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Donald Trump has a gun permit and 12 more things you may (or may not) want to know

May 11, 2011 |  5:07 pm

Trump Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon who may or may not be running for president, was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine recently and revealed so much that it's probably just easier to list the discoveries than to go into great detail about them.

1. Trump carries a Winged Foot Golf Club membership card and a gun permit at all times in his wallet.

2. He claims to have the No. 1-selling tie in the country, which can be purchased at Macy's.

3. The billionaire usually just wears "the undies," as he calls them, to bed instead of pajamas.

4. His famous coif is washed with Head and Shoulders.

5. He doesn't dry his hair, he lets it dry itself.

6. He doesn't consider his hair style a comb-over, instead it's "sort of a little bit forward and back."

7. He has a Bible near his bed.

8. He claims he has never smoked a "joint" or consumed a cup of coffee.

9. He says he has very low blood pressure.

10. When he isn't drinking Coke or water, he likes either tomato or orange juice.

11. He holds grudges when people are disloyal to him.

12. "I'm a much nicer person than people understand."

Those factoids are in the current edition of Rolling Stone.

The 13th item is something that because of the source may not be true, even though there's video of Trump saying it.

At the end of a recent interview with Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" about, among other things, the American flag, the man who demanded to see President Obama's birth certificate is clearly heard saying he doesn't know what the 13 stripes on the flag represent.

Some are hedging their bets that the usually funny Colbert edited The Donald out of context, but Trump is always full of surprises. And odds are he will gladly answer the first reporter who asks him if it is true.


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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Possible 2012 presidential hopeful Republican Donald Trump waves to a crowd Wednesday as he is introduced during a luncheon with the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce in New Hampshire. Credit: Jim Cole / Associated Press