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Michelle Obama does the Dougie with students as part of Let's Move

Michelle Obama is so serious about her Let's Move campaign to fight childhood obesity that she led by example Tuesday by dancing with a field full of students in the nation's capital.

While Beyoncé's "Move Your Body" blasted over a sound system at Alice Deal Middle School, the first lady went through a series of dance moves, from the old-school Running Man to the newest craze, the Dougie, to the delight of the youngsters who sashayed along with her.

"Beyoncé is one of my favorite performers on the planet.  And when she agreed to remake her video and do this Let's Move flash workout, I was so excited, because this is what we've been talking about -- that exercise and moving can be fun," Obama told ABC News.

The first lady launched the Let's Move campaign in early 2010. "Get away from my french fries, Mrs. Obama," Fox commentator Glenn Beck said in September. "The first politician that comes up to me with a carrot stick, I've got a place for it and it's not in my tummy."


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-- Tony Pierce

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This is amazing! Such a powerful woman doing such good!

This disgrace's our country! We look like fools!

She is not teaching them how to dougie...

This woman rocks. It's quite refreshing -- uplifting even, to have a sincere, confident, comfortable in her own skin, relevant First Lady. What a role model.

That's awesome. Go First Lady! ;)

Go Mrs. OBAMA GOTTA LOVE THIS WOMAN. She inspires me everytime I see her whether dressed up or dressed dwn she is a woman with class and a woman who can be dwn to earth with a smile that is so bright love you Mrs. OBAMA U GO GIRL

@Mark: How is she disgracing our country and making us look like fools? By encouraging children to have fun, be active, and be healthy as a result? By dancing in an appropriate manner with the children? I think it is refreshing to have a down to earth First Lady:) Keep up the good work Mrs. Obama! There will always be nay sayers!

Class act, First Lady, love this fitness initiative! Even adults exercise more when they're having fun at burning calories. Smart, fun, healthy. Anyone criticizing this video and program is pretty foolish.

@Mark, you may not look like a fool, but you sure sound like one, kinda like that Palin character who can only find fault in everything Obama. Michelle Obama is addressing an epidemic in this country: juevenile diabetes and obesity, which leads to skyrocketing health care costs. Hers is not a foolish endeavor, it's the next best thing for us since the anti-smoking campaign. Those kids were having fun and movin' and groovin'. If you can't see anything positive in that, go back to watching reruns of Palin's Alaska, eat your sweets and put on the pounds. Sarah would love for you to keep the health care industry profitable.

What is a Dougie?

Doesn't look like it's done much for her big ASS!

and all the ignorant comments and posts to blogs about her interacting with the children is racist bs! I never respond to these comments but I am so over the ignorance of my country. So I guess if she launched an anti drug campaign in schools like Nancy Reagan then Sarah Palin would have passed out blunts and syringes to kids the way she passed out cookies and brownies. Hey America...your white sheets are showing from underneath your clothes! Get over it! We have a Black family in the White House! The disrespect and hate is making me ill!

They are going to quote something the cowardly suicidial drug addict said about the First Lady BACK IN SEPTEMBER for this article. See why I never subscribe to these rags?

I LOVE THIS! The kids were clearly enjoying this and the First Lady is a wonderful role model. Bravo for leading by example!

good! she needs to. work dat booty and get it smaller.

Johnny Rocket and Jerry Murphy if you don't think that our FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA is fit, then I dare to imagine what you must look like. She is totally defined with toned muscles and is flawless in her beautiful skin. You really have issues. For you, this goes beyond her initiative to "Get America Moving"; you are so far on the dark side of your mind that your stupidity and hatred are a disgusting threat to the human society. I am so glad that she is phenominally intelligent, courageous, loving; yet stern and knows who she is. This is why she can witness the likes of you and keep a smile on her face. I pity you for the shame that you must bring to your family because it is quite obvious that you have been marinating in ignorance for a long time boys.

Michelle Obama - No Class!

Maybe I'm showing my age, but I always thought that a First Lady was to show class. When I think of a First Lady that had class, I think of Jackie Kennedy. Michele will never come up to her standards, she's too busy shaking her booty and dressing up like a pop star most of the time.

I love the fact that Mrs. Obama is so fit. She is an awesome example of where all of us could be, if we dedicate ourselves to fitness, healthy eating and enjoying the good stuff in moderation. Far too many Americans are grossly overweight and very lazy when it comes to fitness. Many of us hate to sweat and work out on a seriously committed level.
She looks great AND she is so intelligent and well-spoken!!!

Janice, breathing and panting about Mrs. Kennedy everytime you see the beautiful and accomplished and articulate Mrs. Obama (you also got Mrs. Bush, Reagan and the poor Mrs. Nixon) -- anyway, your Kennedy generation is dying off now; sorry.

Awesome! I am quite proud that our First Lady is teaching by example. She shows with elegance that you can be a leader and have fun. Yes, exercise is very important! Thank you Michelle Obama for being a great example to children here in America and around the world.

This was just great. I'm a fan of this First Lady. I think she is just wonderful, and my dream is to meet her one day. Someone said this disgrace our country. Makes us look like fools. No Mark this doesn't make us look like fools, questioning if President Obama was born in this country, when proof had been shown over and over, make you look like fools. And Mr. Murphy she won't tell you, but let me kiss her big fat !!! What is it with you stupid folks, some women have a behind and some is flat as a ironing board. Your taste, your taste. I fine nothing sexy about a flat ass. And as for class, for someone you people think so little of, you sure spend your time checking her out. Me I don't give a darn about Sarah Palin, didn't give a darn about Laura Bush and I never waste my time reading anything about them. No Mrs. Obama out there dancing doesn't make us look like fools, it's people like you, who make you look like fools.

hey i love what you and beyonce's is doing for kids all over the world. well im form tuscaloosa.


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