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Finally, some good news for Obama: Donald Trump will not be announcing his presidential bid Sunday

Donald Trump talking as usual 5-5-11What a relief for President Obama and his staggering political fortunes!

Donald Trump, the shy, retiring developer who forced the 44th president to finally release his long-form Hawaii birth certificate after nearly four years of stonewalling other less wealthy birthers, will not be announcing his political candidacy on the season finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Does this mean the finale of Trump's trumped-up presidential candidacy?.

Who knows?

Who cares?

A while back, the Queens native who would be commander-in-chief let it slip that: "I am thinking of saying on the live finale of The Apprentice on May 22 that in a few days I will be making an announcement about my decision.”

Millions of frustrated Americans, who regularly talk back at their television screens in a plaintive attempt to be heard among the special interests, got very excited.

That's because with the current crowd of pols reciting their stale lines on Washington's national political stage, Elmer Fudd would look fresh and intriguing as a candidate.

Blah-blah-blah delighted to be here. Blah-blah-blah spending. Blah-blah-blah middle ....

... class. Blah-blah-blah most vulnerable. Blah-blah-blah broken so blah-blah-blah reforms. Blah-blah-blah their budget. Blah-blah-blah our budget. After 841 days, what's changed with the change guy, besides the depth of debt? Why believe the other suits would be any different?

Along comes a successful carnival barker, who can read internal polls as well as any David Axelrod. And he sees the birther deal gaining traction among more Americans saying, in effect: "I don't give a fax about Obama's birth, but all he does is travel, golf and talk a lot. And if he's got nothing to hide, why not release it?"

So like any developer who spots a prime vacant lot, Trump makes a move, starts asking the same questions loudly. The media eggs him on as its interrogatory surrogate. And the president's people, who are Chicago Democrats unaccustomed to actual opponents, let alone clever uppity ones, see the same adverse birther numbers growing and decide pragmatically to pull the plug on this unnecessary silliness.Celebrity Apprentice Logo

Shamelessly, Trump claims credit. And the plain-spoken opportunist's poll numbers soar for a while because he is the current Anti-Blah.

He is also the mildly entertaining sideshow that folks watch while waiting in line to see the main event.

Sideshows like Ron Paul and Herman Cain and Rick Santorum and, in the past, Fred Thompson, Alan Keyes, Steve Forbes and Howard Dean, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden. No one but themselves ever took their White House chances seriously.

Now about Trump's eagerly awaited Sunday night TV announcement. It ain't gonna happen. A spokeswoman for NBC Entertainment tells the National Journal in no uncertain terms: "There will be no announcement."

Here's the interesting part: The Apprentice's two-part season finale isn't going to be live. It never was.

In fact, the season finale was taped back around last Thanksgiving. It's all been in the can for six months. Everybody on the inside knew that -- the winner, the losers and the guy named Trump. Only the duped dummies watching may have been fooled.

So in the end, Trump was actually running two reality con shows -- one on NBC and another one everywhere else.

Now, that's a finale!

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: David Moir / Reuters (Trump talking).

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What a let down. Do you think people will have a backlash against Trump? Maybe a congressional investigation.

You're daft if you actually believe that Donald Trump will be anywhere near the White House outside of a tour.

Andrew Malcolm, you're going to be paying $5 for gas like all of us, you're going to cut back on food, interest rates will skyrocket. We are all headed for serious SERIOUS trouble, and this movie about Obama catching Osama who was already dead years ago is going to have an unhappy ending as we are all going to be dead broke and dead. Mark my words.

Donald Trump went from being Donald Trump to an almost serious presidential candidate on the strength of one issue, Obama's birth certificate. If Trump is going to go far, he needs to keep riding that horse.

When a birth certificate was stamped and filed back in 1961, the number on the stamp would automatically go up by one so no number would be accidently used twice. Obama was born Aug 4, 1961 and the released birth certificate was stamped and filed on Aug. 8. Susan Nordyke was born in the same hospital on Aug 5, 1961 and her birth certificate was stamped and filed on Aug 11, 1961. Obama's birth certificate number is 10641. Nordyke's number is 10637. How did Obama's birth certificate get a higher number than someone born a day later and stamped and filed THREE DAYS LATER?

This is clear evidence Obama's birth certificate has been altered.

In the MSNBC story story below, Dr. Chiyome Fukino said she saw Obama's birth certificate and it was "half typed and half handwritten." The birth certificate the White House released was completely typed except for the signatures which can never be typed.

Anyone can look at Obama's birth certificate online and see letters which share the same vertical space - this is an example of kerning which happens with computers but not with typewriters. Kerning was the exact issue that proved the Dan Rather documents about President Bush were forged on a computer and not typed.

Birthers are interested in facts. These are the facts.

The LA Times should do a story on Thomas Moodie. He was elected governor of North Dakota but in 1935 the North Dakota Supreme Court removed him from office because he did not meet the requirements laid out by the North Dakota Constitution. And Thomas Moodie was white. This has nothing to do with race. This is sound legal precedent for removing Barack Obama.

You people need to get a life. UBL has been dead for years, Obama'd birth certificate is a forgery. HAHAHA! No wonder this country is going to hell. It's populated by idiots and fools.

This is an uncommon political environment. I wouldn't say that Rick Santorum or Herman Cain have no chance. In fact, I would doubt the chances of anyone from the political establishment. The American public does not want a professional politician running this country anymore.

I do think that Trump is toast.


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