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At last, a Barack Obama action figure (large gun included)

obama Rambama Action Figure

It didn't work when they tried it a couple of years ago. Barack Obama in a suit.

Think about it: A Community Organizer action figure. Doing what? Talking? Knocking on a door? Handing out protest leaflets at the mall?Obama and staff in action watching the Osama bin laden raid 5-1-11

Even after two-plus years as president, a Barack Obama action figure would be doing what? Holding a meeting? Handing out money? Talking windmills? Playing golf?

But now, finally, thanks to a band of courageous Navy SEALs and their recent assassination of the world's most wanted man, a Connecticut toymaker can depict a fictional Barack Obama action figure -- with a gun. For shooting people dead. Just like real soldiers.

But now that the nation's commander-in-chief has done some military commanding (withdrawing from Iraq and two Afghan troop surges don't count), Herobuilders can finally add an Obama doll to its now bipartisan Sarah Palin, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney doll collection.

The company says its products are all USA made.

Warning: Just like the real thing, the Obama doll requires a large amount of money -- $34.95. Or if you're among wealthy Americans and you'd like to practice paying more, there's also an Obama Joker doll for $49.95.


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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo:; Pete Souza / White House (Obama and staff in action).

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Barrack Obama black American president and the mission is very admirable but unfortunately the war in the Middle East increasingly crowded

Does the new Navy Seal Obama action figure come with a Gun and a Nobel peace Prize too? This might be the first Nobel Prize winner to also be a "killer".
(of Osama bin Laden)

Does it come with a Jeremiah Wright doll that curses America? What about a tiny copy of the Constitution that is being torn in half? Does it have a tiny crack pipe? Is it made in Kenya? Does it have a pocket Koran? Inquiring minds want to know.

does it bow and kiss butt too?????

It must be a px soldier doll. How nice to depict someone in combat who has never had the experience.


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