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Donald Trump has a gun permit and 12 more things you may (or may not) want to know

Trump Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon who may or may not be running for president, was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine recently and revealed so much that it's probably just easier to list the discoveries than to go into great detail about them.

1. Trump carries a Winged Foot Golf Club membership card and a gun permit at all times in his wallet.

2. He claims to have the No. 1-selling tie in the country, which can be purchased at Macy's.

3. The billionaire usually just wears "the undies," as he calls them, to bed instead of pajamas.

4. His famous coif is washed with Head and Shoulders.

5. He doesn't dry his hair, he lets it dry itself.

6. He doesn't consider his hair style a comb-over, instead it's "sort of a little bit forward and back."

7. He has a Bible near his bed.

8. He claims he has never smoked a "joint" or consumed a cup of coffee.

9. He says he has very low blood pressure.

10. When he isn't drinking Coke or water, he likes either tomato or orange juice.

11. He holds grudges when people are disloyal to him.

12. "I'm a much nicer person than people understand."

Those factoids are in the current edition of Rolling Stone.

The 13th item is something that because of the source may not be true, even though there's video of Trump saying it.

At the end of a recent interview with Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" about, among other things, the American flag, the man who demanded to see President Obama's birth certificate is clearly heard saying he doesn't know what the 13 stripes on the flag represent.

Some are hedging their bets that the usually funny Colbert edited The Donald out of context, but Trump is always full of surprises. And odds are he will gladly answer the first reporter who asks him if it is true.


Donald Trump will not be announcing his presidential bid Sunday

Donald Trump has read a lot of books on China: 'I understand the Chinese mind'

Donald Trump says he isn't a racist because a black man won 'The Apprentice' once

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Possible 2012 presidential hopeful Republican Donald Trump waves to a crowd Wednesday as he is introduced during a luncheon with the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce in New Hampshire. Credit: Jim Cole / Associated Press





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Is there something wrong with having a gun permit? I think that makes him a real American!

If Trump has a pistol permit, to me it means he underwent a criminal history investigation and successfully passed it, and it means nothing else to me! are we supposed to draw some inference from this?
I believe that Donald Trump is an excellent choice for president!

Well millions of Americans share at least 7-8 of those points

I bet that now that we know that the DONALD has a "permit to carry", there WON'T be TOO many people making fun of his hair anytime soon. Who knows, he just might be "packing" one at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, all the time .................

Re: "Donald Trump... Makes me wanna puke!

As long as he really runs for president, The Donald will be fine. Because of the MISS USA organization, The Donald has headquarters for his campaign and women volunteers in all fifty states without spending a dime of the Republican war chest. It is not counting the resources of his casinos and loyal volunteers working for his other investments. Think of this, because of the MISS USA organization, The Donald has provided salary income for mostly women in all fifty states. Who knows JOBS creation? I think The Donald can take on Barack Obama and his loyal Democrats. I really cannot wait. Let the games begin. The Donald might finally be in the Super Bowl, the super bowl of Politics. He may not even need Herschel Walker as a back up running back. It is almost like Suburban White Catholic High School Football versus an inner city public high school football team, in the big school State Championship. I have a fifty-yard-line ticket in the front row.

I received a reply on a comment that Barack Obama also has billionaires supporting his re-election like Warren Buffett. I am impressed, but Donald Trump is a billionaire. I am also being written to that being a billionaire does not mean The Donald will win.

Ross Perot and Steve Forbes were also billionaires and Steve Forbes could not even win the Republican Primary and Ross Perot had to run independent.

The success of The Donald in business is not what fascinates me if he runs for president. It is the type of organization he already has in place before he even decides to officially be a candidate.

The Miss Teen USA contestants and friends and relatives volunteering to help elect The Donald will be very difficult to match, even if you have the financial resources of Warren Buffett. You can even include Bill Gates and Paul Allen and Michael Bloomberg.

If several of those Miss Teen USA contestants showed up on my front door step asking me if I would volunteer to help The Donald run for president. I am there for them. I might meet their older sister; she will be more likely career minded with a college degree and can spend the trust fund at twenty-five.

I do not think the volunteers of The Donald will be the poor on Social Welfare and the working middle class needing factory jobs.

Warren Buffett can help Barack Obama continue the high cost of gasoline transportation, but The Donald has lived mostly in subway town with Limos to drive a city block away. The Donald might be receptive to an All electric transportation society with man-made electricity instead of reliant on depreciating natural resources.

The people know that The Donald knows jobs creation. He is from the private sector already providing jobs in the thousands with his private investments.

Does The Donald know how to help the farm belt and the American Midwest?

There are two arguments for the high prices of commodities such as food prices in the grocery stores.

One is the in ability to grow food products to meet market demand is depreciating like the natural resources therefore need to import food from China is causing a trade deficit.

The other argument is that the high price of fuel is causing the high food prices because fuel is needed to deliver the food supply to grocery stores all over the country.

Or both are the causes of high food prices. Low prices help the working poor.

If The Donald gets elected the American President, how will he address the issue of high inflationary food prices?

Donald, Sarah Palin would make an excellent White House Press Secretary. The American people would watch C-Span more than ESPN.


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