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Rush Limbaugh on Osama bin Laden's death: 'Thank God for President Obama'


Rush Limbaugh began his radio show Monday morning praising President Obama for his leadership in the demise of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

In his nationally syndicated radio show, Limbaugh who has been one of Obama's fiercest critics, gave the commander-in-chief all the glory in the successful mission that ended the life of Public Enemy No. 1.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we need to open the program today by congratulating President Obama," Limbaugh said. "President Obama has done something extremely effective and when he does, this needs to be pointed out. President Obama has continued the Bush policies of keeping a military presence in the Middle East. He did not scrub the mission to get Bin Laden. In fact, it may be that President Obama single-handedly came up with the technique in order to pull this off."

Limbaugh, who has recently criticized the first lady's figure, said in 2009 that he hopes Mr. Obama fails, and complained last year about Americans donating to the post-earthquake humanitarian relief in Haiti, continued about Bin Laden: "You see the military wanted to go in there and bomb. They always do. They wanted to go in there and drop missiles and launch bombs. A number of totally destructive techniques here. But President Obama, perhaps the only qualified member in the room to deal with this, insisted on the Special Forces. No one else thought of that. President Obama. Not a single intelligence adviser, not a single national security adviser, not a single military adviser came up with the idea of using SEAL Team 6 or any Special Forces," Limbaugh said, with what some are saying is a slight tinge of sarcasm in his delivery.

"Our military wanted to go in there and just scorch the earth," Limbaugh continued, "but President Obama single-handedly understood what was at stake here. He alone understood the need to get DNA to prove the death ... it was President Obama single-handedly and alone who came up with the strategy that brought about the effective assassination of Osama bin Laden," the radio host said, concluding, "Thank God for President Obama."



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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh speaks during a news conference at The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu on  Jan. 1, 2010.  Credit: Chris Carlson / Associated Press

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Come on Rush, do you actually think obozo had anything to do with this? Ya, he be da chump-in-chief, but he also goes out of his way to protect muslims....Yaa, he can take credit as prez, aliet illegal, but nothing beyond that. The best he might have done was to say, ya, ok, go ahead and do it...everything this bozo does from now on is geared to re-election, and your praising him is funny!

He was being sarcastic, idiots. And he's making fun of you, and everyone else in the MSM who gullibly took him seriously right now.

Rush was being sarcastic in his praise. Obviously it went right over the reporter's head. Rush "official" congratulations was on Obama continuing the anti-terrorist policies of Bush/Cheney.

Both Obama and Bush deserve credit on this, it has been stated that the intel to carry out this mission was a result of interrogations on Gitmo detainees. Something Obama wanted to stop but wised up and reversed himself.

shut up rush

What's next?!!?! Pigs flying?

Is this a joke and really an Onion article?

Wait, this guy is still around? I though Limbaugh was moving to Costa Rica because of the death panels.

roflmao... you idiots. I listened to the opening of the show and he was being totally sarcastic about this; other than him praising the military.

Hmm... would this be classified as Rush "eating crow?"

Just where is the proof?? I find it highly suspicious that he was so quickly "buried at sea" the media puts forth. I think this whole announcement is just a distraction from the fake birth certificate and the book that was just released regarding the issue. Where is the DNA evidence you talk about, Rush?

The whole thing was sarcasm. Obama didn't do anything except give the ok to carry out an operation in which he was in no way involved with the planning.

I bet it almost killed Limbaugh to say anything nice about the Pres, let alone admit that he was able to do in two years something that Bush could not do in two full terms.

wow.. pretty hard to believe that after all these years he's finally caught.. i don't really know how to feel about it..

It's called..sarcasm?

Couldn't pick up on it? Really?

So it seems that Mr. Limbaugh simply tells the truth when he thinks Obama did something right. Kudo's to him too...

I thought he was just a hater. I'll listen more and find out I guess

Are you that much of a dope that you don't realize that Rush was being somewhat facetious?

News Flash; Limbaugh mocks the president with a tongue-in-check praise the day after our daring/brave/heroic military executes a near flawless raid on the greatest mass murder of our day. LA Times takes remarks with great seriousness.... fools that they are.

I would love to believe that Mr. Limbaugh's comments will usher in a new age of communication, cooperation and confirmation between America's conservatives and liberals. If such a "sea change" can occur, then I will be among the first "raving liberals" to congratulate Mr. Limbaugh on his efforts. Everyone wants freedom and peace.

I've become a liberal over the 20 years I've listened to the Rush Limbaugh program. He is entertaining. He was not praising Obama, nor can/will he. Neither can/will the Fox News network. The cognitive dissonance would destroy more ditto-heads than bid Laden ever could.

Anybody who actually believes Obama 'single-handedly' came up with the plan to kill OBL or came up with the idea himself without advisers really is stupid. Of course Rush was being sarcastic!

This is how it happened: Mr. President, sit here and push this button. Once pushed, a plan to kill OBL will be executed. Good job Mr. President!

Hmm... actually, he's not "eating crow"... Perhaps, "spewing crow" would be more appropriate.

Taking a step back, it becomes clear that Rush is actually being grossly sarcastic, implying (or pointing out?) that Obama is taking all the credit for bin Laden's death. *sigh* Politics....

hahah.. a new conspiracy theory shall now emerge!

Obama-Usama ... I see the pundits and rapid right as well as the leftist socialist in power in DC coming up with the new ultimate conspiracy.

1. NO body .. no proof.
2. Pictures? POD?
3. DNA.. what about chain of custody.. remember LA Police and
OJ Simpson? You can 'get' DNA post/pre et al.
4. CIA and Seal 6 (SPF)? Both used (albeit clandestine) to set up Osama
years ago in the first place.
5. What did Obama do? All he did is procrastinate his demise. How many lives would have been saved if he as CIC had acted a year ago??
6. He didnt assign anything... he executed orders..period.

Thank GOD for the US Military and their bravery.. persistence and sacrifice.
Obama had nothing to do with same... period.


Um... Thank you?

At least Obama had the good sense not to inform the Pakistani’s of this operation (I’m sure over the objection of some naïve liberals.)
Obama did not fall for the liberal fantasy that “Pakistan is our ally in the war against terror.” He (Obama) may claim that, but that would be pure statesmanship. Obviously there’s a lot of the Islamic practice of Al-Takiyya(deceive the non muslims) out there.
Keeping Guantanomo and not telling the Pakistanis is evidence that Obama is getting smarter. In the words of Winston Churchill: “Show me a young man who is not a Liberal and I’ll show you a man without a heart, show me an older man who is not a Conservative and I’ll show you a man without a brain.”


You have got to be kidding me! I listened to the show,this reporter has not reported truthfuly.

Oh my, Hell has frozen over, or he is going through OxyContin withdrawal.

this is almost more remarkable then finding Osama lol

Where the punchline?

"Thank God for President Obama."

obama didnt do jack squat

Wow. First John Stewart claps for something Bill O'Reiley said, then we find Osama bin Laden, now Rush Limbaugh is congratulating President Obama....

I think my head just exploded.

I'm the first to comment? Amazing! I guess nobody reads the LA Times.
You libs at the Times don't know sarcasm when you hear it....

The end is near?

Did you miss the fact that Limbaugh was being completely sarcastic? The man would probably drop dead if he were forced to say a sincere positive word about the President, or any Democrat.

It shakes my view of the world to hear The Hindenburg behaving honorably toward the president. I haven't seen the footage; are there snide little dogwhistles in this harangue the reporter is missing or minimizing here?

OK, I did not listen to the RL broadcast, but just from reading the quotes in the article, it is clear that this was said with sarcasm. Is the press really going to spin this as an endorsement of Obama by RL?

I don't understand how someone with so much hate and malice can have a popular radio program. Even on this happy day for our President and for our country, this guy uses the opportunity to sarcastically denigrate President Obama, who is a superior human being to Limbaugh in every department.
Using so many drugs for so long has left Limbaugh unable to evolve and become even a bit more literate or a bit less hateful. This is why we have Narcotics Anonymous, a place where Limbaugh should have gone and just sat down, shut up, and listened. Poor guy.

Do you people actually listen to his show, or just read transcripts? " Limbaugh said, with what some are saying is a slight tinge of sarcasm...", was more like a heaping spoonful of sarcasm. Or was the phrase "slight tinge of sarcasm" also sarcasm? I'm not sure you're that clever.

Ok, Lush Rimbaugh is setting up Obama for Something, Stay Tuned, Keep your eyes on the Jackyl

wow i always thought rush was a racist bigot but giving praise where praise is due says a lot about him or maybe hell is freezing over.

I haven't listened to Rush, lately, but I suspect his sarcasm (if any)was directed more at the President's choices of inept advisors.

In other news: pigs are flying and hell has frozen over.

Are you familiar with sarcasm? Does the term irony ring a bell?

Well there is a body and the American people who have a need to see it, or there will be many who will say, as Thomas did "until I see"
A burial at sea, come on; that leads to all types of conspiracy theory. This has an odd connotation to ever fiber of this woven tail.

Idiot.... Thank God for the Navy Seals!

Of course, Obama knew he needed irrefutable proof. He knew conspiracy theorists who doubt that men reached the moon ...and that he, Obama, was actually born in Hawaii...despite all evidence that substantiated that fact!

Rush is doing some classic manipulation of Obama's involvement in Bin Laden's demise. Obama did nothing to make the capture and kill plan successful. Limbaugh, however, has given Obama"all" of the credit so Obama's strong association with his Muslim brothers may turn them against him.

You morons at the LA Times, Limbaugh was doing nothing but mocking Obama by saying "Thank God for President Obama.", as if Obama was the only person in the country who could have made this decision, not. Why do you think he kept saying, Obama, I mean Osama. It was nothing but mockery.

Read this article in a proper content. It was a sarcasm on Rush's part. He was referring to Obama's speech that included so many "I" and "my" that it looked as if Obama alone planned and executed the killing of Osama. Let Obama have his 2 minutes of "rating approval" In a few weeks more important issues like overwhelming debt and unemployment will return.

It's really great to see shared goals and triumphs, and positive energy make the front page for a change. Thank you Rush!

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