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John McCain and Sarah Palin together again as you've never seen them before

Game Change HBO movie with Ed Harris as John McCainThey're baaaack.

And just in time for the 2012 political season.

HBO is currently filming its adaptation of "Game Change."

That's Mark Halperin and John Heilemann's bestselling chronicle of the 2008 John McCain-Sarah Palin presidential campaign that didn't sell so well.

Their Arizona-Alaska effort to keep the White House in Republican control, coming after eight years of you-know-who and his sidekick, you-know-him-too, who led the country into two wars and left the country in the hands of an ex-state you-know-what who's upped the ante in one war and started another against Libya.Game Change hbo Julianne Moore as sarah palin

Other than that and the spending beyond belief and the $3 trillion-plus of new national debt and no end in sight to the harsh political tone of Washington and the healthcare bill that seems to have more large companies exempted from its rules than are covered, other than those little things, everything turned out for the better.

Anyway, for those folks who want to reminisce about that endless campaign as we head into another that'll cost even more, this movie should be right up their alley.

Here's a newly released photo of McCain, who will play himself. No, not really. This is Ed Harris pretending to be John McCain.

Julianne Moore has been chosen to play the role of the Tina Fey lookalike from Alaska.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Upper photo: Ed Harris as McCain in "Game Change." Credit: HBO /

Lower photo: Julianne Moore as Palin in "Game Change." Credit: HBO /

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Ed Harris has a credible John McCain look.

But Julianne Moore is a total miscast.

Moore has the frigid Artic look of a filleted salmon, while Palin lights up the room with her incandescently attractive personality. Total opposites.

This is a sham flick. All soup and no noodles.

What Ron Paul saw to be grave issues back then seem to be this blog's issues this time around...

"Game Change" by Heilemann, Halperin, & Halitosis is a sordid book which HBO hashes into a sappy film. Ed Harris looks like Elmer Fudd, and Julianne Moore resembles Edith Bunker more than she portrays gorgeous, glamorous Sarah Palin. Verdict: Flop.

As a long term LA times reader, your one sided editorials on every page still offend as you continue your slide into left wing oblivion. The impartial reporter should get a real job. Ed Carter

Yawn, DVD avaialble at your local Dollar Store soon.

Gee,I wonder why the times is loosing readers monthly. Do you think it might be because of the one sided loser columnists they publish. I seriously hope that the "Palin hatred" helps bring you down. I have been a 50 year subscriber to this rag & am about out of reasons to continue.

(AM responds: Ha, good one. If you actually read the items before commenting, you'd might have a different opinion of the editorial positions here. And you'd know this is a column, not a new item. But either way, this actually is not the newspaper. You can tell because there is no paper. And our readership is going up daily. It's great. Thanks much for being one of them and taking the time to contribute to the comments so often. Great to have you here, Ed.)

Gee, Ed, I wonder why you can't spell... *losing

I'd say keep reading, even if you disagree, your grammar and spelling will improve.

I will forever be ignorant of what anyone sees in Sarah Palin beyond her beauty queen appearance. Come on, she is not a smart person.

Ah well, Republicans like their celebs: Schwarzenegger, Reagan, Palin, Sonny Bono, that wrestler guy from Minnesota. All pretty and no competence.

I shall remain, happily, out of touch with the embarassingly large segment of our population which continues to respond to Sarah Palin and her feather-brained ilk.

I think both were cast fine. I honestly don't care much about the looks, I think both are close enough, it's not like either are attractive enough to care if they are cast perfectly. Julianne Moore is a great actress and I have no doubt she can nail Palin's upbeat air headed personality. Also, Ed Harris is a fine actor and should be able to pull off John McCain quite nicely. I have no interest in seeing this movie because I have no interest in Palin or McCain, but I think the casting is fine.

Sarah who?

Nice to see them again.

Um, Chowski? Let's check facts before we post. That wrestler guy from Minnesota? I agree that he had no competence. I don't agree he was pretty. And I definitely don't agree he was a Republican. Jesse Ventura is an Independent with leftward leanings, and is currently living in Mexico.
If, however, you mean Minnesota's most recent former governor, Tim Pawlenty, then he is attractive, is a Republican, but he does have competence. And he plays hockey, a real sport, not professional wrestling.


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