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Michael Moore joins contributor list for Keith Olbermann's new 'Countdown'

Michael Moore wearing a UCLA cap

Michael Moore
, the liberal activist and Oscar-winning director, has joined an ever-growing list of contributors to Keith Olbermann's new Current TV show "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." The filmmaker joins fellow documentarian Ken Burns, comedian Richard Lewis, and Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas on Olbermann's forthcoming show that debuts on the cable channel June 20.

"I'm delighted and honored that so many of my friends -- who are not coincidentally among the top progressive and entertainment voices in the country today -- will be joining me as contributors to 'Countdown' on Current,' " Olbermann said Wednesday in a statement. "I hope these talented individuals, and the others we are to announce in these weeks before the premiere on June 20, will give viewers a sense of the strength and depth of the franchise we're assembling."

When Olbermann's "Countdown" appeared on MSNBC, his regular contributors included Dana Milbank, Michael Musto, Lawrence O'Donnell and Clarence Page.

What sort of contributions can "Countdown" viewers expect to experience from the baseball-cap-wearing Moore?

Currently on Moore's website is a post titled "Some Final Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden" that may provide a hint that although he was one of George W. Bush's most public adversaries, Moore doesn't rubber stamp every action derived from President Obama's White House.

"Hideki Tojo killed my uncle and millions of Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos and a hundred thousand other Americans. He was the head of Japan, the Emperor's henchman, the man who was the architect of Pearl Harbor," Moore wrote Thursday morning. "When the American soldiers went to arrest him, he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest. The soldiers immediately worked on stopping his bleeding and rushed him to an Army hospital where he was saved by our Army doctors. He then had his day in court. It was a powerful exercise for the world to see. And on December 23, 1948, after he was found guilty, we hanged him. A killer of millions was forced to stand trial. A killer of 4,000 (counting the African embassies and USS Cole bombings) got double-tapped in his pajamas. Assuming it was possible to take him alive, I think his victims, the future, and the restoration of the American Way deserved better. That's all I'm saying."


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-- Tony Pierce

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Top progressive and entertainment voices in the country today??? Michael Moore??Richard Lewis??? Ken Burns???? Olberman has always been a complete and unabashed moron, this is just further proof of that.

I'm proud to say that my comments have the approval of such media giants and social front runners as Danny Bonaduce, M.C. Hammer and Amy Fischer.

Even Keith's friends are losers...

Michael Moore could have squeezed out Obama and not have noticed. In fact, that may be where he came from, since he's so secretive about his past.

Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann are among my heros. They belong on a postscript on John F. Kennedy's book; Profiles In Courage

Keith who?

I miss the Keith show so much. He was honest and always a very great reporter. I was a daily watcher/ I would love to see his show again no matter what time

Sounds like this show is going to be more like a freak show at the circus..who else will be a contributor? I bet Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez would love to be contributors to the liberal socialist cause. They would be naturals on any show Olbermann hosts.

They should've been a better shot and shot him in the head. A little shout out to the Seals, and the Butthole Surfers.

Tojo? The architect of Pearl Harbor?!?! Get your facts straight, Moore!!! The Imperial Japanese Navy planned Pearl Harbor (Yamamoto, Genda, et al). Tojo was Army, and had nothing to do with the planning. Read a flippin' history book or a TRUE documentary, rather than make up your own stories as your other "documentaries" do. Doesn't surprise me at all that you're contributing to a nay-sayer like KO.

As if I needed another reason not to watch this idiot.....


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