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Ron Paul debates fake Obama on Fox Business

Ron Paul may be "Dr. No" in terms of legislation, but when it comes to talking with people, he'll gladly accept an interview with Sasha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" -- or even take part in a mock debate with a Barack Obama impersonator.

Last night on the Fox Business show "Stossel," the conservative congressman handled himself swimmingly against a reasonable facsimile of the commander in chief, played by actor Reggie Brown, Wonkette reported.

"I believe in the power of a free market," Brown said in an acceptable impersonation of Obama. "But a free market was never meant as a free license to take whatever you can get," Brown said, echoing a line the president said almost exactly one year ago when he spoke to Wall Street.

"That's what caused the recent crisis and why we need more regulation," Brown concluded.

"Yes, we need more regulations," Paul, 74, agreed. "On the politicians and on the bureaucrats," he said to cheers from the studio audience.

"The government has to lead," Brown said in his best Obama voice. "Take transportation. We must invest in mass transit. And my goal is to give 80% of Americans access to high-speed rail."

John Stossel, formerly seen on ABC's "20/20," moderated the "debate" said, "Oh, that sounds good."


"It does sound good," Paul agreed. "And maybe if the government got out of the way, we would have high-speed rail," the congressman, showing his libertarian heart stated.

Paul will have a chance to debate actual politicians next week when the Greenville Pea Party's "Presidential Debate Freedom Rally" takes place on May 5 in South Carolina.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum will join Paul in a debate that will be moderated by Fox News.

Ron Paul debating Mike Huckabee in 2007



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-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Ron Paul, left, trades comments with Mike Huckabee in a GOP primary debate in 2007. Credit: Associated Press


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Even debating a stooge, he has problems.

You mean Obama? The Anointed One he of the travelling teleprompter having problems with the stooge Hillary?

@ Diane, your right he has major problems, where is the political rhetoric that everyone loves to hear but really means nothing?

Reality doesn't always sound so appealing but we are about to face it soon.
$14,260,037,204,815.99- US National Debt.

Its time for people to start listening to this man, the Dems, GOP, Wall Street and the FED are afraid of him. He has voted against spending and tax increases the more than any person in congress EVER.

Yet he can have support from the likes of Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich. Even Ronald Reagan endorsed him when he first ran for congress. He predicted the housing bubble in 2002, the rampant deficit spending and has been advocating against our same foreign policy that is now falling apart with the middle east revolutions and esp. since we are BROKE.

How about a president that doesn't move to the string of Wall Street, the Military industrial complex and the Banks.
Ron Paul 2012

Go Ron PAUL!

We are following a string of presidents - both major parties - that, like the proverbial lemmings, are leading us right over the cliff. I want a non-lemming for president. I will vote for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 2012

Main Street's Time to shine -- Not Wall Street's and bailout bush ... I mean obama

Stop ObushMa's 4th term!!

What nonsense. He didn't 'accept an interview on Bruno', the production company headed by Rahm's brother never told Ron's people it was a movie, he was punked. That was pretty rude, but I'm sure the Emmanuels had their reasons.

But yeah, he went on Stossel, and was a good sport.

I love how this is trying to be insulting, but on the sly.

Ron Paul did nothing wrong. Sad that even something as innocent as this is meant to be insulting, as if he's not serious. He's just participating. The reason he had taken the interview with Bruno is the same reason he'd take it with anybody.

He wants to get the message out. In any way.

You know... Weird stuff like actually doing his job according to the constitution.

Yours truly,

A 24 year old former "liberal" now independent.

RON PAUL 2012.

Same old Andrew Malcolm. This time Ron Paul truly is the enemy because you are a Democrat. I bet you thought that Rand Paul had no chance of becoming Senator. Wow, times have changed.

Too bad Independants do not get to vote in primaries in many states. Paul can beat Obama but he needs to get the oportunity. Make sure you are aware of your state's policy in regards to who may vote in each party's primary and declare yourself accordingly. All you Dem's that are convinced that RP is cooky and has no chance, should declare yourselves R for the primary and vote Ron Paul since Obama won't have any contenders in the primary.

Paul is the only way to go!! All others are in bed with Big corportions!! Paul can't be bought!

Oh, but I don't think it does Ron Paul any damage. I don't think this can be construed as an insult, or even a foolish attempt to show that Paul can beat Obama

You the man Ron Paul! As a marine who was in Iraq for 5 years you have my support and my friends support too. It's time for REAL change and Ron Paul can do it.

Ron Paul 2012!

Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air. He speaks plainly and truthfully about the current situation our country finds itself in. He is the only candidate who upholds the Constitution and has a expert understanding of the economic crisis.

The Establishment (Democrats & Republicans) has destroyed our dollar, our industrial production, our national sovereignty, our civil liberties, our privacy, and now our dignity. There is also a growing political awareness among college students regarding the national debt and the Ron Paul Revolution has grown tremendously in the last four years.

The youth of America realize they will be held responsible for the debt accrued in our name by the criminals in our government and they want nothing of it. It is considered an odious debt.

The Establishment is in for a big surprise.

Ron Paul's message is what America is all about. We need a truly revolutionary change to restore the Constitution and keep the government constrained.

Peace, Freedom & Prosperity.

The Tea Party is the largest NONPARTISAN grass roots movement in the history of the USA! It was started by Ron Paul supporters. In a more informed Country, Ron Paul would have been our president long ago! If we're lucky enough to have him on the 2012 presidential ballot, every Constitution supporting American is well advised to vote for him! He weighs EVERY vote he casts in Congress strictly by the Constitution and his voting record proves that beyond any shadow of doubt! If he can't find Constitutional authority for a Federal law, he votes against it. If they won't let him read a proposed law, he votes against it! Search for: "Ron Paul 2008 presidential debate" on and listen to his words, straight from his own mouth. He was right then and he still is! The main stream media attacks him because the MSM is owned by the same small group of banksters that owns most of our crooked politicians! Don't vote for who the MSM tells you to vote for unless you want more of the same crooked Constitution shredding politicians we have right now.

The cove values of the Tea Party are: Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. The Tea Party is NOT a Republican organization! It is NOT a racist organization! It is a grass roots movement by WE THE PEOPLE, who are DEMANDING Constitutional government, Constitutional rights and Constitutional FREEDOM!

Unconstitutional Government MUST END! It will ONLY end if WE THE PEOPLE stand together!

Listen to what Judge Andrew Napolitano says about Natural rights, the so called “Patriot Act”, (which should be named “THE MOST UNPATRIOTIC ACT IN USA HISTORY”) and much more of what our unconstitutional Federal representatives are doing, as well as how to stop them:


If I may,
To feel that change that Obama was talking about in 2008...Please consider truly looking into, past the comment sections, the issues Dr. Paul presents.
I beg you to please think about each issue and what he is presenting.
America needs reasonable elements to fully nurture a, not only strong economy, but a strong dollar as well. All while increasing civil liberties. How rare to actually have a politician who does what he says and will/does work toward the USA's national interests.
Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself. The World is watching. Ron Paul for President in 2012.


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