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DNC chairwoman supports U.S. auto industry so much she owns a Japanese car

Oh, how embarrassing.

Like roll-up-the-tinted-windows-and-slouch-down-in-your-seat embarrassing.a japanese nissan similar to Debbie Wasserman Schultz's japanese 2010 Infiniti FX35

The new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee was criticizing Republicans who opposed President Obama's bailout of the American automakers union, oh, no, make that American automakers.

"If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, "we would be driving foreign cars. They would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes."

So Michael O'Brien of The Hill newspaper went and checked what kind of automobile loyal-American-car-supporter Debbie Wasserman Schultz owns.

Yup, you guessed it -- Japanese.

Drive as she says, not as she does.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: (a 2010 Infiniti FX35 similar to Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Japanese car).

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Wasserman-Schultz is the most outrageously progressive DNC chairperson ever appointed. She will defend the indefensible at the expense of common sense and in favor of a straight party line. As a Florida representative who has thousands of Jewish constituents, I can't wait to hear how she defends Obama's betrayal of Israel!! Would love to be a fly on the wall for that one! She's a menace and worse, a person who is not above lying and dissembling -- catch her on C-Span's truly shocking.

After 45+ years of undeserved, unappreciated special rights for a gender in the US, what do you expect?

I have two cars, one domestic and one foreign, a Toyota and a Lincoln. The Toyota was made in America and the Lincoln was made in Mexico. Go figure.


It's not just where the car is made. It's where the profits flow.

You want Detroit to invest back in its own product? That ain't gonna happen if the profits flow to Tokyo, Seoul, or Munich.

We all realize that profit may be an anathema to you lefties, but sometime you have to open your eyes and use your brain.

If you want to dictate union ownership, health care for life, and unlimited legal liability for Detroit you're going to get less product for your money than from offshore manufacturers.

Do you seriously think Hyundai's workers in Korea are similarly compensated?

By the way, exactly who do you think is carrying the paper for their no money down, zero interest loans- the tooth fairy?

Where do they find these people? Not only are they pathetically unaware they can't even sell their Japanese car before they blather away about others.

Debbie the Dunce is a typical government hack hypocrite.

We want to know her name no more. -----

so what's new no surprise Liberals mantra "Do as I say not as I do"

Remember rules are for the common folk not the 'Ruling Elite'

She sounds perfect for the job at the DNC.

All talking points, all the time.

Just like when a lib says that we all need to pay more taxes, and then they cheat on their taxes. Or like when John Kerry buys a mega yacht and then moors it in another state so he doesn't have to pay a luxury tax on it. Libs are all the same, do as I say not as I do.

This just shows how idiotic Democrats are!

Just another typical comment from a an idiot from that party - and they ( the Dems ) wonder why talk radio ( conservative talk radio hosts ) have are so successful.

I would have expected her to drive a Government Motors car. But maybe, deep down inside, she's a Tea Partier like me and drives a Mazda 3 proudly made in Hiroshima. I wanted the Mazda 6 proudly made by the UAW in Flat Rock, MI but the sales rep told me that half of the customers he sold that car to wound up returning them because the workmanship was so shoddy. It was even more amazing when Mazda did a recall because the fuel system of the 6 was contaminated by an interesting spider found only in the area around Flat Rock, MI. Made my day. Kiss my behind, UAW -- you'll never get another dollar out of me.

"...plenty of [J]apanese cars are produced in this country.."

Well, German cars to for that mater. What then did she mean by "If it were up to the [Republicans], we would be driving foreign cars"??

Truth is nothing is real any more with libs. Words have no meaning, no conversation is possible. BO will say the exact opposite of what he said the day before, and the lamestream media don't blink.

We have a 1999Chevy Cavalier with well over 100,000 miles on it. I love this little car.
If you are going to buy foreign cars, fine. But instead of complaining when YOU lose YOUR job, head on over to Japan or Korea because that is the economy you're supporting and I'm sure they have a job for you.
How much worse does it have to get for people to wake up? Buy American.

@ Paul Florez

When a liberal writes:
"I know the conservatives don't care about that, if the "free market" dictates that every U.S. auto job should go overseas then so be it, pure Capitalism is more important than American Exceptionalism to them."

You know that they have no concept of what "free market" means. How can Paul actually think that the "exceptional" business would be the one that is failing or needs to move overseas?

What he needs to recognize is that the unions have pushed for more money and benefits for the workers while requiring less quality and pride in the work. This has caused the foreign auto makers to take over the industry. And, NO, there would NOT have been hundreds of thousands of jobs lost if Government Motors had gone under. People would still have bought the same amount of automobiles and other companies would have had to hire more people to build, sell and repair the additional product. That is ALSO how the market functions.

Debbie Wasserman's as dumb as a brick. She's from that part of florida that was totally baffled by butterfly ballots. The rest of us could figure it out.

"Do as I say not as I do" is EXACTLY the liberal way

wow...... look at the obama sycophants trying to defend the LIBERAL HYPOCRITE

nothing like LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE toward the Real Americans while defending one of obama's main America haters ......... guess after her husband got booted off of msnbc, debbie had to take her shot at the Real Americans

ed and debbie schulz ...... out to do damage to the American way all to make obama proud

Regardless of where this TOYOTA Debbie drives is produced - eventually the PROFITS go home to JAPAN. The U.S. has ridiculously HIGH corporate tax rates.

Secondly; in the United States we have LEGAL REMEDY for FAILING COMPANIES - like - say - General Motors. It's called BANKRUPTCY court.

The truth is the that the Obama Regime didn't want lucrative United Auto Worker union contracts to be TORN UP - i.e. VOIDED as condition of a bankruptcy. Poor management, building mostly BAD CARS/TRUCKS {Vette, new Caddys, a few other are exceptions} and the UNIONS sunk G.M. in the FIRST PLACE.

The Obama Regime remedy? RAID the United States Treasury - prop up G.M. - own over 1/3 of G.M. stock - go public and LOSE A TON OF MONEY on the stock by selling it for less than the purchase price. Morons.

How petty this report. Supporting the bailout has nothing to do with ones personal choice of car. Suggesting that everyone purchase American conflicts with our very ethos of freedom of choice. Is this writer advocating a communistic approach?

Before you Obamatrons and Debbie Defenders MISIDENTIFY the accompanying photograph - read "The Hill" article. Debbie drives an INFINITY FX-35, not a Toyota.

"But according to Florida motor vehicle records, the Wasserman Schultz household owns a 2010 Infiniti FX35, a Japanese car whose parent company is Nissan, another Japanese company. The car appears to be hers, since its license plate includes her initials."

"All vehicles are built at Nissan Motor Company's plant in Tochigi, Japan."

Ya, Deb's a massive HYPOCRITE.

..once a liberal, always a hypocrite.

Is this woman married?? If so, I pity the poor bastard, no one should be subject to that kind of torture.

Just read some of the other comments, what naievity. I suggest everyone just walk through your own home and make note of where every electronic device, appliance, electrical goods, toys, gadgets, etc are made and see if you are more holy than thou!

Perhaps conservatives should be glad she drives a foreign car. Maybe she'll be tougher on U.S. automakers and make them be responsible, rather than bailing them out.

Many of you are missing the point . She is your typical pro union democrats who drives a non union car. I live in DC and every four years the most of the bumper stickers for the democratic candidates are on non union cars.

i have found out that although i disagree with many conservative they practice what they preach. Liberals will be the first to tell you they support public school but their precise ones are in private (OBAMA). If you want to find lily want neighborhoods go to DC where the white liberals all live in Northwest DC.

The responses from D's and R's! You guys kill me. I came here via Drudge as I do with many things. I don't support Drudge other than to use it to read comments from D's and R's. You're both clueless and you need to remove your heads from where they are. BOTH PARTIES HAVE DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY! Quit sniping at each other and realize it. The politicians, D's and R's alike, feed on the American people fighting each other. While you clueless people nitpick and blame the other, they make themselves richer. That means ALL of them. They could care less about hypocrisy. They only care about themselves. D and R only voters are just as selfish. You guys can't see the forest for the trees. It's time to clean house and it's going to take all the people to get it done. "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson

Shocking, aint it?
Watch, she'll try to exculpate herself by claiming it was made in America.


Schultz is a prime example of why you Never ever confuse liberals with FACTS & TRUTH

Obviously this is just some garbage biased writing.
You realize many 'japanese' cars are actually built in North America, right?

When buying anything in the U.S.A. now especially a car, I look to see if there was a Union involved in it's manufacturing. I then look for one that there was no Union involvment and buy that. I do not buy Chinese anything! I will not buy Union anthing if it can be avoided. I was in a Union years ago and found most Union workers who have time in, seniority, are lazy and shifless with no work ethic. M ychild does not go to public school yet I am forced to pay for those union teachers who in the most part have the same seniority, Tenure, problem lazy liberal can't be fired for these offeses.
If you want poor workmanship or results stay with the Union. If you want reliability and good results go right to work! My hypothosis if proven to the extreme since Government workers unionized the government has become the most inneficient piece of crap ever and politicians buy votes by cowtowing and giving unions more than they deserve.

many jap cars are assembled here . But 100% of the profit goes to Japan and as I understand it non of the jap assembly plants are union shops. Also the reason the cars are assembled here is to avoid tarriffs. Just because someone throws you a bone once in awhile is no justification for hipocracy.

Arrogant, biased, and a hypocrite. Am sure she whined loudly to get her position as she was booted from liberal caucuses.

Just another Left-Wing Washington liar and deceiver. "Do as I say, don't do as I do."

It doesn't matter if her car was manufactured in the US, it's still a Japanese company. She is still an incredible hypocrite to try and lecture nearly half the country who leans Republican. Also, Ford didn't take bailout money and in fact is very profitable. We should have let the other two car companies fail. The other truth is, the large SUV's are what is keeping GovMotors afloat right now.

Perhaps this would be the ideal time
for our Debbie Wasserman Schultz
to "..APOLOGIZE.." to the American

If she wants to know if she embarrases
us, the answer is: YES, YES, YES!

Makes no difference if parts and labor are from the U.S. What Wasserman Schultz is in favor of is American UNION car makers. Japanese car makers in this country-who built her car- are not union. Obama's auto bailout was of UNIONS not the companies. That is why he gave the unions a per cent ownership of the companies and shut out the bondholders. They (the ones who invested their money in the company) got nothing.

The thing these politicians do not UNDERSTAND is, "What ye sew so shall ye reap". They will pay the same as their constitutents and have to live under the garbage they push through regardless of how much they try to put their heads in the sand. May GOD help us all.

I own two japanese cars and would never purchase an American car.The fact that this woman owns a japanese car is not the problem. The problem is that she is a demacrat. Now that is really really a stupid idea.

Where was her car manufactured? I'm willing to bet it came from an American auto plant.

She is a liberal democrat no suprise here understand little people do as she says not as she does its always the same and the media will cover for her.

"Her personal choice of vehicle for herself has NOTHING to do with the state of the US auto industry" riiiiiiiight and the "personal" decisions of the roughly 308 million others don't either. What a toady you are. Dem leadership can do this because Dem voters believe whatt hey hear not what they could see with their own eyes. No Dem voter believes their leadership is capable of lying to them - yes they are that stupid and dishonest themselves. They are so self centered that they live to hear how someone else is the cause for everything and they have no personal part in the responsibility. It's so much nicer to live your life without having to really care about the big picture when all you relaly have to do is say you do and then go home and make "personal decisions" that are 180 out from what you claim you support.a

Ain't she a sweetheart.

These comments, which mostly seem to be coming from disgruntled Retardicans, reminds me of the days when they were saying, "Real Americans buy American." The timely response to this was, "Real Americans buy any damn thing they want."

"While it may make DWS look bad, it does not weaken her point."

umm yes that's exactly what it does. Just like your claim that if the Republican's were in charge .... villify the other guy while doing nothing yourself. No wonder thinking people detest the Left. Everyone should be able to choose who they buy from, no one should be allowed ot make a profit, the quality isn't on par with foreign makers so I shoudl be able to make a personal decision that I won't be the one to sacrifice by having an inferior product, the automakers must be bailed out so we don't lose the jobs - that depend on peopel buying the product which I myself don't personally buy because it's really about denying the problems and applying bandaids.... why are you LEftuies so incapable of logic - you constantl;y confuse being irresponsible socially and economically wiht being compassionate. Well you're forcing hardship on one person to give to another - is that OK in your book? I mean "personal decisons" and all?

It's pretty much common for the liberals to say one thing to their serfs/minion and do another to take care of the opulent needs of the liberal politician.

You, not I president Obama, need to tighten your belts. El Presidente has spoken and you will comply or the TSA will conduct a pat down and he will send out the SS to interrogate your 7th grader over a comment made in the net...and he will abuse the patriot act to further his career. And he will give 40 B to the arabs who give nothing back in return...well I guess if you want it it is strife that the arabs give back.

"are people really so stupid they don't know this??"

Are you really so myopic and dishonest and egotistical enough to think your point makes the actual issue irrelevent?

"She probably had the car before GM got bailed "

wow typical predictable Lefty excuse reach there. When they can't defend something factually they go ahead and speculate. Just like the "well if the Republicans were in charge" thing they always throw out there. SO what you're saying is your monumental pile of screwups is justified becasue you specualte the other guy would have been worse???? You call that logic? You call that an excuse or justification. Well ya I raped you but some other guy probably would have killed you so there you go, and next time make sure you invite me in again because like I said the other guy will kill - you just trust me on that. Haven't I proven you can trust me because I promised you flowers before I raped you, BTW can;t really deliver on that but I'm caring and compassionate enough that for the next 40 years I am going to continue to promise what I won't deliver because gosh darn it I believe in you (and the other guy just wants to trust you to take care of yourself)

I hope the Japanese car is a NEW ONE - just fresh from Fukushima and chocked full of radiation. Even if it were one of those "U.S.A.-assembled" kluges, where MOST of the parts come from overseas, all the PROFITS go over-seas. So, in my book, it's still a "Japanese automobile". Enjoy the radiation, cupid stunt!

How nice for Debbie and her auto worker union loving DNC. To top it off this car is 100% made in Japan. Not a single American part or worker involved. Her boss must be so proud!

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