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Can Anthony Weiner survive this? He admits online exchanges with a 17-year-old female

anthony Weiner 6-6-11

New York Democrat Anthony Weiner maintains his refusal to resign his House seat this weekend. But that may become even more difficult with Friday's new admission that he had exchanged private online messages with a teenage girl in Delaware.

Local police said they interviewed the high school girl Friday, and news reports said police were examining her computer.

A Weiner spokeswoman said, "According to Congressman Weiner, his communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent."

Of course, according to Rep. Weiner at the start of this lewd imbroglio two weeks ago his Twitter account had been hacked, and he never sent any lewd photos or messages to anyone.

Then, last Monday with questions persisting over his prevarications, the married politician confessed that he had participated in explicit online sex with half a dozen women around the country over the last three years.anthony Weiner visits the white house this week

Those identified then were over age 21.

The 46-year-old New York native, who is married to Huma Abedin, who is pregnant and a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is in his seventh term in the House representing parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

About a dozen members of Congress have now called for Weiner's resignation, which he has so far adamantly refused. Weiner has received backing, however, from fellow New York Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel, who's had his own ethics difficulties.

Friday in San Francisco, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the departure decision should be up to Weiner and his constituents. She has asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate.

Police in New Castle, Del. have questioned the teen, whose name was not released. They said she provided no evidence of wrongdoing but their investigation was continuing.

Other news reports said the girl had first contacted Weiner after hearing him speak on a school field trip in April. He followed her back on Twitter and their exchanges began. At his public confession Weiner said, "I know that I never had any intention of having an interaction with underage women, and no information that I have now shows that I did."

However, the exchanges with the teen girl occurred in April and May and, as reported by the N.Y. Times, might seem innocent enough were it not for the other revelations about Weiner's chronic online behavior. In response to the girl's praise for his speech, Weiner replied, "My true love."

In another exchange with the girl, Weiner said, "I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape."

And the high school junior replied, "My favorite Congressman."


Bathroom mirrors and cellphones = a lethal mix in politics

Anthony Weiner still refuses to resign over serial online sex with women across the country

Anthony Weiuner admits lying about lewd photos; Twitter erupts with serial jokes over serial sex

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Craig Ruttle / MCT (Weiner); Charles Dharapak / Associated Press (Weiner visits the White House).

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Much heat no illumination.

C'mon press - this is a nothingburger.
Resign yes.
But not because of this.

Wow.. what a completely misleading headline.

If I did this I would have been arrested by now.IMHO

Is he kidding? Why should anyone ever believe him?
He is a disgusting man, trolling the internet with perverted intentions.
It will be interesting to see what else comes out, you know there is more.
TAX dollars hard at work!!
It's just inappropriate behavior and should not be tolerated. And if there are no repercussions for his actions, what message are we sending today's youth?
He is an internet predator!!!
Lying lecherous bastard!!!
Find another job, where you do not represent the public.
Way to represent Weiner!!! I have a hard time even looking at his face on TV,
he is so repulsive.

Well that sound like Contributing to the Delinquincy of a Minor to me. Remove his Testicles and make him resign.

I realize that there is no such thing as Electronic Statutory Rape, How about influencing a minor in a negative way, remove his testicles and register him as a sex offender. We cannot tolerate behavior like this.

I haven't read all the details and don't really intend to. This man needs some mental health help. No grown adult man can be this naive.

Weiner does not have the common decency or shame to leave his position and his party does not have the moral value base to throw him out.

This guy is such weiner. Stick a fork in him he's done.

Enough is enough, this fool is disgraceful with bad judgement, needs to vacate.

Wow, there's more. Didn't see that one coming. I think he's a full fledged perve and there will be more and more stuff that makes it to the media.

The press is just trying to trump things up now, like they did with Palin's emails. Of course, with Palin's e-mails the state of Alaska withheld all the good stuff, and Weiner is probably doing the same. One look at those pics and it's evident that the guy needs to step down. If only Palin would get a clue that she is equally unqualified.

The way some of these 17 yr old's are lookin these days, can ya blame the guy?

There is no story here, even the girl said there was nothing sexual or inappropriate with their messages.
There was a story and something to be answered with what he was doing with the other women, but now the media are guilty of making stories up...what has happened to American journalism?

It should be noted (though the protectionist, liberal, jewish nedia will not do so) that the only reason his communications with the girl did NOT get more explicit is because a conservative watch group contacted her and told her to beware of Weiner and his wiener. The exhibitionist pervert stopped following her once he learned he was being monitored by the group. If he had intended to be entirely appropriate with her, he would not have gone into PRIVATE message mode, now would he? The spinless little creep was just grooming her, waiting until he felt safe enough to reveal his disgusting side. It is EXACTLY the same trajectory as with all of the other COMPLETE STRANGERS to whom he "revealed" himself. The "GENTLEMAN" from NY indeed.

Why is there so much coverage on a penis yet we still know nothing about our President's past? Where are all his ex girlfriends or classmates or professors? The only person who remembers Obama looks like a friggin terrorist. Sohale Saddaqi. So when is the media going to start reporting that? Who is our President? They've got time to sift through an ex governor of timbucktoo Alaska who isn't even running for President yet they can't even look at our policy maker? Where is the outrage?

Enough of this about Weiner. All of the fluff about Rep Weiner is being drummed up and stroked to a froth by likes of Andrew Breitbart and his cronies to derail our thoughts about how the economy got to where it has been since the meltdown in 2008, and how it was caused by the last administration in the White House. That, and what the unthinking, unfeeling current House of Representatives is attempting to do to the country in order to serve their masters in big business and Wall Street by throwing most of the people in the country "under the bus". It is the same diversion that Newt Gingrich laid on the American Populous during the Clinton Administration with all the noise about the Monica Lewinsky Affair.

Shows the maturity of a 17 year old, when she could accept this tantrum throwing little wimp as her favorite Congressman.

Ah, the LA Times..................a little censorship going on?

On the same day Weiner talked to blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss about wearing a cape and said "Stop staring at my weapon" he wrote to the 17 year old," “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape s*** …”

It's discussed at Patterico blog, which has been doing some very good investigating on this matter for the last two weeks and should be credited by the mainstream media for their work. A London paper has just given credit to them.

Can we stop reporting this crap and move on to things that matter.

come on-New York deserves Weiner and he truly reflects the region's values, just as Schwarzenegger reflects ours.

So the headline should read:

"Police investigate, find no illegality in Weiner post to 17 year old follower"

Danger Will Robinson.

Okay Jon Healey... explain away this one...

Why is this 17-year-old referred to as a "girl"? I ask because in NYS, 17 is in fact the legal age of consent. (Before you object, look it up!)

I'm condoning *nothing*. I simply think journalists should be honest with the language they use.

All of Weiner's prior conduct is now subject to revisitation, and reevaluation: Weiner has the equivalent of concrete overshoes on for the democrats, and they'll take him for a figurative ferry ride on the East River.

Won't Anthony Weiner follow AIPAC orders?
Can Anthony Weiner still be good for Israel?

Won't Anthony Weiner follow AIPAC orders?
Can Anthony Weiner still be good for Israel?

Let Weiner stay in office. His personal conduct is no worse than Pelosi or Schultz. In fact those two are far more disgusting examples of corruption and treason than Weiner could ever accomplish. They don't like him because his sleazy behavior has been exposed publicly.

Anthony Weiner has all the classic signs of NPD; Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is sick and his judgement cannot be trusted. Even after Weiner was notified that his Twitter Account was being watched; he compulsively continued sexting.

I could have predicted the inevitable "I'm a sex addict - I'm sick and need help" whining from this creepy pervert. Huma better run for the hills 'cause the Weiner isn't going to stop the online yanky-panky and now that he's admitting interactions with teen-age girls, we can expect more disgusting revelations in the near future.

And...for those who love the Weiner and think he's such a great pol because he votes their way....he is now in a position to be blackmailed. See how his votes can be influenced now. He should RESIGN.

WJ wrote: "Why is this 17-year-old referred to as a "girl"? I ask because in NYS, 17 is in fact the legal age of consent. (Before you object, look it up!)

I'm condoning *nothing*. I simply think journalists should be honest with the language they use."

Um, what are 17 year olds normally referred to as? Certainly not "women." She is a minor, a high school junior. Most people call that a "girl," and nobody looks up the age of consent before they do so.


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