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For Your Files: Gallup Poll numbers on Republican presidential candidates, May 2011

a happy Mitt Romney, file

Here's a little item we call FYF. For Your Files.

It's the latest Gallup Poll standing of the announced and possible candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. Bookmark this page and check back every couple of weeks to compare these numbers with new ones as the race develops over the summer and beyond.

Mitt Romney                     17%

Sarah Palin                        15%

Ron Paul                            10%

Newt Gingrich                    9%

Herman Cain                      8%

Tim Pawlenty                     6%

Michele Bachmann           5%

Jon Huntsman                     2%

Gary Johnson                      2%

Rick Santorum                    2%

Mike Hucckabee                  1%  (Volunteered)

Other                                        2%

No Opinion                          22%

All figures from the Gallup Poll, May 20-24, 2011

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Mary Ann Chastain / Associated Press (Romney).

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What a sorry field of candidates. Nothing is ever certain in politics, but I believe Obama will be easily reelected.

The field looks pretty bad until you compare them to the current liar-in-chief and his army of corruptocrats. There has to be a third party candidate somewhere that can blow the other two parties out of the water and actually work for the American people instead of the various special interests (SEIU, Wall Street, Defense Contractors, AARP, Trial Lawyers, Mortgage Bankers, Chamber of Commerce, Immigration Attorneys, etc......) When you look at the overall picture-it is just plain dismal. No matter what, Obozo will NEVER get my vote. Not that it matters, since California is already in his pocket.

The only two I would give any consideration to at all are Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. The rest represent a return to Bush like policies, which were much worse than what we have now. As long as the R's put up neocon ideologues, they will never get my vote.


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