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Obama birth certificate: Donald Trump takes credit

Obama birth certificate revealed because of Donald Trump?

Who knew?

But in all the humility that a 21st century developer not named P.T. Barnum could muster, Donald Trump has proclaimed:

I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role.

Earlier today, before rushing off to Chicago for an Oprah show taping, President Obama with apparent exasperation acknowledgeDonald Trumpd the birther storm over the legitimacy of his constitutionally-required citizenship during these last 827 days of the current presidency. Obama released a long-form version.

Go here to see it and read the president's words.

Seemingly campaigning (via stretch limo) for the day in Portsmouth, N.H., home state of traditionally the nation's first presidential primary, Trump acknowledged to reporters that, of course, he would have to have his own experts verify the authenticity of the document that Obama released.

At virtually the same moment, the Chicago politician professed bewilderment over the birther fuss, which he could have snuffed by releasing this very same document 34 months ago.

The president said:

I have to say that over the last two and a half years I have watched with bemusement, I've been puzzled at the degree to which this thing just kept on going.

Tonight, the president will be less puzzled at three Democratic fundraisers in New York City.

For his part, Trump spent the day talking more about China (it's "taking over the world") and the allied no-fly zone over Libya ("total disaster").

Oh, and the blunt-speaking New Yorker, who frequently has not run for president like this, began to redirect his Obama criticism to other undisclosed aspects of the president's background.

He says he's heard that Obama was not all that great a student and called for the release now of his Columbia and Harvard college transcripts.

Trump said his go-no go presidential campaign announcement would come before June and would surprise many.

"I think," Trump added, "I would make this country rich again.'

-- Andrew Malcolm 

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I personally think Donald Trump is a pompous ass, but I would vote for him. He's the only candidate in a long time who really understands money and business. He's been bankrupt, and risen from the ashes. Not an "everyman" but certainly someone who has actually worked for a living.

Where Obama was born is a minor issue compared to how he is destroying our economy with massive public debt, the huge amount and complexity of government regulation combined with the huge amount, number, and complexity of taxes.

Obama plans to spend $1 billion to get elected for a second term. If he was doing a good job would he need to spend even close to that amount? If that does not clearly indicate something is very wrong with our government, I don't know what does.

Until we get him out of office, Obama will:

* Spend $1 billion to buy back a job he has failed miserably at.
* Attempt a huge tax increase on the people who create jobs and economic growth so they will send even more money out of the country.
* Regulate and tax business so that cannot possibly compete on the world market.

It is the extensive government micro-regulation combined with the huge amount, number, and complexity of taxes which are acting like a giant brake on the economy and job creation. We have too many regulations that are too complex and we have too many taxes that are too complex.

We need to end all of the wasteful and inefficient government programs to make it easier for people to live off the system than to be productive members of the economy. I am tired of paying taxes to pay for the person in the checkout line in front of me using food stamps to buy food only to follow that up with using a large amount of cash to by cigarettes. I am tired of paying taxes so government workers can get salaries and benefits far beyond what I get in the private sector. I am tired of paying taxes to support people who have little incentive to work and achieve. Our government is dysfunctional, inefficient, and too big. It is our huge, dysfunctional, and wasteful government that is holding back our economy and job growth.

We must continue to VOTE THEM OUT!!!

Well, if Obama wasn't born in Kenya....

he should have been.

Obama for President!
(of Kenya)

You really think businessmen like Trump have America's interest as their priority? Their priority is to get themselves rich. Look at everybody on Wall Street. Trump is no different in his aspirations as they.


Ha Just imagine the Glass House with Trump he would toss out Lincoln Painting
'Mirror the walls and add cut crystal lighting ! WONT' DAT BE GRAND!

The best thing for Trump is to change the Nest on His head and get the He--
of the tube...

His show should be canceled as he is wreck only interested in himself ...!
He should take a tour of how the real people of this country live!

Making a national issue out of baseless claim that Obama was not born in the U.S. reflects poorly on Trump's credibility, intelligence, and integrity. It's astounding that he is saying he is "honored" and "proud" to have knowingly fanned the flames of a controversy that grew out of total disregard of proven facts.

Trump understands money? He was born with a wealthy father who had to bail him out twice and he still went bankrupt twice. He's not a self-made man. I'm not surprised he takes credit for the birth certificate reveal, because it's a clearly racist tactic to undermine Obama's credibility.

Nonsense. Trump demeaned Obama and his show should be cancelled - why would NBC stand up for a man who has the audacity to do this to a sitting president?

If President Obama's father was a white african would this be an issue? Or, if Obama's father was European would this be an issue? It's a racist move on Trump's part and anyone else who supported it. I would call for every politician to now at this time display their birth certificates. What a ridiculous waste of time!

I think that Trump is a total ass, but he knows how to get the job done and is very good with business. He knows how to make the tough decision and get people off their ass. So again inspiring, but a little bit of an ass. He needs to work on that.

"why would NBC stand up for a man who has the audacity to do this to a sitting president?"

Sitting president? He's usually golfing or vacationing.

Please stop with the bankruptpcies. You look foolish. He didn't declare personal bankruptcy. He utilized bankruptcy laws to reorganize debts; revalue and liquidate assets, etc. for his A.C. casinos of which he served on the board--he did not run the operation. Trump has taken his father's inheritance and increased it a thousand-fold. Trump has warts no doubt, but he is a bold and brilliant businessman and can run circles around the imposter-in-chief.

I just got turned down for a lousy driver lic renewal because my NH birth certificate's seal had flattened and I had to pay to get a new one with a raised seal. I don't see any seal on Obama's - so he should not even be driving never mind being president..........

I would like to know where the seal is on this birth certificate?? I could not even renew my drivers lic because the seal had flattened.......I do not see any seal at all on this and I also want to know why my cousin has a hand written birth certificate from Hawaii born in 1965 but they were typing in 1961?

Trump is an idiot. He still won't let this be. He LOVES the attention. To Gail Williams, maybe you should be his VP, as your are as lost as he is!!

all I can say is we are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the world

From mogul to buffoon in one fell swoop.

If China is taking over, it is because we gave them the foundation to do so by shipping U.S. jobs over their just because people like Trump want to make more money by paying less wages. Our problem doesn't start or end with China but begins with any company, business, or interprise that insist on having "slave labor" as a means to get richer. If you blame China for U.S. problems, then I can blame Bush for Obama's problems.

My hat is off to Trump. I think it's about time someone was ballsy enough to demand Obama's birth certificate. People argue that that's disrespectful of the people to say about our president.

Isn't it more disrespectful for Obama to act as though he's above all that?

This is America and he needs to serve the people . If they want proof of citizenship give it to them.

As for his saying this is trivial as he has more important things on his agenda,what could that have been? Avisit too Chicago to appear on Oprah?

I've never felt as though he had a grasp on the issues at hand. Perhaps this will get him going.

Ok Trump, Obama did as you wanted and showed his birth certificate, now its your turn, prove that thing on your head is not now, nor ever was alive, freak!

Donald,go get a hair cut,you'll look better.

"He would make the country rich again"? Please! Whom does he think he is kidding?! I wouldn't vote for a guy that's filed bankruptcy three times even if someone paid me! Furthermore, Obama should tell Trump to go to hell and that he would not be releasing his academic records UNTIL Trump does first. After all, Trump is the guy that's always constantly reminding us of how wonderful Warton is and how brilliant he is, well let him prove it....Since NOT ONE DAMN politician has EVER released ANY academic records, Obama does not owe a thing to anyone.

I hope Obama realizes that when one acquiesces to idiots, it only encourages them. It is time for Obama to man up and tell Trump and all the other idiots to shut up. Besides, it is not as if Trump will actually run anyway! Trust me, he doesn't want the American people to know just what a non-genius he really is. And he certainly doesn't want the financial Gods to know he's not all that he pretends to look at his financial records and those who haven't already lost respect for him sure would...........He is a deadbeat bottom feeder (supposedly billionaire) who runs and files bankruptcy while the rest of us face our obligations (and we don't have a tenth of his wealth)....Trump for president? I don't think SO.

Oh, please. College transcripts now? Since when are good grades a constitutional requirement for office? Just ask George W. Bush.

Welcome to the world of capitalism.....and failed democracy.

@Patricia J. J
People learn from experience.
If Trump could recover from VOLUNTARY chapter 11 3 times, he will be about to bring this near bankrupt country out of its financial ruin.

At honest person takes the blame and refinance.
He does not need the government to bail him out.

See the difference?

Obama, wasted 2 million dollars(?) trying to NOT release his birth Cert.
He did not have one. What a sloppy person he even LOST his own birth cert.

What he has just released is another copy from the Hawaii Health Department.

Since no DEM think he is better than Obama, ALL DEM candidates are unworthy of any vote.

I believe that President Barack Obama was born in the U.S., he needs to handle some "gas reducing" prices ASAP!

Donald Trump is annoying and LOST ALL CREDIBILITY with me in a heartbeat after he fired entertainment legend Michael Jackson's sister [LaToya Jackson]. Trump is too incompetant to make a simple decision and fire a ghetto queen like Nene or a "point the finger at everyone but me" Star Jones.


are we still talking about this?.... bigger issues at hand... Obama wouldn't have been president if he was a foreigner.. have a little faith in your GOP leaders... They wouldn't have let his election happen if he had been born in another country... Instead they muster rumors and let jackasses run wild with them... Trump will never get elected and neither will Palin.. so dont worry about those idiots... Instead lets focus on the problems of Porn.. is it me or are the girls in porn getting uglier? write your fellow porn producer and demand hotter girls

This is to President Obama: You do not have to dignify every question or remark with answer least of all Trumps. If you want to know the level of trumps knowledge and dignity listen to his interview on China. Please learn from your fatherland. Silence is also a great weapon.

Now that we have Obamas' BC, can we test Donald for drugs, just want to know the last time he did DRUGS

Now that Obama has his BC, can Donald be tested for DRUGS, I want to know the last time he did DRUGS, and please can someone stay on him about that HAIR, please Donald get a hair cut.

Anyone can fake a birth certificate .like our government ,duh,Im still not convinced he is a legal citizen of the USA and more power to the Trumpster ,Obama has been a big joke ever since he stepped one foot into office ,but we are to blame ,because we allowed this and no, this has nothing to do with him being black,he is just a piss poor president who is in way over his head..

the republicans are not stupid enough to put this bafoon on the ticket

Trump has played his part in proving that the republican party is no longer a relevant organization. There are far too many people though who have permanently hurt the credibility of the GOP.


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