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$25-million bounty on Bin Laden is still being advertised by the FBI


A $25-million bounty was on the head of Osama bin Laden when he was gunned down by Navy SEALs late Sunday night. But did the reward disappear when the ghost left the terrorist's body?

According to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist Web page, the bounty still stands.

"The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Osama Bin Laden. An additional $2 million is being offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association," says the website, next to a picture of Bin Laden with the word "deceased" beneath his infamous face.

Scott Cleere, whose father died in the Sept. 11 attacks, told the Telegraph U.K. he thinks the soldiers who killed the Al Qaeda leader should receive the millions.

"I’d like to see if these six Marines will get the bounty reward for him. And I would hope that they do, because they do deserve it," Cleere said.

Harry Edwards, a State Department spokesman, told CNN that for safety reasons the agency "does not generally discuss nominations for awards."  Also, if money were granted, it might not be the entire $25 million because that princely sum is merely the "maximum amount."

"If it were paid," Edwards said, "it could be less."


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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: This May 2, 2011 photo shows a journalist in Washington, DC looks at the FBI website announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden was killed in an overnight raid by US forces on a heavily fortified compound north of Islamabad, US President Barack Obama announced in a late-night White House address. Credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

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Here's an idea for the reward. There were 2 dozen Navy Seals involved in this mission. Divide the $25 million equally between them. That leaves a $1 million and change for each. They deserve it.

I think Walter Rogers has Adolf Hitler confused with Martin Bormann - Bormann was supposedly "seen" in South America and Asia, for some 30 years after the end of World War II.

You are wrong in saying that our forces deserve to get that money. That is one of the dumbest things that I have ever heard. They are NOT entitled to the bounty. That has already been stated when the reward became public. They were doing their job and they might have not done it that well. We only know what we are told and it has changed several times. I am not interested in hearing that "fog of war" bullsh@t about why the story changes either.

I am happy that they killed him but because we are all happy that does not mean give away the reward that was not intended for our military.

Also, why would the Navy SEALS get all of the credit when they where not the only ones there? What about Delta who captured and killed many Taliban fighters and were in a more hazardous environment than this mission of storming Osamas house?

Do your research first before trying to give away $25 million to people who are not entitled to it!!

So in other words, anything that either the FBI and/or GOV of ours says is full of crap... Its sweet news that the Muslim terrorist is dead though… So if the FBI and/or the GOV offers you a reward, get them to guarantee it first - then show em where who is hiding, suing upon breach is better than feeling like them at the end of the day…

We can't afford to give away $25 million!

Marshal Dillon never got the reward money when he gunned down the bad guys.

I dont believe he is dead...yet anyways. Not 100% sure but we cant eliminate the possibility that this is a media coverup to sell the war for more active time. Propaganda comes in all mischievious forms and sometimes with an agenda to influence our support for our governments decisons. With his death, the american public is more willing to support a continued effort to hunt down the rest of Bin Ladens organizations, thus prolonging this war against terrorism.

The bounty pertains to "civilians" providing information leading to the arrest and apprehension. All military personnel are excluded because we take an oath to defend the constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic". They will probably be given a "bonus" on top of already being a Navy Seal, which they truly deserve.

Thomas is correct here. When the award was advertised, it stated that the military isn't eligible for it. They were doing their jobs. I disagree with Thomas though in that I feel the SEALs did their job extremely well. The entire operation took less than 40 mins., OBL was killed, and none of the SEALs were injured or killed. That's enough for me to call it a job well done. As far as the award, I say use it to fund bringing home the troops. I would think the SEALs and the rest of the troops would consider that award enough.

That is because when we killed him it gave birth to a trillion Osama's. So in actuality we will soon go broke as an economy for having to pay the millions and millions of bounties from people killing all of the reborn Osamas like flies. I my self am going in the Osama swatter business. It is like a fly swatter but bigger and gas powered.

Give the money if to anyone to our government. After all they are the ones who made this happen. Put it towards the all the money that was spent trying to capture this Bin Laden.

I have an idea for this bounty money! Yes the Seals did the job but the can't receive the money because of their government stautus but the can receive and then they can in turn desperse it to all of the 3,000 or so victims tami es who lost their lives at ground zero. Wouldn't that ge a good jester or thst to simply of an idea?

The whole thing sounds stupid. All I can say about the stories changing and rewards and all that is WTH? And Thomas you need to take a zanax or something. And remember....God grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference!

Heres an idea for the bounty money! Yes the Navy Seals did the job that should been long ago that's true. But as federal government employees the can not recieving this money. But the can except it then desperse it to the some 3,000 surveying family members from ground zero or is that to simple of an idea?

The money should go to Pakistan since they helped Americans in capturing Osama if you believe some the stories floating around in Pakistan.

How can you give a reward to anyone for killing bin Laden when there is no body or proof that he is dead? According to our muslim President, who should know tradition; his body was treated with "respect" and he was buried according to muslim customs. Bin Laden was a terrorist that killed innocent people; he didn't deserve respect and should have been buried like the terrorist he was - in shame. Why would OUR President treat this terrorist with such "respect"? Not showing photos and burying him so quickly in secret sounds pretty fishy. How can a "dead" man threaten national security while millions of live terrorists cross our borders annually? If he's dead - prove it.

Well they can certainly increase it to 100000 gazillian..... May b sum 1 will get lucky.

Scott, though the navy seals deserve the $25 M, they shouldnt get it because it IS THEIR JOB to track and hunt the most wanted men when their superiors asked them too. What they deserve is a big paycheck increase / bonus or something. If they all get the $25 M and if it leaked out, other uniformed men will be pissed (you know how envy starts to stir up emotions - that is $ 25 M)

Heres a idea, get it straight, it wasnt the Marine Corp that got him, it was The US NAVY SEALS!

May as well give it to the Pakistan government. Drop in the bucket compared to what we gave them for hiding him.

Divide the $25 million by the # of immediate families who lost their loved one on Sept. 11th 2001 and give to them each. I respect and appreciate our military as the guardians of our country however, they did swear oaths to defend our country so capturing Bin Laden was their job.


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