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DNC chairwoman supports U.S. auto industry so much she owns a Japanese car

Oh, how embarrassing.

Like roll-up-the-tinted-windows-and-slouch-down-in-your-seat embarrassing.a japanese nissan similar to Debbie Wasserman Schultz's japanese 2010 Infiniti FX35

The new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee was criticizing Republicans who opposed President Obama's bailout of the American automakers union, oh, no, make that American automakers.

"If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, "we would be driving foreign cars. They would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes."

So Michael O'Brien of The Hill newspaper went and checked what kind of automobile loyal-American-car-supporter Debbie Wasserman Schultz owns.

Yup, you guessed it -- Japanese.

Drive as she says, not as she does.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: (a 2010 Infiniti FX35 similar to Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Japanese car).

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I do find it odd the model of the car was never mentioned .... GM has a factory in Mexico, Honda, Toyota and others in the U.S. Since it was such a big deal, why not finish the story.... just wondering...

This is the most idiotic post I've seen on "Top of the Ticket" in a while. Kudos!

Why is it hypocritical for Wasserman Schultz to support the US auto industry and drive a Japanese car?

Did she say "everybody should drive a US-made car?" No
Did she say "buy more US-made cars!" No

She said "Government support of the US car industry worked. If we hadn't bailed them out, there wouldn't be a US car industry."

Which has nothing to do with the car that she personally drives.

Just for the record, Biker and Florida Congressman Allen West drives a HONDA.

If this were a real newspaper, and you were a real journalist, you would have done sufficient legwork to find out that:

1) She drives and Infiniti FX35
2) The Infiniti FX35 is made in Tennessee
3) Tennessee is in the United States

Of course, letting a few facts dilute the snark would spoil all the fun, wouldn't it?

Most Japaneze cars sold in US have an 80% made in US content but the 3 US car companies have only 30% US built content.
So if you want to support american workers you should buy japanese cars made in US. If you buy an "american car" your money will go to a chineze/corean/mexican/canadaian worker.

Cool. I want to get an FX-35 also.
But then I don't go around telling people what to drive and I think that bailing out GM was a bad idea. Just as bailing out AMC, Checker and Studebaker would have been bad ideas.

Good thing we live in a country where people are free to choose whatever car they want to buy, even one from a Japenese manufacturer that employs American workers.

Duh, partisan whining!

Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan. Although they are headquartered in Japan, Nissan has 3 manufacturing plants in the US. All of the Infiniti line of vehicles are built here.

For all of you democrat apologists, the bail-out that Ms. Wasserman-Schultz refers to wasn't for the brands of GM and Chrysler, IT WAS FOR THE UNIONS! The Japanese companies that manufacture here that you cite, USE NON-UNION LABOR! I don't particularly like my tax $$ going to subsidize union pension plans, especially since the union leadership supports this socialist regime!

I can't believe what I am reading. I still can't believe how people will defend other people to the ends of the earth, while insulting others without a thought. All you have to do is listen to people and it is clear who they are. Try not to put a label in front of someone until after they make a fool of themselves. I only buy american because I love this country, and want it to stay America. Sure some people can make something better and cheaper somewhere else, but to what end.

The car pictured is an INFINITI FX50. Infiniti is made by Nissan. All vehicles are built at Nissan Motor Company's plant in Tochigi, Japan.

Hateful ignorant rhetoric is the thing that Obama ( typical white person, enemy, ride in the back Jeremiah Wright) Reid ( the war is lost, Tea party comments, the surge has failed) Pelosi ( brown shirts and astro turf ) Ed Schultz and Debbie Wasserman who says this rhetorical garbage all the time. I would not believer any Democrat these days. Sure there is a decent one somewhere, but if they are they need to call out these people. Yeah obama Speech in Az after Gabby Giffords was shot sure stopped the vitriol on trhe dem side. The man is just the worst demagogue ever, the worst Prez ever, yes worse than Carter and the worst person to be Prez ever, yes worse than Nixon and Clinton

Americans build some of your so called foreign cars. Actually I personally build the Toyota Sienna which is a Japanese car. Also the camry is the most American made vehicle in the US so if you research it you will realize that more parts on the GM vehicles are foreign than the parts that go on Toyotas. Which means these Japanese companys are putting more money into Americans pockets than GM. Debbie's vehicle is mfkt in Japan but I just wanted to make this point.

She uses American made mayonnaise in her hair. Cut her some slack - with a face like that she needs to keep talking to distract from her ugly face with ugly rhetoric.

More insane nonsense from Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz. First, Republicans hate women, and now this.

Keep going, Blabbermouth. Since you head the DNC, we need all the self-inflicted damage and exposing to your party we can get.

Pretty much everyone in the government lives a life of contradictions.

Some Japanese cars are made in this country. American cars have many made overseas or how about over the border in Mexico where many car parts are made.

While Ford was asking for a bailout from Bush they were building a factory in South America. Mitusibi is building a plant in NC. Subaru has a plant in Indiana and main offices in Jersey.

American people are ill informed about their country and many see it the way it was in the past or want to believe it is different than it is. They are not revamping education in this country for no reason but that we have fallen behind other countries.

She's for the US automaker, but drives a Japanese car. She's for the union autoworkers, but Japanese auto plants in the United States are non-union. The shoe, which is on the foot she is pulling out of her mouth, was probably made in China. Maybe she needs to look for the uninion lable before she starts shooting off again.

If she's all for supporting union labor, and drives a car built at a US NON-UNION labor auto plant, she's nothing more than a typical hypocritical DUMBocrat .

She is a loser anyway all mouth and never shuts it. Would almost think she is Weiners sister! And who cares what this Socialist drives

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