wing conspiracy against him because he is outspoken, Liberal, and admired.

It is very interesting that so many are surprised at the muslim-in-chiefs actions.
These morons voted for this liar who has hidden his records completely.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about his history.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about his socialism.
These morons voted for this liar who lied about the Constitution
Now the morons see the muslim-in-chief as he is.

shame on him

Why do people demand their politician's show moral leadership in their private lives? Being a good politician does not require being a good person. And being a good person who is also politician doesn't automatically mean you're a good at governing. Throughout George W. Bush's political career he seemed like a good and wholesome man (past issues with alcohol addiction aside) but he was an absolutely disastrous president. JFK and Clinton were both culpable of not valuing their family as much as they should, but they are probably the best and most effective President's the United States has had since FDR

THIS was a news story? Oh, wait, now I see. It was commentary. I apologize and say instead, THIS was commentary?


What a coincidence indeed! Many times what we say or declare to others will be challenged and put through the fire. What was Rep. Weiner thinking???


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